Phantasy Star Online 2 Pre Open Beta Test 6/15 through 6/16/2012 And Billing Charges

Good morning, this is just a very urgent post to inform you that the Pre Open Beta Test dates have finally been decided.

Pre Open Beta Test Dates:

  • 6/15/2012: 19:00 ~ 24:00 JST
  • 6/16/2012: 19:00 ~ 24:00 JST

Due to the problems that occurred in the Closed Beta Test, PSO2 must undergo a stress test to see if network problems will arise again.  Because of this, the connection times for the Pre-Open Beta are very limited.

Pre Open Beta Test looks to ask if any of the following problems will occur:

  • Will unexpected communication delays occur?
  • Will the server reach its limits on allowing a certain number of people to connect at the same time?
  • Will large-scale disconnections occur?
  • Will any other problems occur on the servers?

If there are no major problems, we will then move on to the Open Beta Test. Unfortunately your play data in the Pre-Open Beta test is reset once the test is over. If everything goes smoothly, Sakai plans to start the Open Beta within a week of the pre-open beta test. If there are no problems in the Open Beta test, they will quickly start the official game.

The Pre-Open Beta Test will add a special quest and the Desert planet among other things.


Those who participate in the Pre-Open Beta Test will receive the Bouquet Rifle if they clear the following quest:

  • 【プレOBT限定】砂漠任務 Desert Mission

The Bouquet Rifle will be delivered to you some time in the Open Beta Test. All classes may equip the Bouquet Rifle, however, only the Ranger has access to the Photon Arts.

The pre-open beta will add a special quest and the desert field. This quest has special requirements only for the Pre-Open Beta Test and is available to play at level 1. However in the Open Beta Test, you will not be able to play the desert field at level 1.

In the Pre-Open and Open Beta it is not possible for you to purchase Arks Cash. Thus, you will have access to My Room and My Shop for free during this period.

  • During the Pre-Open and Open Beta you will not be able to purchase Arks Cash, so My Room and My Shop will be available to all players during this time.
  • While your premium set ticket is active, the FUN points you receive for logging in consecutively each day will increase.
  • Using the Aesthetics counter, the following features are free: Eye Pattern, Eye Color, Eyebrows, Eyebrow color, Eyelashes, Makeup Pattern 1&2.  
  • You can level up your character to Level 30 in Open and Pre-Open Beta.
  • Planet Lillipa will be added along with new Robot type enemies and brand new Darkers.
  • Elemental attributes weaknesses were added to some enemies.
  • You can now obtain a mag at level 5 instead of 10.
  • Instead of Level 50, a mag can evolve to its second form at Level 30.
  • Food Device effectiveness has decreased.
  • During the Pre-Open Beta, a special quest will be added so you can gain access to the desert immediately. If you clear this quest you will receive the Bouquet Rifle at the Open Beta. The Bouquet Rifle can be equipped by all classes.
  • Hard mode is available for each quest if the character is level 20 or above. However, in order to access hard mode you must complete a specific client order.
  • The time limit, enemy levels, and PSE occurrence rate has been adjusted in the Emergency Quest (City).
  • Some new emergency trial variations were added.
  • The second matter board was added. The matter board completion screen will also be shown in the camp ship after the quest results screen is shown.
  • You can accept client orders even if you do not use the Matter Board.
  • They will re-examine the locations of certain hard to find characters.  (I assume that's for the pink haired Newman.)
  • To reduce server load, there will be less chairs to sit on in the lobby.
  • The Item lab and Tekker shop has moved down a floor.
  • There have been changes to the structure of each class skill tree.
  • EXP FULL will be displayed when you kill an enemy and you are at the highest class level.
  • You will be notified on screen when the boost item effects wear off.
  • 16 button gamepads are now supported and configurable.
  • A max frame rate function was added.
  • Virtual full screen mode selection.
  • Full screen mode resolution selection.
  • If you connect to PSO2 from a net cafe, you can receive net cafe points and use an exclusive shop.
  • Optimizations to make the game run lighter will be carried out if necessary after the official release.
  • For the Open Beta, they thought they could implement a video capturing mode, but this is now abandoned.


 Arks Cash Prices

Today we are announcing the pricing plans for Phantasy Star Online 2:

  • Game: Free to Download
  • Billing: The Basic Game is Free (supported by Cash Items)
  • Premium Set: 1300AC
  • AC Scratch: 1 Scratch is 200 AC
  • Other Cash Items: 150 AC ~

PSO2 will be Free 2 Play and Free to Download. You can play quests and story missions for free. Free players will not have limits imposed on their class levels nor playing time. They will not allow the direct sales of highly over powerful weapons that could affect game balancing. Through updates you can enjoy new bosses, new fields, and new quests for free!

Through communication, you can gain FUN points for use with the Free Gacha "FUN Scratch." In this scratch, you can obtain room items, music disks, and additional lobby actions. Through here, you can get some exclusive features for free, for example, you may receive a ticket that lets you open up your My Room and My Shop for Free for 3 Days!

For paying users, you can enjoy additional features through Arks Cash. The items included under Arks Cash are not required for playing. There are no direct sales of highly over powerful weapons nor cash quests. 1 AC = 1 Yen!


The Premium Set

Premium Set: 1300 AC

  • 30 Days = 1300 AC
  • 60 Days = 2500AC
  • 90 Days = 3600AC

The Premium Set will cost 1300 AC or 1300 Yen. This will open up additional and exclusive features for paying customers. The premium set is most suitable for players who'd wish to pay monthly for the game.


Premium Set Contents:

  • My Room
  • My Shop
  • Exclusive Features Listed Below
  • Premium Storage Box
  • Item Trader
  • Premium Block 
  • FUN Points Boost

Don't forget you can still get a ticket for free to use My Room and My Shop for 3 days. My Room, My Shop, and Storage expansions could be purchased separately for 700 AC. You can also take out items from your expanded storage box after the ticket expires.

AC Scratch: 200 Yen
AC Scratch Gold: 500 Yen

The items included in the AC Scratch are not required to play the game. The scratch is for players who want their characters to be stylish. or for those who want items to enjoy the game more.

Various items are included in the cheaper 200 AC scratch, however the Gold version only contains clothes and parts.


Arks Cash Items

AC Scratch contents include:

  • Clothes, Parts and Accessories.
  • Additional voices and lobby actions.
  • Boost Items, Items that assist in weapon grinding or mag raising
  • Etc.

AC Scratch GOLD contents include:

  • Clothing and Parts

Other Cash Items:

  • Additional Characters, Aesthetics Salon: 500 AC
  • "System Type" Items: 300 AC ~
  • Consumption Items: 150 AC ~

 *As for the Aesthetic Counter, the following changes occurred:

  • You may now change the Eye Pattern, Eye Color, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Makeup Pattern 1&2 for Free!
  • Items you've obtained through AC Scratch (costumes, hairstyles, and accessories) can be changed for free at the counter.



So far we've shown you concepts of Echo, Xeno, and Lisa's outfits! But what about that character in Chapter 1 who exclaims "Yo! Partner" every time you see him?

That's right! It's the concept for Afin's costume!

This costume is pretty unique, given that it's open in an unexpected area! Anyways, next week the Pre-Open Beta Test begins! See you there!

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