Phantasy Star Online 2: The Enemies of the Frozen Tundra

Phantasy Star Online 2 still plans to officially release in early summer 2012! In the official release, a new field called the Frozen Tundra will be added to the game. (4Gamer chose to say the game is releasing "this summer" while Famitsu held on to Sakai's definition of "early summer.") If this isn't the news you were expecting, well just wait a few more hours until that other thing is announced… maybe…


New Field: Frozen Tundra

The Frozen Tundra is a field on the Planet Naberius covered in snow and ice! A complete change from the gentle climate of the Forest you all know. In this field, the native enemies have adapted to the harsh environment and continue to attack amidst the violent snowstorms.


The Frozen Tundra even extends to the forest.


Another area of the Frozen Tundra.


The Snow Bantha

The Snow Bantha is a mighty native class enemy that dominates the frozen tundra. Quick and agile, he attacks with his finely honed claws.


The Snow Banshee

The Snow Banshee a mighty native class enemy that dominates the frozen tundra that teams up with the Snow Bantha.


The De Malmoth

The De Malmoth, a native class enemy that lives in the frozen tundra. It swings its powerful snout around as a means to attack.


The Malmoth

The Malmoth is the smaller offspring of the De Malmoth. Normally it's gentle but with its large body it can charge and attack which may cause a fatal injury.


King Yede

King Yede, a native class enemy that lives in the Frozen Tundra. It can throw ice or curl up and perform rush attacks.


King Yede and Yede

Yede, a native class enemy that's an offspring of the King Yede. They can appear in groups and throw snow!



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