PSO2 JP: New Year's 2015 Update

New Year's Event

New Years Event

The ARKS Lobby will transform into a New Year's Lobby starting January 1st through January 14th, 2015. During this time, you can see Rappies and a red Shinto shrine gate at the center of the lobby.


The Neujahr Nyau will appear in quests, donning a hakama and wielding a colorfully decorated bamboo rake! Defeat Nyau for a chance to obtain a kumade Bullet Bow weapon camo or a Sword designed like a harisen.


Year of the Sheep Revival Scratch

Natural Medium

Two AC Scratches will arrive on New Year's Day. "Year of The Sheep: Accessory Selection" and "Year of the Sheep: Lucky Bag G" will revive popular costumes and accessories for two weeks.

The Accessory Selection scratch features lobby actions, voice tickets, and accessories. Most notable are the "Ponytail Braid" and "Demon Tail" accessories,  as well as the "Asymmetrical Wild Wolf" and "Eternal F Layer" hairstyles. A brand new hairstyle called "Natural Medium" is also included in this scratch.

The Lucky Bag G scratch bundles several items together, whether they may be costumes, hairstyles, and accessories, or a complete set of Cast parts. For example, the "Ulala Repca Cherry Set" comes with a costume, hairstyle, accessory, and lobby action based on the Space Channel 5 heroine. You can even acquire Quna's "Winter B" accessories all together in one whole set! New hairstyle "Natural Medium" can also be obtained from this Scratch.

New Year's Schedule:

  • New Year's Event: January 1st @ 0:00 JST ~ January 14th.
  • New Year's Scratch: January 1st @ 0:00 JST ~ January 14th.
  • New Year's Nyau: January 1st ~ February 12th.

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