Phantasy Star Online 2: Explore The Facility On Planet Wopal

  ~October 8th 2014~


Introducing a new field on Planet Wopal. The mysterious facility Luther left behind has surfaced from the sea. Similarly to the coastal area, the sunlight changes with the passage of time. Be on the lookout for cannons along the field and aim them at enemies who stand in your way.


New Enemies and Bosses

This time you'll fight two bosses at the same time. Leomadulard scatters combustible oil and slides around the field, while Nept Casadora wields his lance and releases fireballs.


Bal Rodos Facility

Bal Rodos makes his triumphant return along with some different attacks since the last time we faced him. With 12 players on the field, we can all join forces to defeat him!


There's all sorts of colorful enemies to behold at the facility.


Mag Level Cap Rises

Mag level 190 pic

The Mag level cap is rising to Lv. 190! That's fifteen more levels for mags at the current cap.


Timed Ability Level Cap Rises

Timed Crafting Update

The crafting level cap for Timed Abilities is now Lv. 50. The new crafting recipes not only covers the new field, but extreme quests as well. In addition, tier 3 crafting recipes like [Rear / Forest 3] and [Arm / Coast Exploration 3] will be added.


More Daily Crafts!

Daily Crafts

The Daily Crafting System will now cover Timed Ability Installations. Some Technic Customizations and Weapon Extension requests have changed to allow for higher ranking recipes. New NPCs will be added like Frosty who's in charge of requesting Timed Abilities, as well as, Io, Azanami, Saga, Katori, Klotho, and Afin.


Technic Customization Costs Reduced

Tech Cost Reduced

Technic Customization meseta prices reduced!

  • Recipe1 10,000 Meseta → 5,000 Meseta
  • Recipe2 20,000 Meseta → 10,000 Meseta
  • Recipe3 30,000 Meseta → 15,000 Meseta


New Weapons

New clothing themed weapons will be dropping from bosses; let's take a look at the sample below.


Several Changes in Store

They're changing the names of all the Lobby Action items. Yes…All of them! Here's an example of the new naming scheme.

Original Name New Name
Extra Lobby Action 125
125 「Fishing」
Extra Lobby Action 128
128 「Enomoto 4」
Extra Lobby Action 135
135 「Dance26」
Extra Lobby Action 108
Extra Lobby Action 104
104 「Mic Performance」


[?Special Weapon] Adjustments

  • In regards to [Lucky Rise 1], [EXP Boost 1], and [Meseta Boost 1], the selected special ability during item appraisal has a set chance of being granted with the level [II] or level [III] special ability.
  • This change also applies to [?Special Weapons] obtained prior to this update.

Team Name Changing Function Adjustments

  • They're making the Team Name changing function reusable in 7 days instead of 30 days.

Title Reward Item Changes

  • They're changing some of the items obtained through Title Rewards.
  • You can acquire useful items like [Grind Success +20%] and [+100% Triboosters] among other things.
  • Players who already acquired the reward items, can access the Title Counter after the October 8th update to obtain the new items.

Matter Board Adjustments

  • Clearing a node on the Matter Board will automatically set the guide marker to the most appropriate node for advancing the story.

Weapons of High Ranking Extend Recipes Adjusted

  • They’re raising the "Minimum Damage Power" for extended weapons that require [Silvania],  [Silvadest], or [Silvagrimo] as materials.  This should help make the damage variance a little more stable.

Interface Improvements

  • They're improving the interface for the window to show information about the unlocked achievements and licenses after crafting.


Knights and Battle Athlete AC Scratch

It's baaaack! The infamous bikini armor, "Luna Prophecy," is returning to Phantasy Star on October 8th.  Show off your team spirit with new jerseys and a cheerleader outfit!

Idea Cluster
イデアクラスタ Ideia Cluster
Luna Prophecy
ルナプロフェシー Luna Prophecy
Sol Protector
ソルプロテクトル Sol Protector
ARKS Long Jersey F
アークス長ジャージーF ARKS Long Jersey F
Cheer Dress
チアドレス Cheer Dress
ARKS Long Jersey M
アークス長ジャージーM ARKS Long Jersey M
Jacket S Swimwear
羽織りSスイムウェア Jacket S Swimwear

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