PSO2 Alpha Test 2: Skill Tree

The mini guide continues with the Alpha Test 2 version of the skill tree. The skill tree has some new skills added and some of the old skills were split in two. A few of these skills can be added to the Sub Palette. Review the miniguide on how to do this.  We'll have a Photoshopped version later, in the mean time, the left most skill is shown first based on the skill's path.

Update: Well it looks like Spellbinder finished it before I did, so you can view the photoshopped images here.

Hunter Skills

  • HPアップ HP Up Increase HP
  • 打撃アップ1 Striking Up Increase Striking Power
  • フューリースタンス Fury Stance: A Stance skill that raises your Striking and Range Power, but reduces your Defense
  • JAボーナス1: JA Bonus: Other than Technics, you get a damage bonus for Just Attacks
  • アタックPPリストレイト Attack PP Restoration: When a normal attack hits an enemy, the PP restored is higher.
  • フューリークリティカル Fury Critical: When you are in Fury Stance, it increases the critical hit rate.
  • 打撃アップ2 Striking Up 2
  • 打撃防御アップ1 Striking Defense Up 1
  • ウォークライ War Cry: Attract Enemy's attention
  • アイアンウィル Iron Will Occasionally your HP will stay at 1 when you receive damage that would have incapacitated you.
  • ガードスタンス Guard Stance: Reduce Striking and Range Power but increases Defense
  • HPアップ2 HP Up 2
  • フラッシュガード1 Flash Guard 1 Striking, and Ranged Damage is reduced
  • ガードスタンスポイズン Guard Stance Poison: Poison is restored when you do the Guard Stance
  • ガードスタンスバーン Guard Stance Burn: Burn is restored when you do the Guard Stance
  • フラッシュテックガード FlashTechGuard: Tech Damage is reduced
  • ガードスタンスアップ1 Guard Stance Up1  Guard Stance's defense power is increased
  • オートメイトハーフイン Automate Halfline, use -mates automatically when your HP is 50%
  • オートメイトデッドライン Automate Deadline use -mates automatically when your HP is 25%
  • ガード Guard  Hold weapon in front of you and guard
  • 射撃防御アップ1 Range Defense Up:
  • ジャストガード Just Guard Greatly reduces damage when you guard at the right moment.
  • ジャストカウンター  Just Counter After you Just Guard successfully, the next attack you perform becomes a Just Attack
  • ステップ : Step: Nimbly rush short distances
  • ステップアドバンス Step advance: While stepping, your invincibility time increases.
  • ステップアタック Step Attack: Attack during Step
  • ジャストリバーサル Just Reversal: When you fall down from an attack, use jump to get up quickly.

Ranger Skills:

  • 技量アップ1 : Ability Up: increases ability stat.
  • ウィークヒットアドバンス1 Weak Hit Advance: Your damage given to the weak spots on enemies increases.
  • ウィークバレット Weak Bullet, exclusively for Assault rifles, loads a weakening bullet.
  • 技量アップ2: Ability Up 2: increases ability stat.
  • 射撃防御アップ1 Range Defense Up
  • ウィークヒットアドバンス2: Weak Hit Advance 2: Your damage given to the weak spots on enemies increases a lot.
  • ツールマスタリー Tool Mastery: Tool type skills increases
  • ポイズントラップ Poison Trap: Set a Poison trap
  • アッパートラップ: Upper Trap: Set a trap to launch enemies in the air.
  • スタングレネード: Stun Grenade: Throw a grenade that stuns the enemy.
  • アッパーTカスタム Upper T Custom: Increase the power of Upper Traps
  • ポイズンTカスタム: Poison T Custom: Increases the chance of poison in poison traps.
  • 射撃アップ Range Up: Range stat power goes up.
  • 射撃アップ2: Range Up 2
  • スタンディングスナイプ1: Standing Snipe: Ranged damage increases when you stand still.
  • バインドバレット: Bind Bullet: Exclusively for Assault Rifles, loads a Binding bullet
  • ダイブロール: Dive Roll, Dive a short distance.
  • ダイブロールアドバンス: Dive Roll Advance: Extended Invincibility time through dive rolling.
  • ジャストリバーサル: Just Reversal When you fall down from an attack, you can use Jump to get up quickly.


  • 法撃アップ1: Tech up 1, tech power rises.
  • テックチャージアドバンス1 Technic Charge Advance1: Charged Technic Damage increases
  • テックチャージアドバンス2: Technic Charge Advance2  Charged Technic Damage increase
  • チャージPPリバイバル Charge PP Reversal. While charging PP restores.
  • フォトンフレア Photon Flare: Temporarily Increases Tech Power but decreases max hp
  • フレイムマスタリー1: Flame Mastery I: Fire Technic power rises
  • フレイムテックSチャージ: Flame Tech S Charge: Fire Technic charging time decreases
  • フレイムマスタリー2: Flame Mastery 2: Fire Technic power increases.
  • アイスマスタリー1 Ice Mastery 1: Ice Technic Power increases
  • フリーズブースト: Freeze Boost: Increases the rate of freezing.
  • アイスマスタリー2: Ice Mastery 2: Ice Technic Power increases
  • フリーズイグニッション:  Freeze Ignition Gives heavy damage through an explosive blast to frozen enemies.
  • ボルトマスタリー1: Bolt Mastery Lightning Tech power rises.
  • ボルトテックPPセイブ: Bolt Tech PP Save: Lightning Tech PP usage decreases.
  • ショックブースト: Shock Boost, increases rate of shock.
  • ボルトマスタリー2: Bolt Mastery, Lightning Tech Power increases
  • ノーマルテックアドバンス: Normal Tech Advance. Uncharged Tech damage increases
  • PPアップ1: PP Up 1
  • PPアップ2: PP Up 2
  • テックJAアドバンス Tech JA Advance: Tech Just Attacks get a damage bonus.
  • ジャストリバーサル: Just Reversal When you fall down from an attack, use Jump to get up quickly.

Let me know of any issues, thanks!

[thanks Mewn for screenshots]

Magazine Roundup!

Sakai talked to a bunch of magazines this week and last week about the plans for this game, we learned a few tidbits.

  • When the game officially launches there will be 3 races, but considering it's an online game, sooner or later more races could possibly show up.
  • Even if you max out your class level, you won't be able to obtain all the class skills. 
  • When you switch classes, you will keep your existing level, but when you change to a  new class you start over.
  • The closed beta is planned to start before it gets hot. (sometime near summer…)
  • In the OPEN Beta, it looks like he wants to transfer your character data over to the official game.

[via shougai, shougai]

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