Phantasy Star Online 2: Explore The Facility On Planet Wopal

  ~October 8th 2014~


Introducing a new field on Planet Wopal. The mysterious facility Luther left behind has surfaced from the sea. Similarly to the coastal area, the sunlight changes with the passage of time. Be on the lookout for cannons along the field and aim them at enemies who stand in your way.


New Enemies and Bosses

This time you'll fight two bosses at the same time. Leomadulard scatters combustible oil and slides around the field, while Nept Casadora wields his lance and releases fireballs.


Bal Rodos Facility

Bal Rodos makes his triumphant return along with some different attacks since the last time we faced him. With 12 players on the field, we can all join forces to defeat him!


There's all sorts of colorful enemies to behold at the facility.


Mag Level Cap Rises

Mag level 190 pic

The Mag level cap is rising to Lv. 190! That's fifteen more levels for mags at the current cap.


Timed Ability Level Cap Rises

Timed Crafting Update

The crafting level cap for Timed Abilities is now Lv. 50. The new crafting recipes not only covers the new field, but extreme quests as well. In addition, tier 3 crafting recipes like [Rear / Forest 3] and [Arm / Coast Exploration 3] will be added.


More Daily Crafts!

Daily Crafts

The Daily Crafting System will now cover Timed Ability Installations. Some Technic Customizations and Weapon Extension requests have changed to allow for higher ranking recipes. New NPCs will be added like Frosty who's in charge of requesting Timed Abilities, as well as, Io, Azanami, Saga, Katori, Klotho, and Afin.


Technic Customization Costs Reduced

Tech Cost Reduced

Technic Customization meseta prices reduced!

  • Recipe1 10,000 Meseta → 5,000 Meseta
  • Recipe2 20,000 Meseta → 10,000 Meseta
  • Recipe3 30,000 Meseta → 15,000 Meseta


New Weapons

New clothing themed weapons will be dropping from bosses; let's take a look at the sample below.


Several Changes in Store

They're changing the names of all the Lobby Action items. Yes…All of them! Here's an example of the new naming scheme.

Original Name New Name
Extra Lobby Action 125
125 「Fishing」
Extra Lobby Action 128
128 「Enomoto 4」
Extra Lobby Action 135
135 「Dance26」
Extra Lobby Action 108
Extra Lobby Action 104
104 「Mic Performance」


[?Special Weapon] Adjustments

  • In regards to [Lucky Rise 1], [EXP Boost 1], and [Meseta Boost 1], the selected special ability during item appraisal has a set chance of being granted with the level [II] or level [III] special ability.
  • This change also applies to [?Special Weapons] obtained prior to this update.

Team Name Changing Function Adjustments

  • They're making the Team Name changing function reusable in 7 days instead of 30 days.

Title Reward Item Changes

  • They're changing some of the items obtained through Title Rewards.
  • You can acquire useful items like [Grind Success +20%] and [+100% Triboosters] among other things.
  • Players who already acquired the reward items, can access the Title Counter after the October 8th update to obtain the new items.

Matter Board Adjustments

  • Clearing a node on the Matter Board will automatically set the guide marker to the most appropriate node for advancing the story.

Weapons of High Ranking Extend Recipes Adjusted

  • They’re raising the "Minimum Damage Power" for extended weapons that require [Silvania],  [Silvadest], or [Silvagrimo] as materials.  This should help make the damage variance a little more stable.

Interface Improvements

  • They're improving the interface for the window to show information about the unlocked achievements and licenses after crafting.


Knights and Battle Athlete AC Scratch

It's baaaack! The infamous bikini armor, "Luna Prophecy," is returning to Phantasy Star on October 8th.  Show off your team spirit with new jerseys and a cheerleader outfit!

Idea Cluster
イデアクラスタ Ideia Cluster
Luna Prophecy
ルナプロフェシー Luna Prophecy
Sol Protector
ソルプロテクトル Sol Protector
ARKS Long Jersey F
アークス長ジャージーF ARKS Long Jersey F
Cheer Dress
チアドレス Cheer Dress
ARKS Long Jersey M
アークス長ジャージーM ARKS Long Jersey M
Jacket S Swimwear
羽織りSスイムウェア Jacket S Swimwear

42 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2: Explore The Facility On Planet Wopal”

    1. I agree, probably for different reasons though. Personally I think it's kind of insulting that so many video games think they can just shake a set of virtual tits at us and make all the money ever. Like we're just a bunch of animals with no self control who are trained to throw money at the sound of an air pump inflating their fully-customizable ♥♥♥♥dolls. I may be a man, but I care about just a few things more than getting my dick hard, some respect for our collective intelligence and growth as a species would kind of be appreciated.

    2. you know. PSP2i came out years ago. the time to have a SJW tantrum over lunapro is long since over.

      it is kinda funny, there being people who are actually disturbed by something no more sexual than "look at me, I am sexy". 's not like it's rope bondage and a ballgag or some such.

      "some respect for our collective intelligence and growth as a species "… who do you think you're impressing. really here. since when do intelligence and "growth as a species" mean that creatures that reproduce sexually are supposed to stop noticing sexual things for any reason other than "it is now the time to pass on my genetic makeup"?

      what's really insulting to us as a species is folks like you who take so much issue with this sort of thing. you cry out "WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL!? STOP PAYING SO MUCH ATTENTION TO IT!"… but it reminds me of what would happen when I was a small child and my grandmother would react to not liking my behaviour with a shriek of "PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT YOU!". nobody was really all that concerned untill you drew more attention to it. normally it'd likely be "oh, look, another 'sexy' outfit in an online game. w/e.", but then y'all come making a bigger scene and ranting how SCANDALOUS! it is and it's all over from there.

      grow up, chill out, stop making a fuss about "virtual tits" being mostly exposed.

    3. For me the main problem is imbalance of revealing female and male stuff, but with this outfit in particular it's mostly distasteful design in general(and not saying others can't like it). I do wish they had a balance between male and female versions of outfits, like how the Orakio set reveals the belly area of both males and females but it still is stylish on both.

    4. People can be offended at skimpy sexualization just like you can get upset that somebody doesn't share your personal views or preferences.

      Two sides of the same coin, really. And The SJW rant reeks of 4chan.

    5. This is, by far, the best comment I've seen, and the only one worth replying to just to approve of its quality.

      I honestly do not see the big deal about Luna Prophecy. I neither find it appealing nor noteworthy in any form or fashion. It's just another outfit that bares a lot of skin. Finding that disturbing or condoning it as a sexually charged outfit designed solely for the sake of appealing to a base value doesn't make you any more intelligent or mature than people that do like it solely for its sexual nature.

      Luna Prophecy really is not something that even warrants being treated as more than just an outfit that exposes a lot of skin. Trying to make it out to be something more than that is just as unintelligent and immature as drooling over it because of the skin exposure.

    6. Since the comment section doesn't specify which post I'm replying to, I am replying to -Z-'s comment.

    7. excuse me, i am a female and i take pride in my fully customizable doll. its just that armor is distasteful cos it looks fugly. i mean who makes something that skimpy and decides "o hey im gonna make ur legs huge as crap and arms too". And if you knew this game any better, or anyone who is otaku, you'd know that jersey swimwear would be more of a hit with people because "loli's". go throw your sjw fits somewhere else like tumblr.

  1. We've just discovered Shironia Harkotan and now, go back to Wopal? Eeeeh… Well, as you wish… I don't really mind because I think this planet is one of my favourites… But Shironia needs more too.

    When I began the game, I imagined the infested ship (The one from the Story Quests or the EQ like the Burning emergency could be a nice zone of the game, but it was never made. That's too bad.

    … Hey, the new clothes of Matoi are parts of this future AC Scratch! 😀 (I can imagine the prices for this.)

    1. Wopal 3 (Facility) had internal data waaaay before Shironia had anything at all. The strange thing is Facility being implemented after Shironia, but Sega probably wanted to rush out a new planet for EP3.

      City exists as an Advanced Quest that can be accessed any time by the way, just need caps for it. It's no Exploration quest, but it wouldn't really make sense to have one, I think.

    2. Probably because a new planet is far more interesting than another Vopal field of just 'lolwater.' Also, City Exploration could have Dark Ragne, but it wouldn't make sense for it to be a permanent field since it's a city being attacked.

      Also, internal data is irrelevant to anything really.

    3. Internal data isn't irrelevant when it comes to future content. It shows what they're currently working on. They had been working on the Facility for a while but suddenly started working on Shironia. Normally each area that starts getting worked on is next to be released.

    4. Hey I cas serious about that. ^^ Well, I've been able to go to it again with the Chaotic Tranquility EQ, that was nice and since I began the game, I've always wanted to see how is the "city" in a ship… Regular missions there could have been an occasion to do it. I admit this have no really sense in itself but well, even a "simulator" would be nice.

      Anyway, about Wopal, finally it's not so surprising… Every planet had three zones, not this one. And I guess we'll maybe have to wait a new Matterboard to come with it. (Yeepee, a new huge update full of Mo to download to come!…) But anyway, sure a new planet is more interesting but facilities really smells like "The after-MB16" too.

    5. @[] – Many will say it boils down to opinion, but you're actually just wrong. Shironia is actually pretty unique compared to other fields; it's more closed off and segmented, and the only other field remotely like it would be city, which is far more open. Shironia's constant second floor to the field is also different from other fields, and while the ascetics aren't terribly different from other Japanese-themed areas in MMOs, the enemy design actually differs quite a lot from standard Japanese-themed enemies. Compared to Naberius fields which barely differ, Vopal which is just 'lol water' for everything, and Amduscia's fields which are just poorly designed, Shironia is a nice change of pace.

    6. The new Wopal field looks nice. Not to upset the people with a raging bias towards all things japanese, but Shironia got super stale super quick.

    7. [] – Instead of an intelligent response, you rely on an image macro with no actual rebuttal other than "Well, like, that's just your opinion, man." I see I have won this little exchange.

      Weiss Ritter – I actually tire of Japanese areas in MMOs since they're all the same, visually. Shironia, despite being one of PSO2's best fields, is no exception.

    8. Internal data is pretty irrelevant because it doesn't always show future content. It could be leftover from something they WERE working on but discarded, something that will later become completely different from what was datamined, or even intentionally put in to throw off players (it's been done before, so don't say that's not possible.)

      For this reason, datamining is pretty silly, as is making predictions off some random thing you found while doing so.

    9. None of that stuff is accurate to what happened, though. You can't claim datamining is silly when every single enemy appearing in the new field was already known several months ago (even Bal Rodos returning with a different moveset).

    10. ^^I can call it silly, and I will call it silly. Not only was the datamined stuff not very widespread, but we had no proof that anything that was found would ever be implemented or wasn't just some discarded stuff from another thing they were testing, or even Seabed. Your argument holds no water, and you will not be able to show anything other than that people happened to find some mildly interesting data that may or may not have been implemented, and in this case it was; nothing more.

    11. ASDFASDF, are you here just to annoy people? Because everything you say sounds outright pompous and condescending. You push your opinions as fact and talk down to those who those who object to it. You do it in the shoutbox and you do it in the comments. Though I thought it was funny as heck when Weiss Ritter blew you up, People like you are what's wrong with the english playerbase.

    12. OK, you need to get your facts straight.

      First, Wopal 3 was identified from datamining. In the same update this was identified, several new enemy names were identified, all of which carried "Marine" in their name. Seabed enemies carry "Abyss" in their internal enemies. To take this information and think "Sega's adding Seabed enemies!" is ridiculous.

      Second, not a SINGLE datamined enemy name has gone unused. Every single one of them exists in the game, or will in the case of Ultimate Naberius' enemies. Literally only skills exist within the game that have been datamined but not implemented or announced as of right now. There is zero reason to believe that a bunch of enemies got internal names added into the game without the intent of using them.

      The only accurate thing about your post is that datamined information isn't widespread. But it doesn't make sense to believe that there'll be a second Harukotan area before Wopal got a third area. This is exactly what happened in EP2 when Wopal was added but the very next area was the third Lilipan area. Not a single planet has ever had two areas added in a row. It makes more sense to assume Wopal would get its third field before Harukotan got its second area. So it should be no surprise to anyone that Ascended Facility was the next field coming up.

    13. @ETC: Oh, look, a nameless child emerges and tells a lie. I don't recall Weiss Ritter 'blowing me up.' Probably because it didn't happen. Scoot along, will you? The grown-ups are trying to talk, and people like you are just ruining PSO2 with your lying and just overall existing.

    14. @LonelyGaruga: You know what's hilarious? I didn't even say that it would make sense to have another Harukotan field next. I simply said that a new planet would be better than another Vopal field, and that's what happened. Please don't put words in my mouth to try and reinforce a point.

      Also, you're still wrong. The "marine" tag could've easily referred to scrapped enemies from Seabed, things SEGA intentionally left in there to mess with data-miners, or any number of things aside from a third field. Furthermore, it's still silly to believe every single little data-mined thing will be used because "LOL THEY DID IT BEFORE!!!111!!" The fact is, and what I've been saying, is that at the time there was absolutely no proof or indication whatsoever what the exact nature of the data-mined files were, and it will always be nebulous as to what those things were. Therefore, relying on datamining and making predictions based on it is silly.

    15. It was the same with Ep2 Lilipa, and eventually it made sense to introduce Apprentice being interested in the planet, and introduction of mine base defense later on.
      Besides there is a sense of symmetry, story progresses without repeating old fields too much, and all planets get approximately even amount of fields over time.
      If there is a new field introduced, then there is a particular reason for that. Purpose of the planet in the story might not be limited by Luther's hideout. Theme variation, relevance of new items, connection to events – there are a lot of factors in the scheduling.

  2. It's fun because month ago was shouting at a friend something like "YOU KNOW WHAT THIS GAME LACK? A CHEERLEADER DANCE, CLOTHES AND PONPONS!" … and now they making it… it's … scary… still, poor my money when it come out…

    1. That because people think of buy the thing not search the thing
      as FO/TE i can get about 20-30 in 1 hours and usually already have more than 200 fragment in one week.

    2. I bet you didn't even unlock Super Hard yet if you're actually complaining about T-ATK fragment costs when you can get it for free.

  3. Wow, the Japanese PSO channel uploads a preview of the new map and most of the comments are gaijins complaining in English about PSO2 localization. Such bullshit.

  4. @ASDFASDF – Others' comments aside, you ARE the most toxic person on here. And going off your comments, you have a poor, if outright humorous, "understanding" of the things you talk about.

    Moving you over to the troll/idiot section of my javascript filter.

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