Phantasy Star Online 2: Enemies and HuMarl HuNewm Costumes

PSO2 update!

According to Bonkohara's tweet, PSO2 news will be published in the latest 12/29 Famitsu Weekly. Mags and MyRoom and various information should be in there. Of course, personally I hate scans but we'll have to deal with it.

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So with the Oracle Fleet traveling the entire galaxy, they'll fight various enemies on each planet. Based on which planet you are on, the enemies have different characteristics, for example, the forest area on the Planet Naberius has primitive enemies that act similar to real life animals.


This is the ウーダン Oodan with its higher intelligent sibling ザウーダン Zaudan


Galfu and FonGalfu and like the savage wolf of PSO,
their status changes when their leader is defeated.


Nab Rappy (Nav Rappy), appearing on Naberius.
Does the original Rappy appear across space and time?


The Rockbear, a strong enemy in the forest. It is about 10 meters tall.
One must be prepared for heavy damage from its muscular arm.


This volcano area is actually on a different planet with most of its enemies of dragon type. On this planet it seems as if you can see the remains of a previous civilization.

These are known as the Dinian ディーニアン.
The Dinians have their own separate classes,
there's magic, bow, and sword and shield users.


Separate from the enemies native to the planet are the Arks' biggest obstacle, the Darkers. Darkers mainly have black insect-like appearances.


There's an enemy called ブリアーダ Priahda, that lays eggs. When the egg reaches the ground it spawns an エル・ダガン El Dagan.

The Darkers aren't limited to looking only insect-like, you will see other types as well. Most of the enemies you fight are native to the planet they are on. Usually they aren't supposed to, but for some reason or other, the enemies became ferocious and are fighting against the Arks. Is this related to the Darkers? To find out more, PSO2's storyline will become available once the game is officially released, please look forward to it.


Default Costume Designs

Today's porori images are some more default character costumes. Let's take a look at them.


HuMarl: A moderate mix of coolness and cuteness with a noble impression.


HuNewm: looking very powerful.


Character Creation Improvements

Although it is a slight improvement, now you can make your eyebrow color match your hair color.


And now they are supporting face morphing for Casts! Later they'll show you Cast body morphing.


PSO2 Play Conference!

Sakai is taking Phantasy Star Online 2 to yet another gaming event. At the fourth annual Akihabara Game Festa, you can play PSO2 and learn breaking news about the Alpha Test 2.

  • Where: Akihabara Game Festa
  • When: 12/24/2011
  • What: PSO2 Alpha Test 2 Information.

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