Phantasy Star Portable 2 Collaborates with Pizza Hut

Yes you heard right, Pizza Hut and Phantasy Star Portable 2 campaign.

cheeze kun and dog

Pizza Hut's Cheese-kun Figure and Cheese Dog Figure

If you input a special password you'll receive room items "Cheese-kun figure". It appears you have to buy the "Cheese Dog Figure" at Pizza Hut Gurhal inside the game.

To participate you need to join Pizza Hut Club Membership by email, and it must be between October 13th – November 8th. On November 11th the password for the Cheeze-kun figure will be delivered to subscribers of Pizza Hut Club Membership. The trial version of Phantasy Star Portable 2 can also use this password.

[via pizza hut – thanks mike]


The pizza hut collaboration doesn't stop there…

pink portal

This portal signifies a rare block

slicer andshield

Pizza Hut Slicer and Shield


seafood mix pizza

Sea Food Mix Pizza – Cheese and Cheese Pizza – Private Cafe


pizza hut branch

Gurhal Pizza Hut Store


pizza hut

Pizza Hut Rare Block


When you see a special portal like in the screenshot above, it will transport you to a rare block. Here you will find the Pizza Hut Gurhal store, which appears to be located in the new snow field. It will sell Pizza Hut related items and your character can sit and hopefully chat with other players.

[via gpara and pspo2 blog]

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