PSO2 Closed Beta And Mini Guide

Hello the servers for Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta are now up. There are five servers available, Ship 1 through Ship 5. The English community has decided that Ship 2 will be our base of operations. This sticky post will serve as guide to help you navigate your way through the game.

This guide will be updated throughout the entire Closed Beta period so please check back for details. During this time we will also take requests, if you have a question about a subject that should be included in this guide, please comment below. New blog posts will appear below this sticky post. They will cover detailed information about various new features in the game.

Mini Guide

The mini guide will be updated during the Closed Beta.


Media Guidelines

Sega has outlined media guidelines to avoid copyright infringement. We recommend following these guidelines especially if you are uploading videos on YouTube. The copyright information you should add to your images and videos are directly taken from the PSO2 Closed Beta Site.

Screenshot Guidelines

Please insert the following copyright notation within all of your images. Alternatively you may place this text below your screenshot. (C)SEGA Please insert the following notice on the same page you placed your PSO2 Closed Beta images

「画像は『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』クローズドβテストにおいて撮影された実機画像です。開発中のため、正式版とは異なる内容であり、今後改良される可能性があります。」


You may crop, enlarge, reduce, and change the resolution of the images. You may alter your player ID and character names. If you take screenshots within the game, it will automatically add the copyright notation for you at the bottom right corner.

Video Guidelines

Please add (C)SEGA for more than 2 seconds at the beginning and end of your video. In your video description, you must add the following notice:

「『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』クローズドβテストにおいて撮影された実機動画です。開発中のため、正式版とは異なる内容であり、今後改良される可能性があります。」


You are not allowed to alter your footage by placing other videos and music or change the playback speed. But you are allowed to alter your player id name and character name. You may also alter the footage to insert the copyright notation. If you are doing a live stream, you can just insert both the copyright notation and the notice above. We recommend getting consent from other players in your livestream.


Your first steps

When you first launch the game, choose the top option to login with your SEGA ID (SEGA IDでログイン). It will then ask for you to set a Player ID Name. Type one in and press the left button, another screen will pop up, again press the left button. The next screen will just ask for you to choose controls the (left button) Keyboard and Mouse or (right button) Gamepad.


Choose the top (キャラクター選択) option to create your first character.


Don't forget you can save and load characters you made in the Character creation demo. Click クリエイトデータ読み込み to load the character you made before.

You may notice a new option to change your voice. It is slightly a few options above the place where you load your character. Click on ボイス選択 (Voice Selection) to choose a voice.



You can opt to skip the tutorial by selecting bottom option:


Intro to Client Order (Mags)

Throughout the story you'll come across several NPCs who will ask specific requests for you. We'll outline what you need to do to unlock these orders.



To get a mag license you must first be level 10. Afterwards go to the west quest counter to find Koffee コフィー. Select the second entry to access her client order. We recommend not doing this Client Order first, instead you should try Koffee's third Client Order. It will make it much easier to find Rockbears.


Coffy has three Client Orders (an additional one has to be unlocked)

  • 1. マグライセンス授与申請試練 (Mag License)
  • 2. 武器携帯数拡張申請試練・I (Weapon Palette Expansion)
  • 3. 自由探索許可申請・森林  (Forest Exploration Request)
  • 4. 探索許可申請試練・I(Search Request for *Caves*)
  • 5. 自由探索許可申請火山洞窟 (Caves Exploration Request)

Please note the 4th and 5th Client Order on this list will not show up in the same order in game. If you want to get the Caves missions to unlock you need to do the fourth client order. If you want the Caves free field quest to unlock, do the 5th client order. Please read here.


Click on the first one to start the Mag License, in the window popup choose the left button はい (Yes). to start the client order.

Mag License requires you to get 2 Rock Bear Horns.

  • ロックベアの角の調達x 2 (Two Rock Bear Horns)

Rockbears will randomly show up in the following missions:

  • (ダーカー調査:森林 Darker Investigation)
  • (森林探索 Forest Exploration)

Forest Exploration is a free field quest, but you can't do this quest until you do Coffy's third client order:

  • 自由探索許可申請・森林  (Forest Exploration Request)

The Rockbear horns may rarely drop and it will take a while to acquire them. When you acquire two of them, return to Coffy. Click on the Client Order with the green symbol. Click the left button Yes (はい) to report back to her.

[Important Client Order List]


 Matter Board

After you finish the first quest, you'll be in the Gate Area lobby. Look for an elevator with a bronze symbol near the center of the lobby to transport down to the Shop Area. In that lobby you'll meet up with Shion who gives you the Matter Board.


The first Matter you must complete wants you to find a ガンスレイヤー Gun Slayer from the Udan enemy. To start the matter, click on the globe and press はい.


Click the quest icon (the spinning globe) and select "マターボード" to access the Matter Board.



When you play regular quests, key items will drop in a gold aura. Once you pick it up and clear the quest you can select the next matter.


When you play B-2 on the Matter Board. Start the quest ザウーダン討伐, it is the first mission in the quest list. Look for a floating tablet like in the screenshot above. This event happens in the first block (Area 1).

When you approach the tablet for B-2 it should say "エコーは何所だ?" (Where's Echo?) in the top left corner. If it doesn't you'll have to restart the quest and try to find it again.


When you fill the two orange orbs on the Matter Board, head to the shopping area to meet up with Shion. This will unlock the Episode 1 Story Quest for you.


 [ Matter Board Quest List]


Block Changer and My Room Access

When you are in the lobby, there are several "channels" you can transfer to meet your friends. This is the Teleporter that lets you change blocks. When you go inside press the E key to access it. Here you can change blocks and transfer to your room. The entry on the top will let you go to your room.


 Starting a Quest

In the gate area, you can start a quest.

  • クエスト一覧から選ぶ Choose Quests
  • クエスト中のパーティーに参加する Join a party in a quest
  • クエストカウンターを出る Leave the Quest Counter


When you select the first option, the next window has you select a type of quest. Usually you will see Arks Quest, but sometimes throughout the day you may see Emergency Quests.


When you see the quest list menu you can do the following options by clicking on a quest name

  • すぐに出発する Immediately Start a Quest
  • クエスト中のパーティーに参加する Join a party in a quest.
  • クエストレコードを見る View Quest Record

If you choose the top option, you'll see a new window appear as in the screenshot below:


If you click on the screenshot above, we've filled in the essential areas you should know. However underneath the password field are two options, these options are really intended for multi player quest parties.

  • パーティーへ参加のみ制限 (Password Protect your party only)
  • 他のパーティーからのマルチプレイ要求も制限 (Password Protect other parties as well)

By default the top option will be ticked on. This means that only your party will be password protected. When you reach to a multiparty area, you will see other parties. However by ticking the bottom option, everyone joining your multiparty quest will need to know the password.  


 Character Menu

Now you can click on other players to open up the Character Menu. The easiest way to do so is to press the ESC button so the main menu is open and use your mouse to click on a character. With this menu you can perform the following functions:

  • ウィスパーチャットを送る Whisper Chat
  • パーティーに招待する Invite to Party
  • グッジョブを送る Send Good Jobs
  • アイテムトレードを申し込み Request Item Trade
  • キャラクター情報を見る View Character Information
  • アークスカードを見る View Arks Card
  • ブラックリストに登録 Blacklist
  • フレンド登録に申し込み Friend Request
  • マイルームへ移動 Go to their room.
  • モノマネ Mimic

 Tekker Shop Location

The Tekker Shop is located in the Shop Area, on the second level of the rotunda. Bring your ?スペシャルウェポン to her and she can appraise it for a price.


 Direct Chat Mode

Direct chat allows you to type on the keyboard immediately instead of controlling your character. This mode is useful for people with Gamepads. To turn this feature on and off press the scroll lock key. Otherwise press the gear icon in the main menu, and the third entry to reach the options page.


In the topmost category 基本設定 (Basic Settings), expand it and look for Communication Settings コミュニケーション設定. The top entry is for Direct Chat.

  • 使用する Turn On
  • 使用しない Turn Off.

 Matter Board Goals

To advance the story you need to complete various matters. Each matter in its description will have a Letter and Number combination. For example, in this screenshot B-2 is listed. When we refer to (Area 1) in this list, it means it happens in the first block. Matter Boards highlighted in red are random and may require multiple retries before they drop.

  • A-3 Find a ワイヤードオーバー WiredOver drop from the enemy "Udan" (Any Forest Mission)
  • A-4 Go talk to ウルク Uruk, you can find her downstairs in the shopping lobby opposite of Zeno.
  • A-5 Find a "クレイモア" Claymore drop from the enemy Fongalf (Any Forest Mission)
  • B-1 Find a gunslayer drop from an Udan (Any Forest Mission)
  • B-2 Play the mission "ザウーダン討伐"  look for a floating tablet in Area 1 to see a cutscene. Look for an event tablet called
    "エコーは何所だ?" (It is the first mission in the quest list.)
  • B-3 Go to the Shop Lobby and find Xeno, he will assign a client order you must complete. Afterwards go to the quest counter and complete the mission "フォンガルフ討伐" (Second mission in the quest list). When you are done go back to Zeno and select the client order again and report the information to him. You should see a client order clear appear on the screen once you are finished.
  • B-4 Find a "タグバルブ Tag Valve drop from the enemy "Nab Rappy" (Any Forest Mission)
  • C-3: Find a "スプレイン" Sprine drop from the Zaudan enemy. (Any Forest mission)
  • C-4 Go talk to ジャン Jean, you can find him in the shopping lobby downstairs.
  • C-5 Find a  グレイヴ Grave drop from the Agnis enemy. (Agnis are birds in the last forest mission)
  • D-1 Find a "リア/ティルトウィンα" drop from the Gorongo. (Forest Missions) Gorongo's roll up into balls.
  • D-2 Play the quest "ナヴ・ラッピー捕獲任務" and look for an event called "オレの名はヒューイ!" in Area 2. (It is the fourth mission in the quest list.)
  • D-4 Find a "レッグ/デステレンα" from the Dagan enemy. (Any Mission.)
  • D-5 Play the quest "ダガン殲滅任務:森林" and look for an event tablet in Area 1 called "スキルマジすげえって". (It is the third mission in the quest list.)
  • E-1 Play the quest "ダガン殲滅任務:森林" and look for an event called
    "仲良し姉妹アークス" in Area 1. (3rd quest in mission list)
  • E-2 Find a "ビーム" Beam from the RockBear Enemy. (Rock Bears are Bosses and random Interrupt Events in Forest Missions, they usually appear in Free Field Quests)
  • E-3 Talk to "レダ" Reda, he's in the shopping lobby a bit away from the makeup counter.
  • E-4 Find a "アーム/ティタスティンα" unit from the Galf enemy (Any Forest mission)
  • E-5 Find a "ストライカー" drop from the Vriada. (Later Forest Missions)



Important Client Orders

 Coffy's Client Orders

  1. マグライセンス授与申請試練 (Mag License)
  2. 武器携帯数拡張申請試練・I (Weapon Palette Expansion)
  3. 自由探索許可申請・森林  (Forest Exploration Request)
  4. 探索許可申請試練・I(Search Request for *Caves*)
  5. 自由探索許可申請火山洞窟 (Caves Exploration Request)

 Mag License Requirements

  • Req: 2 Rockbear horns ロックベアの角の調達
    Notes: Play last forest quest or free field forest.
  • Prize: Mag

Weapon Palette Expansion

  • Req: 3 Catadran Crystals キャタドランの水晶の調達 (Caves Missions)
  • Prize: 1 extra weapon palette

Forest Exploration Request

  • Req: ダガン殲滅任務:森林 S Rank Dagan Forest Mission (3rd quest)
  • Req:  ナヴ・ラッピー捕獲任務 S Rank Nab Rappy Forest Mission (4th quest)
  • Req: Acquire  5x 森林観測用素子 Forest Devices drops
  • Notes: 森林観測用素子 Forest Devices will randomly drop as small yellow boxes in those quests.
  • Time Limit: Each mission must be cleared within 20 minutes.
  • Prize: Free Field Forest.

Search Request

  • Req: 森林探索 S Rank the Free Field Forest Quest.
  • Notes: Forest Exploration Client Order must be cleared.
  • Time Limit: Mission must be cleared within 20 minutes.
  • Prize: Planet Amduscia (Caves) Unlocked

Caves Exploration Request

  • Req: カルターゴ殲滅 S Rank Caltago Caves Mission (6th quest)
  • Req: キャタドラン討伐 S Rank Catadran Caves Mission (7th quest)
  • Req: Acquire 5x 火山洞窟観測用素子 Cave Devices.
  • Notes: 火山洞窟観測用素子 Caves devices will randomly drop in yellow boxes in those quests.
  • Notes: Caves must be unlocked first.
  • Time Limit: Each missions must be cleared within 20 minutes
  • Prize: Free Field Caves.


Arks Cash Price List

  • Premium Set 30 Day プレミアムセット30日  (10AC)
  • Premium Set 60 Day プレミアムセット60日(15 AC)
  • Premium Set 90 Day プレミアムセット90日 (20 AC)
  • My Room 30 Day マイルーム利用30日 (10 AC)
  • My Shop 30 Day マイショップ出30日 (10 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫1利用30日 (10 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫1利用90日 (20 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫2利用30日 (10 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫2利用90日 (20 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫3利用90日 (10 AC)
  • Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫3利用90日 (20 AC)
  • Item Pack Expansion アイテムパック拡張 (10 AC)
  • Item Pack Expansion x5 アイテムパック拡張  (40 AC)
  • Additional Skill Tree スキルツリー追加券 (10 AC)
  • Skill Tree Reset スキルツリーリセット券 (10 AC) 
  • Mag Ticket (lets you have an additional mag) マグ獲得チケット (10 AC)
  • Mag Reset Device マグリセットデバイス (10 AC)
  • Aesthetic (Makeup) Counter Pass エステ利用パス (10 AC)
  • Scape Doll スケープドール (10 AC)
  • Scape Doll x3 スケープドール (20 AC)
  • Scape Doll x5 スケープドール (30 AC)
  • Cosmo Atomizer x3 コスモアトマイザー (20 AC)
  • Cosmo Atomizer x5 コスモアトマイザー (30 AC)
  • Creating a new character (10 AC)

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