PSNova DLC: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth + 3 New Quests

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth DLC


  • ヴァルキリーガーブ (Valkyrie Garb)
  • シルバーブライド (Silver Braid) (Hairstyle)
  • 咎人の剣 (Villain's Sword: "Angel Slayer") (Sword)



Additional Quests DLC

Gran Energy Rush

Three new quests are available to download at the Japanese Playstation Store! They will all appear at a new location at the top of the map.

Extra Quests

  • グランエナジー・ラッシュ: Gran Energy Rush: (400 Yen)
    • A special quest to acquire lots of Gran Energy.
  • 難:炎の支配者: Emperor of Flames (Free)
    • Defeat Gigantes Defcyone within the time limit.
  • 波状防衛戦: Defensive Wave (Free)
    • Prevent Agrios from crossing over the indicated line.


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