PSO2 Vita's Augmented Reality Feature: "Character Portrait"

PSO2 Character Portrait 3

PSO2 Vita is coming with a new feature called "Character Portrait" that allows you to take pictures alongside your character. Using the camera on your PlayStation Vita, you can set up a scene for your character to perform various animations and poses in real life. At the Visiphone in the Arks lobby, there will be a menu that allows you to save your character onto your memory card. Your character's hairstyles, accessories, clothes, etc, are all included in the save file. You can use your own character, your NPC partner characters, or the 6 default characters from PSO2.


PSO2 Character Portrait

When you're taking pictures, you can set the facial expression, animations, and phrases your character will say. Animations include walking, running, holding their weapon, and other basic lobby actions.


PSO2 Character Portrait 2

You can take pretty nifty pictures by changing the camera angle.

By the way, you can use Character Creation and Character Portrait offline. In fact, character portrait will be featured in an upcoming TV commercial for PSO2 Vita.


Gameplay Changes

Another set of bugs released along with this week's update. Sakai plans to deliver some form of an apology for those recent bugs that seem to accompany the maintenance patches. For now, here's a list of gameplay changes that are up for consideration.

I want the costume names easier to read.

  • We'll change some item names so that they are easier to read. (This will make more sense in Japanese than in English but here are some examples.)
  • Selenia Coat Ink > Selenia Coat Cherry Blossom
  • Rear/Circuende α > Rear/Circuende a
  • Gwanahda Pincers > Gwanahda Obasami (Pincers)
  • This change should be addressed in February.

I want Premium Users to be able to go into a full block.

  • We're going to add a feature where a certain amount of Premium users will be able to enter full blocks.
  • This change should be addressed in February.

The Aesthetic Counter Pass should allow for multiple uses over a period of time.

  • When premium set players use the Aesthetic Counter pass, it will be valid for a set amount of time which will enable them to edit their characters for as many times as they want.
  • This change should be addressed in February..

I want to be able to do multiple matter board objectives at the same time.

  • We're going to add a feature that will allow you to select multiple matter board objectives at the same time.
  • This change should be addressed in February.

What about Hunter Balance Adjustments?

  • We're going to increase the amount of PP recovered with normal attacks for Swords, Partisans, and Wired Lances.
  • We're going to slightly speed up the Just Attack timing for Swords and Wired Lances
  • We'll increase the amount the gear gauge fills up when a normal attack hits an enemy for Swords and Wired Lances.
  • This change should be addressed in February.

CO items that continue to drop after a client order has expired.

  • Client orders that are available for a limited time will no longer drop their exclusive items once the order has expired.
  • This change should be addressed in February.

It takes a while for the My Shop search results to load.

  • Though we do address these issues from time to time, we are considering if we should automatically remove the items from the market and send them to your storage box after an extended period of time has passed. This would be based on the time from when you last logged in or when your My shop pass has expired.
  • (They did not state the length of time it would take for your item to be automatically removed from the market. )
  • They want to proceed cautiously about this subject so they ask for you to wait a bit more during the month of February.

The Music doesn't change during battle.

  • Yes it's a bug, we're going to fix this in the future.

Please change the block names!

  • Though we changed the block names in the last maintenance, we received all kinds of feedback from players. We're going to address this in the future.

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