PSO2 Closed Beta Tomorrow

Sakai updated this morning with a recap briefing of the closed beta. There are some changes though. As always, I guess nothing is really set in stone at this point.

There's going to be 5 ships to choose from when the Beta starts. Even though you'll see Ship 6 through 10, those aren't available. Unlike previous games, you can't move your character to different ships, so please choose a ship you and your friends will play on. When you want to make another character on a different ship, you need to purchase the right to do so with Arks Cash.


When you start the game you can play the tutorial. Then afterwards you get the Matter Board to start your story.

Even though there are some elements that require Arks Cash, you can still play the majority of the game for free. Like for example, in PSU you would only be able to access your storage box in your room (My Room requires Premium Course). However in PSO2, the storage box is accessible even from the Camp Ship and Arks Lobby.

You could read the visiphone from the Arks Lobby too. It now displays the weapon collection like from the Phantasy Star Portable  series.


You can also do Client Orders, which give you various rewards and experience points. (Try these out too because it will be slower to level up in the closed beta compared to previous tests.)

You can enjoy the majority of the game for free without the need to purchase Arks Cash. But for those who'd like to use Arks Cash, there's a "Premium" pack you can purchase.

The Premium Set includes 30 days access to open your My Room/My Shop, Expanded Storage, and Item Trader functions. You can purchase some of these options individually too. Having the premium set allows you access to an area called the Premium Block.

You should also try out the Friend Partner system that lets you use your friend's character. It will even use the phrases that your friend registered as Auto Words. Only registered friends can be used as Friend Partners. Don't forget that you can collect FUN points by doing quests with them.

Based on alpha test 2 feedback, they improved it so that you can meet other parties easily. (You can set participation limits for Multi Party Areas if you want.) So even if you are soloing you can meet other parties too.


Now there's also a ranking menu to see how you compare in the "Interrupt Event Ranking," there's even a weekly ranking too.

Then there's FUN! You can collect FUN by complimenting other players by telling them "Good Job" through a menu. With the FUN you collect you can play the FUN Scratch Gacha. You can win various items.

In the main menu, look for a shopping cart icon. It lets you access Arks Cash shop and scratch features.


Look for a scratch terminal in the lobby too.

Now it was announced that players would receive 10,000 ARKS Cash in the Closed Beta. Since they decided that the price for AC content would be as low as 10AC, they will distribute 1000 AC instead. You should be able to enjoy enough ARKS cash content with this amount.

Now there are some changes to things that were previously mentioned. Before there were going to be 2 types of ARKS Scratch, one with (Various Items) and the other with just (Clothes Only). In the closed beta test, the clothes only version won't be implemented, but instead they will have 2 types of Arks Scratch that feature various items.

You'll be able to purchase costume color variations in the Closed Beta. By the time the official game comes out, you can purchase new costumes and they have plans to bring back the (Clothes Only and Various Items) Arks Scratch.

Sakai also posted the list of Alpha Test 2 to Closed Beta changes, but the complete list will be posted here at a later time.

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