Protectors α Disk Location: Adahna Degahna Guide

If your tired of heading off to Parum to defeat the De Ragan, you can face more challenging bosses by taking the right route in Block A. Adana Degahna's spinning might be easy, but Dimmagolus' twisters of sleeping doom will annoy many! Whatever route you choose, you still have a chance to fight Dulk Fakis, just keep trying.



Key Points for Winter Event Missions

  • Winter Event is Located on Cylez City 5th Floor.
  • Winter Event requires up to a maximum of 4 players to join a party.
  • You won't be able to get 10 Chips on Solo for the De Ragan Route.
  • You do not need the expansion pack to play Winter Event.
  • Experience Boost is dependent on location.
  • You may lose Photon Eraser.

Key Points for Disk Locations

  • There are 2 Disks on Each Block except Boss
  • Each Boss has 1 Disk

There are three different routes to reach the boss. You can choose between the De Ragan & De Ragnus Route, or Adahna Degahna & Dimmagolus route. Randomly the game will chose the Dulk Fakis Route, which gives you the chance to receive rare drops and boards as well as the maximum 350% increased experience for those areas.

Block A – All Routes

Winter Event Phantasy Star Universe

Block A is the same for all routes. Equip your gun and find a red switch at the center of the ceiling. Shoot this switch and the disk will apear on the ground. The 2nd disk will appear after you defeat all enemies, and is located in one of the boxes.

Protectors Disk Guide Phantasy Star Universe

Shoot the Switch on the Ceiling and Win Free Disk!


Block B – Adahna Degahna Route

The layout is similar to the Episode 2 story mission. You basically go around killing enemies and finding switches. To the far right indicated by the #3 in the map, there will be a tree. Just use your goggles and destroy the tree and a chip will appear. To the far left, the disk will appear inside a box.

Delicious Tree, You must Shoot!


Block C – Adahna Degahna Route

There is rubble on the floor, use your goggles to find the disk, and destroy the rubble. The next disk is located inside a decoration, use your goggles to find it.

You'd never think you'd find it here!?


Block D – Adahna Degahna Route

Disk #7 is found off to the corner on the right side. Its inside a box so just shoot it and it will appear. Disk #8 is located inside a huge tree on the left side. Just use your goggles, shoot the tree, and the chip will be all yours!

I think Sega hates trees?


Final Block – Adahna Degahna / Dimmagolus

Same as before, you find a box located way off into one of the corners of the arena. Its your job to shoot the box before your party defeats the boss. During the Dimmagolus Boss Fight, after a certain amount of hits the last disk will be in the center of the arena.

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