PSO2 JP: Support Partners and Arks Road System

Support Partnersss

Support Partners are personal assistants that can help with client orders or assist you in battle. You can create a support partner at the Esté Counter.

How to obtain a Support Partner:

When your character is level 20 or higher, Koffee will issue a new client order titled "Support Partner Lecture" or サポートパートナー講座. You can clear this client order by speaking to Astarte in the Gate Area lobby. You will receive a "Partner Console" room item as a reward.

Afterwards, head to the Esté (Beauty Salon) counter to create your first free support partner. Your support partner will introduce itself in a cutscene upon entering your My Room.

Please Note:

  • You can create up to 3 Support Partners per character.
    (The first one is free!)
  • If you are not satisfied with your support partner, you can reset them for 500 AC.
  • You can purchase two additional support partners each for 300 AC at the Esté Counter.


Support Partner Console Menu

Mini Room and Support Partner

The Support Partner Console

You can interact with your support partner by placing a パートナーコンソール Partner Console in your room. This will allow you to check their stats, change their equipment, or send them off on a quest. You can obtain a partner console at the My Room Shop or as a client order reward item from Koffee.

Support Partner Menu

  • 探索指示を出す Issue Client Orders
  • パートナー情報を見る View Partner Information
  • 装備をカスタムする Customize Equipment
  • 話しをする Chat
  • 席を外させる Withdraw From Post
  • コンソール位置を移動させる Move Console
  • この場を離れる Leave

Support Partners and Client Orders

Initially, support partners can accept up to 3 client orders, but as they level up and their mood changes, they'll feel brave enough to take on even more.

Each client order takes one hour to finish, so selecting three client orders will take them three hours to complete. It can take them several tries to complete the entire client order; and in some cases, the player character will have to find the rest of the items on their own.


Level Up

Support Partners can level up through client orders!

A support partner will send a message once they've completed their search. Just speak to them again to see their quest evaluation. The higher the rank, the more EXP they gain to level up.


  • You can avoid failing a quest by choosing client orders appropriate to the support partner's level.
  • At level one, they can do surprisingly well on client orders around the Lv 1 ~ 24 range.
  • However, the more difficult tasks makes it harder for them to achieve an S.


Support Partner Personality and Ratings

A support partner's rating can increase as they complete more and more client orders. Initially, they start out tense and can only accept up to three client orders. As they reach a higher rating, they can take on 4 or even 6 client orders.

Support Partner Rating:

  • Tense (緊張): 3 Client Orders
  • Confident (信頼): 4 Client Orders
  • Trusted (信頼): 6 Client Orders

They'll even give presents as they transition through each rating.

  • フードデバイス/技量ミニ Food Device / Dex Mini
  • フードデバイス/打撃ミニ Food Device / S-ATK Mini
  • レアドロップ+50% Rare Drop +50%

You'll be able to select their personality once a support partner reaches a higher rating. 


  • 無垢 Pure
  • おっとり Gentle
  • 無邪気 Innocent
  • 不器用 Clumsy
  • ボーイッシュ Boyish


  • 無垢 Pure
  • 爽やか Invigorating
  • 気弱 Timid
  • クール Cool
  • わんぱく Naughty

The personality seems to affect what skills and photon arts they use per weapon category. (Read TaigaUC's post for more details)



Customizing a Support Partner

You can customize your support partner's equipment at the partner console. You can switch their main class by giving them weapons of a different category. For example, they will switch from a Hunter to a Braver if you give them a Bullet Bow or Katana. Though a support partner's equipment will slightly affect their stats, their weapons and units are mainly meant to accessorize their appearances.


Reset Mood

Reset their personality and mood at the Esté counter!

At the Esté (Beauty Salon) counter, you can customize their appearances even further with the accessories, voices, and hairstyles you've unlocked. The Esté Counter also has two options; it can reset their personality and mood, or you can pay 500 AC to recreate the character.


 ARKS Road System

Astarte Road

ARKS Road could be described as a GPS that guides players into learning the basic functions of the game. To get started, meet with Astarte in the lobby to receive a stamp card. A circular icon will indicate the next destination you need to go complete the objective. You'll receive a prize each time you clear all the objectives on the stamp card.



Arks Road

In the Start Menu, click on Quests (Globe Icon) and select アークスロード to access the Arks Road menu.


Arks Road Options

Or if you want to completely ignore this feature, you can disable the Arks Road navigator icons in options too!

ナビアイコン表示切り替え (Arks Road) Navigation Icon Display Settings

  • On
  • Off

Cleared Arks Road Stamp Card 

Arks Road Objectives

超初級授業『アークスロード』  [Arks Road]

  • Go Meet Astarte!
  • Meet someone waiting at the monument plaza.
  • Clear Afin's client order 初陣の影響 Impact of the First Battle

番外授業『マターボード①』(Matter Board 1)

  • Clear Xeno's Client Order 暇つぶしにナベリウスへ Killing Time on Naberius

番外授業『マターボード②』 (Matter Board 2)

  • Clear E-4 on Matter Board 1
  • Meet Shion
  • Clear Chapter 1 Story Quest
  • Meet Shion
  • Clear E-3 ion Matter Board 2

番外授業『マターボード③ 』 (Matter Board 3)

  • Clear B-5 on Matter Board 3

初級授業『戦闘基本操作 』 (Basic Combat Operations)

  • Clear Afin's Client Order 武器の持ち替え再確認! Reviewing Weapon Switching
  • Clear Afin's Client Order フォトンアーツのセッティング? Setting Photon Arts?
  • Clear Afin's Client Order どういうスキルを選ぼうか? Which Skill to Choose?
  • Clear Afin's Client Order 不安なメディカルセンター Uneasy Medical Center
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 必修!パートナーカード利用法! Using Partner Cards

初級授業『マグ、森林エリア』 (Mag and Forest Area)

  • Clear Koffee's Client Order マグライセンス授与申請試練 Mag License Application
  • Clear Echo's Client Order マグブリーダーをめざせ! Aspire to be a Mag Breeder
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 自由探索許可申請・森林 Free Exploration: Forest
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 探索許可申請試練・Ⅰ Exploration Request

中級授業『アークス基本機能』(ARKS Basics)

  • Clear Jean's Client Order 必見!アイテム管理法!Item Management
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 必読!ビジフォン利用法! Using the Visiphone
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 便利!オートワード活用法! Using Handy Autowords
  • Clear Jean's Client Order  垂涎!ACショップの陳列! Mouth Watering AC Shop Display
  • Clear Jean's Client Order グッジョブの送信方法! Sending Good Jobs
  • Clear Jean's Client Order FUNスクラッチの利用方法!  Using the FUN Scratch
  • Clear Jean's Client Order アークスカードの編集方法! Editing the ARKS Card


  • Meet Jig inside the Block Changing Teleporter
  • Decompose an item at the My Room Terminal
  • Craft an item at the My Room Terminal
  • Register a recipe at the My Room Terminal
  • Search for a Crafter using the Visiphone

中級授業『アークスシップ』 (ARKS Ship)

  • Visit the Weapon/Disk Shop
  • Visit the Item Lab/Tekker
  • Visit the Costume/Unit Shop
  • Visit the Item Shop
  • Visit the Makeover Counter (Esté)

中級授業『火山洞窟・砂漠』(Caves and Desert)

  • Clear the Quest: 龍族生態調査 Dragonkin Ecological Survey
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 自由探索許可申請・火山洞窟 Free Exploration: Caves
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 武器携帯数拡張申請試練・Ⅰ Weapon Palette Expansion I
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 探索許可申請試練・Ⅱ Exploration Request II
  • Clear the Quest: 機甲種性能調査:砂漠 Mech Power Survey
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 自由探索許可申請・砂漠 Free Exploration : Desert

中級授業『武器強化』 (Weapon Grinding)

  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 難易度制限解放試練・Ⅰ Difficulty Unlock I
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 愛用品の徹底強化を! Grind your favorite items
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 愛用品の属性強化を! Attribute Grinding your favorite items
  • Clear Jean's Client Order 愛用品に特殊能力を! Add Abilities to your items

中級授業『サポートパートナー』(Support Partner)

  • Clear Koffee's Client Order サポートパートナー講座 Support Partner Lecture by chatting with Astarte.
  • Go to the Beauty Salon and Create A Support Partner
  • Meet with the Support Partner in your room.
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order サブパレット拡張試練・Ⅰ Sub-palette Expansion I
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order サブクラス許可申請試練  Subclass License Application
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order レベル制限解除試練・Ⅰ  Level Cap Trial I

中級授業『追加クラス』(Extra Classes)

(1)  Clear any of the following :

  • Clear Ohza's Client Order ファイタークラスの推挙 Fighter Recommendation
  • Clear Lisa's Client Order ガンナーに推薦しましょうかあ Shall I Endorse you for Gunner
  • Clear Marlur Client Order テクタークラスになりたいの? Want to become a Techer?

(2) Clear the Fighter, Gunner, or Techer License Applications from Koffee.

上級授業『レベル・難易度解放』 (Difficulty/Level Cap Unlocking)

  • Clear Koffee's Client Order  レベル制限解除試練・Ⅱ Level Cap Unlock II
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 難易度制限解放試練・Ⅱ Difficulty Cap Unlock II

上級授業『タイムアタッククエスト』(Time Attack Quest)

  • Clear Time Attack Quest 走破演習:ナベリウスⅡ Marathon Practice Naberius II
  • Clear Klotho's Client Order  まずは気軽に力試しⅠ A Carefree Quiz I

上級授業『アドバンスクエスト』 (Advance Quest)

  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 新規任務模擬訓練・森林 Simulation Training: Forest
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 新規任務模擬訓練・火山洞窟 Simulation Training: Caves
  • Clear Koffee's Client Order 新規任務模擬訓練・砂漠 Simulation Training: Desert

上級授業『エクストリームクエスト』(Extreme Quest)

  • Go meet Pudding, the Extreme Quest Administrator
  • Clear the Tundra and Mechs Extreme Quest


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