Phantasy Star Online 2 JP: 2013 Roadmap

Only half of the roadmap was updated for 2013, leaving the rest of the calendar after Summer a mystery.

Lillipa Wonder Cariban


  • Lillipa Wonder Caravan scratch with the Lillipa Suit
  • New Hairstyles
  • New Accessories
  • New Lobby Actions
  • Advance Quest System

Feb 2/28: Vita Version Launches (Walking Together)

  • New Boss "Chrome Dragon" (PSO2 Vita First)
  • New Drop Item
  • New Client Orders
  • New Interrupt Event
  • Rare Boss (Added Late March)
  • More Advance Quests (Added Mid March)
  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Item Category (Late March)
  • Team Room Feature Expansion (Late March)



  • Chapter 9: First Farewell (Coming First to PSO2 Vita)
  • Side Story: Arks Battle Tourney (Coming First to PC)
  • Fashion Update: Universe Star Collection
  • White Day Lobby
  • Fashion Update (Late March)
  • Event Lobby (Late March)

Sublime Guardian Update

  • Class Level 60
  • New Field
  • New Boss
  • New Enemies
  • Fashion Update
  • Event Lobby

Phantasmal Tower Update

  • New Advance Quest
  • New Quest Type
  • Fashion Update
  • Event Lobby

1 Year Anniversary Update

  • Collaboration Enemy
  • 1 Year Anniversary Quest
  • Fashion Update
  • Event Lobby

Smartphone Version sometime in 2013.


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