Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity TGS 2010 Promos

My goodness, as soon as that Phantasy Star Online 2 post went up, the site crashed. The site is now in what I'd like to call "Lock Down" mode. 

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  • Infinity Point Recap
    • The fifth race is called the Dumans
    • All data from PSP2 transfers to this game.
    • With the "Rebirth" system, by sorting out your bonus points among stats like (HP/PP/ATK/ACC), your character returns to level 1 with additional stats you set. This allows one to create a stronger character from level 1. The Rebirth features is available at level 50.
    • Mission Codes allow one to generate their own customized mission. You can obtain these codes through friends or by obtaining them within missions. Codes allow you to customize missions by changing the boss, or what items drop, or what enemies appear!
    • New monsters and new bosses appear! Like Olga Flow from PSO!
    • The new total Item count is around 3000
    • New character, Nagisa, voiced by Nana Mizuki
    • Online Multiplayer now has a huge lobby to chat, and assemble parties.
    • Screenshot feature, take screenshots by holding select.
    • Exchange mission codes and your character's data with Friend Search. Your character's data will be on your friend's PSP and you can run missions together. Auto Words transfer over too!




The Human Default Outfit for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity


The Newman Male, yes he is a boy.


Beast Female showing off her guns..


The New Beach area on Clad 6 Resort Colony.


The Finjers from Phantasy Star Zero surf!


Hey PSO Vets, remember this boss?


The Beach Boss, ギール・ゾーグ Geer Zōg


New Boss Dyla Bravas


Infinity Missions

Back in the scan post I was talking a bit about the Mission codes.  The screenshot above shows a brand new counter called the Code Counter. Using  the Mission Codes you've obtained,  you can choose your own customized mission. For example the first mission has it set so Moatoob and Neudaiz enemies appear. In the mission selected in the middle,  the player selected Bil De Golas as the boss with Neudaiz enemies. 

These mission codes change different aspects of Infinity Missions, like boss, play time, enemies that appear, and bonus attributes such as rare drop rate. You can obtain mission codes by trading them with other players. Mix them up and create your very own mission!


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