Photon Chairs Are Back in Phantasy Star Online 2

Wild Ocean Scratch

Wild Ocean Pirates Scratch

A new swashbuckling pirate themed AC scratch is coming next month. By the way, Sakai promised to release new cast parts at least once a month starting in August.


Bingo And Beach Wars

Summer Bingo and Beach Wars

The Naura Cake Sisters are back in the new "Beach Wars" emergency quest which will be available for a limited time.



New Rare Enemy: Mesetan

Mesetan is a very peculiar rare enemy who appears to be made out of Meseta. If you find her, she may bring you great fortune! Mesetan will be arriving in August.


Photon Chairs

Photon Chairs Are Coming in August

Photon Chairs are returning as lobby actions in PSO2 with a new feature that allows players to jump in them too.  You can pick them up at the FUN Shop in August.


Fither Balance Changes

Fighter Balance Changes

The Fighter class will see some improvements in August. Knuckles will have shorter hitstop frames, and the gear on Twin Dagger PAs will have improved accumulatng rates in power.


Docomo Room Item

PlayStation Vita 3G Presents!

Only open to those who live in Japan, renew or reopen a prepaid dataplan with NTT Docomo for the PlayStation Vita to receive several items.

100h Prepaid Dataplan / Monthly

You must renew or reopen a 100h prepaid or monthly data plan with NTT Docomo

  • ドコモラッピースーツ Docomo Rappy Suit
  • チチドコモダケ Chichi Docomodake (Room Item)
  • ハハドコモダケ Haha Docomodake (Room Item)
  • チュウガクドコモダケ Chugaku Docomodake (Room Items)
  • Triboost+100% / Add Ability Success + 30% / Grind Success+30%

20h Prepaid Dataplan

You must renew or reopen a 20h prepaid or monthly data plan with NTT Docomo

  • チチドコモダケ Chichi Docomodake (Room Item)
  • Triboost + 100% / Grind Success +20% / Add Ability Success + 20%

Present Application Period

  • July 16th through September 30th, 2013



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