Protectors α Disk Location: Dulk Fakis Guide

Dulk Fakis map will rarely show up on either the Adahna Magahna Route or De Ragnus Route. If your block C is in the Mines, then congrats you've got Fakis! So lets jump right into it.



Key Points for Goggles and Photon Eraser

  • You can Find Goggles by doing Episode 2 or Episode 3’s Online Story Mission
  • Photon Eraser will be given to you in your Items Menu.
  • You must add Photon Eraser to your Action Pallete.


Block C – Dulk Fakis Route

In Block C there's a split route to the right and in front of you. You should head right first, enter the portal and transfer yourself to get disk #5. Disk #6 portal is one way, so be sure you have Disk #5 before proceeding. Disk 6 is hidden behind a false wall. Just walk through it and find the disk.

The Wall is A Lie!


Block D – Dulk Fakis Route

Disk 7 and 8 can be obtained by destroying Seed Cores by using the Photon Eraser. Make sure to equip the Photon Eraser to wipe out the pods. First use your goggles to find a pod, then after its identified, use the Photon Eraser and spray it until it turns grey. As you pass a 3 switch gate, you will see larger pods. 3 people must use the photon eraser at the same time in order for it to turn grey. Disk 7 is in a box, and Disk 8 appears after you purify seed core.

3 People, 1 Pod.


Final Block – Dulk Fakis

The 9th Disk appears behind you, and the 10th disk appears after a certain amount of damage to Dulk Fakis. Its hard to miss.

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