Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Screenshots Galore

4Gamer delivers an  explosive amount of new screenshots and lot of old information. It details information about two new characters, Heathcliff Flowen and Rico Tyrell who were featured in Phantasy Star Online. They will make an appearance as characters in Infinity.


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Rico Tyrell was the heroine in Phantasy Star Online. She is commonly known as Red Ring Rico. She was the one who left capsules along  the way for the player to read. She will make an appearance as a character in some way.


Heathcliff Flowen was featured in Phantasy Star Online Episode 2. He was the adoptive parent of Alicia Baz, and a teacher to Red Ring Rico.


For those who preorder or digitally purchase the game within the first week, can obtain Rico and Flowen's outfits! It will be a product code that you should input at the Japanese Playstation Store.


Olga Flow naturally reappears as a two part boss battle in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. In the first form you fight him during a descending elevator shaft.


In his second form you will Fight Olga Flow at the bottom of the shaft. Please keep in mind that for both forms, he doesn't attack exactly the same way as in PSO. Expect some new attack patterns!


Whats this? There appears to be a shadow of a body within Olga Flow…


Nanoblast Invincibility

Nanoblasts are now invincible. So you can enjoy pummeling enemies without fear of becoming incapacitated.  The previous [defense] Nanoblast was changed into [連撃] Flurry.  Use your flexible muscular strength and destroy multiple enemies! The previous invincible Nanoblast can be used longer than the other forms. (But technically, the 3 newest forms from PSP2 were shortened in time.)



Schoolwear Shinji from Evangelion


Schoolwear Mari from Evangelion


Schoolwear Rei from Evangelion


Gurren Lagann Set for Cast Males


Pierce through the heavens with the Giga Drill


The Gurren Boomerang is a slicer… Deal with it.


Luka, a diva who's well versed in many languages wields a tuna longsword. Although "Luka's Maguro" can be very delicious, it can be used to smack enemies.


Rin, from Vocaloid, is using knuckles called  "Rin/Len Steam Roller"

New Weapons

Satellite Starmine (Laser Cannon)


Gleaming Blades Punishment (Twin Claws)


Nightmare Blood (Twin Dagger)


Paradiso (Whip)


Divine Staff Amaterasu (Rod)


Astral Riser (Rifle)


Sun Riser (TCSM)


Boost Impact (Axe)


Divine Cane  Tsukuyomi (Wand)


Pure Pure Heartgun (Twin Handgun)


Eternity Gazer (Shotgun)


Final Fender (Machine Gun)


Spirit Garment (Shield)


Grandia (Spear)


Biwahoushi (Rod)


Fortuna (Sword)


Dragonic Age (Slicer)


Judgement Hearts (Knuckles)


Famitsu Dendou Blade (Sword)

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