PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Cosmo Fleet Hero

Cosmo Fleet Hero

Cosmo Fleet Hero
(Until 1.28.2015)


Yamato Ship Affairs Officer Uniform

ヤマト船務長制服 ║ Yamato Ship Affairs Officer Uniform


Yamato Intelligence Chief  Uniform

ヤマト情報長制服 ║ Yamato Intelligence Chief Uniform


Yamato Cadet Uniform

ヤマト士官候補生制服 ║ Yamato Cadet Uniform


Yamato Medic Uniform

ヤマト衛生士制服 ║ Yamato Medic Uniform


Yamato Flying Corps Uniform

ヤマト航空隊員制服 ║ Yamato Flying Corps Uniform


Yamato Flying Corps Uniform B

ヤマト航空隊員制服B ║ Yamato Flying Corps Uniform B


Modan Haori

モダンハオリ ║ Modan Haori
モダンハオリ雪 ║ Modan Haori White Snow
モダンハオリ紅 ║ Modan Haori Crimson Red
モダンハオリ海 ║ Modan Haori Blue Sea
モダンハオリ雅 ║ Modan Haori Elegant Purple
モダンハオリ影 ║ Modan Haori Black Shadow


Yuubi Furisode

ユウビフリソデ ║ Yuubi Furisode
ユウビフリソデ桜 ║ Yuubi Furisode Sakura Pink
ユウビフリソデ影 ║ Yuubi Furisode Black Shadow
ユウビフリソデ雪 ║ Yuubi Furisode White Snow
ユウビフリソデ冬 ║ Yuubi Furisode Winter White
ユウビフリソデ玄 ║ Yuubi Furisode Mysterious Black


Yamato Captain Uniform

ヤマト艦長制服 ║ Yamato Captain Uniform


Yamato Combat Chief Uniform

ヤマト戦術長制服 ║ Yamato Combat Chief Uniform


Yamato Chief Navigator Uniform

ヤマト航海長制服 ║ Yamato Chief Navigator Uniform


Yamato Technology Officer Uniform

ヤマト技術長制服 ║ Yamato Technology Officer Uniform


Montsuki Haori

モンツキハオリ ║ Montsuki Haori
モンツキハオリ雪 ║ Montsuki Haori White Snow
モンツキハオリ栗 ║ Montsuki Haori Chestnut Brown
モンツキハオリ夜 ║ Montsuki Haori Night Blue
モンツキハオリ雅 ║ Montsuki Haori Elegant Purple
モンツキハオリ影 ║ Montsuki Haori Black Shadow


New Years Lillipa Suit

お正月リリーパスーツ ║ New Years Lillipa Suit


Race Swaps


  • ミヤビフリソデ冬 ║ Miyabi Furisode Winter White
  • ミヤビフリソデ玄 ║ Miyabi Furisode Mysterious Black
  • ミヤビフリソデ雪 ║ Miyabi Furisode White Snow
  • ミクミコセット紅 ║ Mikumiko Set Crimson Red
  • エンゼルパフューム桜 ║ Angel Perfume Sakura Pink
  • パニッシュジャケット雅 ║ Punish Jacket Elegant Purple


  • ミヤビフリソデ ║ Miyabi Furisode
  • ミヤビフリソデ桜 ║ Miyabi Furisode Sakura Pink
  • ミヤビフリソデ影 ║ Miyabi Furisode Black Shadow
  • ミクミコセット ║ Mikumiko Set
  • ミクミコセット影 ║ Mikumiko Set Black Shadow
  • アリスブレイド ║ Alice Braids
  • チークファイア 赤 ║ Cheek Fire Red
  • チークファイア 紫 ║ Cheek Fire Purple
  • 同心円瞳 大 ║ Concentric Eyes L
  • 同心円瞳 小 ║ Concentric Eyes S
  • アリスヘッドギア ║ Alice Headgear
  • パフュームウィング ║ Perfume Wings
  • パフュームインカム ║ Perfume Intercom
  • ぼたんコサージュ ║ Botan Corsage
  • 京かんざし ║ Kyo Hairpin
  • 進化デバイス/カガミミ ║ Evo. Device / Kagamimi
  • クラス追加(ガンナー) ║ Class Addition (Gunner)
  • クラス追加(テクター) ║ Class Addition (Techer)
  • 属性変化(炎属性) ║ Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) ║ Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) ║ Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(射撃) ║ Add Special Ability (R-ATK)
  • フードデバイス/射撃 ║ Food Device / R-ATK

Female Voice – Yuki Mori / (Houko Kuwashima)

  • 女性森雪ボイス
  • 女性C森雪ボイス (Cast Ver.)

Female Voice – Akira Yamamoto / (Rie Tanaka)

  • 女性山本玲ボイス
  • 女性C山本玲ボイス (Cast Ver.)

Male Voice – Susumu Kodai / (Daisuke Ono)

  • 男性古代進ボイス
  • 男性C古代進ボイス (Cast Ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 147「ダンス30」 (/la dance30) Dance 30


FUN Scratch


  • インテークロング ║ Intake Long
  • ○ペイント ║ O Paint
  • ×ペイント ║ X Paint
  • 派手まつげ 黒 ║ Fancy Eyelashes Black
  • 派手まつげ 青 ║ Fancy Eyelashes Blue
  • 派手まつげ 茶║ Fancy Eyelashes Brown
  • 派手まつげ 白 ║ Fancy Eyelashes White
  • ニューイヤーボード ║ New Years Board
  • シシマイのおめん ║ Shishimai Mask 
  • ミ・カン ║ Mi Kan
  • モチ・ツッキー ║ Mochi Tsuki
  • おせちセット ║ New Years Set
  • カド・マツ ║ Kado Matsu 
  • カガ・ミー・モッチ ║ Kaga Mii Mochi
  • New Year

Lobby Actions

  • 156「温まる」 (/la warm) Warm

Music Disc

  • PSO2 イベント「哀」 PSO2 Event [Sorrow]

FUN Shop

  • 157「和服待機」 (/la taiki1)


11 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Cosmo Fleet Hero”

  1. Wow, this scratch is awesome as I expected <3.
    Ok, I'm a huge Yamato fan, but this time the choice is great since there are some common points.
    Uniforms are very well made and detailed, the room stuff is great (specially the scenery pass). Strangely, no music disc :S.
    As I thought, some things are overpriced, but hopefully prices will deflate in next days.
    Good revivals as well, I'm considering in getting an Alice Braid since I missed it first time :).
    Keep up the good work ^^/

  2. At the risk of sounding cynical, I have to say this is probably the most disappointing AC scratch SEGA has implemented. I understand the costumes are all from Yamato, but there's hardly any variation; 90% of the new ones are just recolors of eachother, with the only difference in one of them being that it has cleavage showing, which is just laughable, especially considering that alone made it shoot up in price. The other new costumes look barely any different from ones we already have as well, and the hairstyles and other accessories introduced in this are quite bland. Furthermore, male characters barely get anything with this. The revivals are also quite uninteresting as well, and the FUN scratch has little more than a few revivals which weren't that in-demand, and the new items feel like simple rehashes of older items or don't have that much effort put in. The new Lobby Actions aren't terribly interesting either.

    I understand that Yamato is a classic, but I really feel that SEGA should've picked something with a bit more potential for costumes and accessories, or at least have put a bit more effort into this. There are some very good things about this scratch though; a few accessories are nice and the Scope Eyes are wonderful, and the new Dance is splendid. But overall, the Christmas scratch we got two weeks ago on a whole was significantly better in terms of variety and giving both genders equal amounts of new things, objectively. I hope the next crossover scratch has a bit more effort put into it, though I'm still happy we got some of the things with this nonetheless =)

    1. >Expecting variety in a collaboration scratch
      That's the whole problem right there. Collaboration scratches don't cater to people who are heavy on fashion, which seems to be what's bothering you, based on your post. The whole idea is that enough people requested this collaboration, and Sega could afford it. Everyone who wanted it was well-aware of the "lack of variety", but that doesn't matter, because Space Battleship Yamato is awesome. I honestly feel that everyone who complained about this Scratch either don't like or haven't watched Yamato, which is depressing, really.

    2. well, some might get some variety going on, but…. yamato is full of skintight suits, so it shouldn't suprise anyone to see them dominate.

      holy hell at the power of sex appeal on market prices even with these, tho; on my ship, you spend 420k or so for the pilot one… and 3m+ for the same thing unzipped. you'd think all these suits would go for a lot because aside from the heels it's practically a naked character model, but I guess the ultimate factor is still how much is left to the imagination.

    3. I'm between the two of us. It's pretty nice and good-looking (Yuki hairstyle is soooo good… And soooo expensive… .__. Over 17 millions here, who says better? Well, doesn't really matter.), but there's not much different models. But… It's still good.

      But finally I bought the main Yuubi Furisode (Red). Even if it's not really a new Costume (Remember Miyabi Furisode?), I still like it.

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