PSO2 Episode 6 Marks The Arrival of Phantom

April 24th marks the start of Episode 6, bringing us the Phantom Class!


New Class: Phantom

The new successor class utilizes three weapons; Assault Rifle; Katana and Rod. Players using this class can support their allies by reducing the attack power of their foes with Jellen! During Phantom Time, the skill [Phantom Time Finish] will allow the player to cast a powerful finishing move. Each weapon type however, has a different finisher!

Much like Hero, you will not be able to use a subclass when having Phantom as your main class. However, you can set Phantom itself as a subclass for other main classes.

Come April 24th, Phantom and Heroes can be unlocked by having any two classes reach Lv. 75+.


Phantom Pheatures

The Phantom class has several major characteristics which allow players to access a variety of unique and intriguing features.


Shift Photon Arts

Each Phantom weapon (Rod, Katana, & Rifle) comes with four photon arts. After tapping the weapon action button, a Just Attack Ring exclusive to Phantoms will appear. At this moment, activating a Photon Art will trigger a Shift PA. These photon arts behave differently from the regular four PAs – making it the player’s decision to pick whichever photon art is best suited for the situation.


Phantom Marker

The Marker Accumulation Rate increases as you keep attacking an enemy. Once this rate reaches a certain threshold, a visual blue marker becomes attached to the enemy. Hitting this marker with a charged weapon-action attack, detonates the marker and unleashes further damage.

Markers can also reach their second stage, indicated by their change in color from blue to purple.


Phantom Time

Phantom Time is a skill that extends your invincibility frames during step and decreases your PP consumption. Upon activation of the skill, you'll also receive a few seconds of invincibility.


Phantom Finisher

Phantom Finishers can be activated through Phantom Time. If you tap the Phantom Time skill again before the gauge runs out, you will let loose a finishing move which changes based on the weapon type.


Stealth Tech Charge

With Stealth Tech Charge, you'll become a ghostly orb with a brief duration of invincibility while charging a tech. Your movement speed will also increase during this period.


Dodge Counter Shot

Dodge Counter Shot stores bullets when you step-evade the enemy's attacks. The stored bullets are then released if you perform a normal attack, photon art, or use Technics with a Rod.


Weapon Based Skills

Phantom Katanas have access to [Quick Cut] which can be activated when you use the weapon action at a specific time following normal attacks and PAs.  This allows you to move to your target at hyper speed and attack.

Phantom Rifles have access to [Bullseye] which is activated when Markers are detonated. This will reaccumulate Markers based on the Marker level.

Phantom Rods have access to [Ambivalence] which accumulates markers and increases gear when Technics hit.


Rod – Photon Arts

Ruf Konzert
Normal: Mid-Range Frontal Scythe-like Slashes
Shift: Mid-Range Frontal Wheel-shaped Slash
Normal: Creates a dense ball of photon that continuously deals damage in front of the player. Once released, it does a wide surrounding attack, creating an all-directional guard point and the ability to stun. 
Shift: Creates a constant damaging ring of photon around the player.
Schwarze Katze
Normal: Fall back after slicing the enemy.
Shift: Swiftly approach the enemy.
Eisen Fluegel
Normal: Throws a Talis-like bullet in which you could cast Technics from.
Shift: Fires Photon bombs that repeatedly explode.
  Ruf Konzert Voelkermord Schwarze Katze Eisen Fluegel
Power 1215 826 517 238
PP Cost 25 30 20 5

*Values are subject to change.


Assault Rifle – Photon Arts

Normal: A frontal sweeping attack whose timing can be adjusted through holding the button. Invulnerability frames occur when the button is released.
Shift: Continuously fire at the cost of PP. Invulnerability frames occur at the end of the attack.
Normal: Mobilize a Shard that'll slowly travel to the enemy, release the button to detonate the Shard.
Shift: Dash forward while holding the button and release it to fire off large blasts.
Normal: Arranges Shards that shoots out lasers. The arrangement of the shards changes based on directional input.
Shift: Summons homing Shards that crashes into the enemy several times.
Normal: Sets up shards that continuously fires lasers at the enemy.
Shift: Sets up a trap that automatically explodes when it detects an enemy within range.
  Kugelsturm Nachtangriff Verbrechen Strafe
Power 1345 2176 717 398
PP Cost 30 20 25 20

*Values are subject to change.


Katana – Photon Arts

Normal: Swiftly approach the enemy and attack. After the approach, you can also adjust your position during the attack.
Shift: Slip through the enemy while doing slashes.
Folter Zeit
Normal: A series of frontal slashes.
Shift: Ultra-fast slash that strikes the reverse way of your directional input.
Normal: Dives at high-speed and strikes a wide area on the ground, stunning enemies.
Shift: Kick forward a photon wave.
Rose Schwert
Normal: A powerful stab forward.
Shift: A long-lasting slash that damages enemies that are on the slash.
  Schmetterling Folter Zeit Wolkenkratzer Rose Schwert
Power 1465 2156 1037 1448
PP Cost 20 28 25 30

*Values are subject to change.


Phantom Skills

Hover Over For Descriptions

Phantom Marker Step Jump First Blood Air Reversal J Reversal JA Combo Next Jump
(Lv.85 Req.)
High Level Bonus Ph
(Lv.80 Req.)
    Step JA Combo
  Sprint Tech Charge Stealth Tech Charge Phantom Talis S Charge Phantom Mag Phantom Step
  Dodge Counter Shot Phantom Time Attack Jellen Ph Weapon Bonus 1 Step Roll Advance
  Dodge PP Gain Phantom Time Finisher Jellen Redress Ph Weapon Bonus 2 Step Attack
    Phantom Time Mark Boost Phantom Time Jellen Plus   Just Reversal
  Zero Range Mark Boost Long Range Mark Boost Chase Mark Boost Lord of Thorn Tech Charge JA Addition
Mark PP Drain Mark Heal Quick Cut Bullseye Ambivalence  
All Attackk Bonus Ph Photon Stream Phantom PP Restorate Tech Short Charge    
Full Drive Critical Stream PP High Up      


Kyokuya (Phantom Class Trainer)

Talk to the Phantom Class Trainer: Kyokuya in order to obtain his partner card and Phantom SP (skill points) from completing his client orders.


No Phantom Left Behind

Good news, Phantom will not be left behind on some items. Phantom's Effort Symbol Ring shall be added to the Ring Shop, and Phantom's Order camo (supporting all three Phantom weapons), will be available in the 2019 Weapon Badge Exchange.

Furthermore, you will also get to practice Phantom's mechanics in the Phantom Training Quest!


Balance Adjustments

Check out all of the Balance Adjustments made to Classes with the link below!

April 24th Balance Adjustments


~ The rest of April 24th's Update will be posted next week ~

96 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 6 Marks The Arrival of Phantom”

  1. I'm far more excited for new story than for new gameplay, imagine that!
    How many years has is been since episode 3 now?
    I'm not hating Phantom, but it's just meh, another gotta go fast class. But Phantom Trainer looks cool, finally somebody, who doesn't instantly want to add himself to MC's harem.

    1. >over-the-top chuuni edgelord caricature
      >"looks cool"

      ( ' -')
      Truly, there's no accounting for taste.

    2. Because only "channers" use the greentext format for effect nowadays right. Now excuse me while I go find my eyes, I think they rolled under the bed…

  2. Damn, the hype is real. Finally some fun Katana PA. Tired of playing Br with the same PA. hahaha

  3. "No Phantom Left Behind" – I'm more concerned about other classes being left behind…
    Wondering if "light blue" skills are main class only.

    1. That's… seems bad, at least for r-atk (damage penalty is even higher than with Hu). Getting up to 35% extra crit chance and 30% PP gain while losing 7% ore more damage and stuff like automeme doesn't seem worth it. It doesn't have stance for Gu, Br won't trade much more superior Ra sub for it while Ra choice depends heavily on being able to use new PAs.
      It might be good for gear and techniques tho.

  4. Is it just me or, the Phantom Class Trainer is a certified, pure grade, unrefined chunibyou?

    I mean, look at his costume… and his intro(?) at the lobby video…

    1. how dare you!, i shall destroy you with my darkflamemaster abilities! : D fite me!

    1. >2019
      >still using 2-button

      What kind of depraved lunatic inflicts that upon himself?! D:

    2. Unfortunately for me, 3 button is just not comfortable to play whatsoever due to being unable to set up the controls the way I want.

    3. I literally can't how 2-button would be any more comfortable under any circumstances whatsoever.

    4. Since you also play Force i don't think adapting to 3 button would be that difficult. They also added the ability to set weapon action to a dedicated button some time ago (previously you can only access it if you set 'weapon action' on the pallete) so you might try it again if you haven't. If you use a controller you might want to try third party tools like joy2key. With joy2key you can assign multiple keyboard input into a single button with a condition/trigger attached. You need to empty the button assignment in-game tho so it won't register double input.

  5. Phantom seems to be the perfect subclass for my Summoner , so many useful skill forPP oriented class , can't wait to compare the damage with FI sub.

    1. Depends on what conditional you like more. You pet deciding to attack from the right angle or lose 19% damage vs landing a critical hit or losing 5% damage.

      I personally think that Crit build on Su will be viable with Ph Subclass and Ph Mag will make using all Attack stats easier, depending on which pet you use (since the stat difference increased on the 14* pets). Su/Fi should still be slightly stronger (especially if you make a mono S-ATK build) but it has way more conditionals to deal with and worse PP management.

    1. Attack debuff. That's one of the Ranger special bullets nobody ever uses for ex, also inflicted by certain pet PAs and weapons potentials etc.

    2. Also a Debuff inflicted by Hunters using War Cry.

      guess it shows how unpopular Hu main is atm.

      The Defense reducing equivalent is called Zalure btw and Weak bullet is essentially that (Weak bullet Name is probably for easier machanical understanding).

    1. You have to cut them some slack considering translation errors have been calling those "Gelun" and "Doran" in the original series, in until PSO they finally changed the names.

  6. Has it been confirmed that Critical Stream will require 300PP to reach max level?

    If so, it's gonna be so cumbersome to prepare units…

    1. So I have to use 20pp units like Mask of Vain and Whitill with 25 pp affixed on each, 20 pp affixed on my weapons, max out phantom's pp up skill AND drink a photon drink to make use of the skilled strike ssafs that I had prepared for my braver… is that it? Oohh my wallet hurts…

    2. Assuming you also levelled the classes for it, you also have +10 base PP. And sometimes there's food that gives more than +3 PP!

      And just remember, there aren't a lot of PP boosts.

    3. Critical Stream is pretty high on my list of Phantom skills to sacrifice for something more useful, tbh. Because if the new skillsims are even in the right ballpark you *will* have to cut something (until the levelcap goes up again a few times).

  7. Yeah don't mind me, Just looking for Hero hater in the comment section that always says Hero is easy and not required skilled to play.

    40% of Hero says hero is easy but can't even play this class in the way it should play just messing around with all the PAs and pulling random step counter (yeah if you play it like that It's Easy right?)

    5% of Hero become Hero main after got a Rainbow drop of 14* Elder Pain Omega
    (And trust me i was right by that)

    20% of people Hate hero but like the Phantom Class cause it's use Katana and Has more tools to play
    (Pfffft… Yeah whatever)

    15% of Hero Can't even use Hero right just holding down the normal attack use PAs Pulling random counter And then died from trying to use Hero counter again for High damage and then died horribly
    due to lack of precise timing and Practice and most of them Left Hero over with Lv.75 or 80

    5% of Hero Above average can play like Expert player or the Expert player themselves

    3% of Hero are Expert Player and far beyond can solo Boss and also can take on many Bosses at the same time with little damage or Not dying (That's was the point of Hero at the first place)

    2% of Hero Godlike Skilled player That see through everything on the battle field No damage
    With Godlike Affix 230+ for Every unit and Weapon

    And the last 10% is non hero main that claimed themselves to be Godlike player says..
    Hero is Easy and they can do everything you asked them like…
    Can you keeps Counter if the boss use the move that will do damage Consecutively?
    (Deus's Tornado move for example)
    Their answer gonna be like : Yes, I can cuz hero doesn't need skills EZ, Etc,etc

    1. And I'm waiting for Phantom still it's looks Cool and fun!
      I have The 14* rifle Drop from Falz Persona
      So Yeah… This gonna be great and The new Difficulty of Ep.6 Ultra Hard
      i expect the hard to Drop 14* more Frequently than XH Cuz i want 14* Elder Pain Omega So Cool…
      I want it

    2. I don't know where you pulled these numbers from, but I agree that hero is NOT easy. It was given an abysmal skill floor in order to showcase its power, but the skill ceiling is incredibly high. Of course, try to argue that with a BNS spammer, single weapon-only memelord and you'll only get BS answers.

      My main class is Braver and for the past few months, Hero as a close second. Still, I can do things with Braver that I still can't with Hero.

      The only part I disagree is the 230 atk affixes, I imagine its an hyperbole, right? Cause I run 100 atk and can top most members in PUGs (with expert on, obviously).

    3. But hero is easy and doesn't require skill to play. It doesn't mean it isn't fun or doesn't have some skill ceiling, but Hero's skill floor is somewhere near Eath's core, just above Summoner's.

    4. Hero isn't easy, but it isn't as hard as, say, Bo. For one you don't have many button to push, the only one you consider is only Hero Time and Hero Refresh. They don't rely on active skills to be powerful, and one of their most powerful combo has 100% automatic JA (Vapor – Aura spam).

      You start an EQ as Hr, and the 2 things you need to concentrate are:
      a. how you attack (or just Vapor- Aura all the way, since it has dodge frames and guard frames… and DPS).
      b. try not to take damage doing a. You can partially mitigate this by carrying a Demonia weaponry which cuts your Hero Boost to just 20 seconds.
      The game will ding you on full gear.

      Jet Boots? Crit Field! Elem PP Field! Not airborne, you have to be airborne! Oh no, you need Deband for more PP gain! O wait, you haven't activated the Rapid Boost, which has different cooldown value than field! No no, you can't Vinto now because your gear is empty! You need to do 7-10 Strike Gust Zero or 2-3 Gran Wave to fill it! Hope that boss doesn't move when I am on my Vinto animation! Oh no, Persona moved a bit and Vinto hit his arm! Reep damage.

    5. And then you take Fi sub and try to mix in techs with JB TASC ring while taking into account different tech charge timings, Rapid Boots included… only to be topped by some random mainstream player and sega forgetting that its not only wand that changes elements.

    6. Except that right now you can keep the fields to be always active, well, at least on raid boss EQs.

    7. everything about your post is wrong..
      1. hero is an easy class.. easy dodge and ton of block pa with 100% IW.. this get overshadowed with new tmg lifesteal meme.. and fi insurance.. still its an easy class…
      2. only retard use omega pain with hero.. since getting hit is a big downside to hero
      3. all people who hate hero will also hate phantom because advanced class ruined the normal class… but since we already get bored of playing the same thing.. we have no choice anyway… example i already 90 all my class in 1 character with multiple skill tree.. i already test every meta posible.. ive no choice beside leveling phantom after this that i distract myself with another game… now and then.. hopefuly phantom is not disapointing..
      then again people that understand nothing yet post like they know everything that let in to confusion all for the sake of making them self looks good is what i hate the most in a forum…

    8. Methinks ya'll are *rather* overselling Bo complexity. In principle it has more moving parts, sure, but in practice the only ones that actually matter are Rapid Boost and PB Fever – the auras are an afterthought at best unless you're Fi main (so crits actually matter) and staying airborne… isn't exactly difficult. And while on JBs the upkeep of Shifta and Deband is trivial since you get them off PA actions anyway.

      The bigger issue of the class is subpar stance multipliers though Braver gets in on that too.

    9. It might sounded to be overselling, but let's compare concerns:

      Common Concerns:
      ※ How you attack / PA combo
      ※ How much PP you have left

      Hero Concerns:
      ※ Don't get hit.
      ※ You'll be will be ding'd on full Hr gauge
      ※ Land a Hero Time Finisher, at most start looking for a chance when the Hr gauge is depleted by half
      ※ Perform Aura Blast when enemy takes a long animation to do something and is invulnerable otherwise
      ※ (Talis) Do Wise Hound every 8 seconds.

      JB Bo Concerns:
      ※ Activate Rapid Boost
      ※ Mind the different timing because of Rapid Boost
      ※ Activate 2 Fields, which has different cooldown than Rapid boost, While L85+ allows you to activate fields with a mirage step, many would be very accustomed to dodge using WA.
      ※ Have Shifta active, be airborne
      ※ Have Deband active
      ※ Use Strike Gust-WA, to gain Shifta, but will be grounded and lose DPS
      ※ Use Gran Wave-WA, to gain Deband, but lose DPS
      ※ Time so that Gran Wave hits the target, not something else in the way of the target.
      ※ Raise gear quick by either 2x Ragrants, 7-10 hit Strike Gust-0, or 2-3 hit Gran Wave
      ※ Perform Vinto at the best moment, wish that Vinto don't miss or hit something else
      ※ (DB Combination) Swap to DB and perform PBF when Rapid Boost is on cooldown
      ※ (DB Combination) Have DB snatch ring
      ※ (Fi-based) Combine different PA to raise damage further
      ※ (Fi-based) Perform a limit break, try not to get killed (Although this might no longer be the case since it requires the, probably obsolete, Zirenheit-NT)
      ※ (Su-subbed) Activate Point assist
      ※ (Hu-subbed) Activate Massive Hunter, which has different timing than fields or Rapid Boost

      Bo has a lot of concerns compared to Hr. That promised new JB PA and speedup to Kestrel might be the answer to make the class easier.

      Bo's main problem is usage, not damage multiplier. On paper, damage multiplier might seems to be the one stat, but in practice, how much PP can you recoup means higher DPS because you will not need to perform a normal attack. That being said, Bo is at least blessed with very powerful N3 attacks (The DB N3 has PA-level DPS).

      Below is my personal experience and deduction:
      ※ Hr is squishy class, yet is the most popular choice for killing the attack-laden L400+ Masquerade.
      ※ It's easier to find a proficient Hr than Bo
      ※ I've been learning Bo from swiki, videos, and consultation with 2 different powerful Bo players. I still don't do much against Persona because a lot of missed Vintos.
      ※ Sometimes I can kill Bal Rodos fast, but at other times, missed Vinto leads to prolonged battle. Should've used DB.
      ※ As Hr, you can just Aura Blast that Rodos for easy 500K+ damage with 0PP cost and almost guaranteed hit chance. Then proceed to Vapor-Aura the snek.
      ※ My Hr proficiency comes from swiki and discussing with a fellow Hr learner on what combos to use. In the end we both become very proficient with Hr, although this fellow is the better player because of usage time
      ※ A lot of Dark Emperappy has died to give me this knowledge

    10. Well all of those numbers was through my Experienced, Which "I have seen for my self the most"
      And those affixes I have my Godly japanese Friends for many Example.
      One of my teammate are Godly Affixes Tat you would never seen anywhere on your daily play
      His Character name is "鮎川" From Team "Espoir Piece" (That the japanese team i'm Joining after met the Team's master since i was knowing nothing about japanese language till now use hiragana like every time Login to the game)
      He pretty much has 230+ for all units he use and Every units are 6s or more
      and his records for Omega Masquerade is 600+
      (Tell me if he's not Godlike player)
      And i also have 3 japanese people that i know, They Got their drop of Elder Pain Omega and now they main Hero but one of them still prefer Hunter for daily plays but NOT on EQs(He use Hero on Every EQs)
      Hero's Ceiling is something i just can't understand…
      I was kind of Between Expert and Average Can solo bosses sometime (Top Form Moment)
      But still i'm not dying a lot like other,
      And Most people who Hate Hero that i know, Not even one of them are japanese lol
      Sure japanese do dislike something like that when Hero first come but they're not hating it they just want more balanced between the classes and more options to play the normal classes Which is now
      Level.85 Class skills, I can't reply all of your Comment jesus.. i have no more points to Discuss It's fun Lads
      I which i could talk to people with not running out of idea what to talk, I'm terrible with Communication or argue something like that

    11. BTW if any of you can Help me Doing my Home works by telling me which Units and Affixes should I use for Highest PP possible for now? I'm kind of Prepare for Phantom to come
      For now mine are Full set of Light Stream Units Three of them combine make me 165 PP and 1370+ HP
      If i can Affixes my 14* Celestial Rifle it might mostly only 180+ and no more than 190 PP i just doesn't having a good sense with Affixes Cuz i was lack of meseta and *LUCK* I failed my Mana reverie Like 4 Times already I just don't wanna try anymore… The worst part was Failed to Transfer Omega Memoria with 90% chance like 2 times…Do i just Get lucky for Hitting the 10% failed or what?

    12. 1. 40% hero says its easy but cant play properly? it prove how easy the class is.. since they probably even less proficient in playing anyother class..
      2. 5% Omega Pain Hero!? people who really play hero and know very little english.. know hero is about not getting hit.. so why u bother of using omega pain.. if u really bad at dodging or block with hero abudant iframe.. then demonia still the best choice.. tho i prefer using Lighstream/atla/austere/or even phobos because of their synergy with aura strike…
      3. 20% people hate hero? idk where u find this and another number.. but people who hate hero essensially are people who hate advanced class that destroying other normal class.. most people who hate hero fear the new class broke the class balance.. to no people trying to play another class… in phantom case… u probably can say good bye to FO.Te/Fi sub… this still speculation tho.. again what we fear is how they repeat the hero disaster when u find lobby full of hero when no people even bother to buff them with te or ra…
      4. 15% cant play hero? i believe every people who cant play hero also cant play another class.. thats why they only playing hero which included in ur 1st point.. u need pationate people that suck in his favorite class to get this number that i believe even lower that 5%…
      5. another god like hero? even if u afix urself around 215 u will get lower damage output with omega pain further more if u keep geting hit… then again god like tier player do not prove the class hard to be played with..
      yes hero is very easy class.. tho its get overshadowed with new gu lifesteal meme and fi insurance.. but still it still one of the class with lot of iframe.. without the need to fully lv up step skill and possess 360 block skill…with 100% will inssurance that very much easy to reset.. conclution people who suck at hero will also suck with every other class..

    13. For the record having massive attack affixes doesn't mean the player is god-like instantly. Masquerade is, like Phaleg, best cheesable (high orbit Hr, Dear Master abuse, Charge Parry abuse, etc) due to his unfair mechanics.

      About PP, since I use the same lightstream units as you, 1360 HP and 165 PP is pretty low. As Hr with the PP Up skill learnt, I have 1525HP and 203 PP (weapon excluded). Some pointers:
      ※ Have you maxed all classes to at least 75? More info on:
      ※ I am using 5s units with Arks Max, Persona Reverie, Ares The Soul, Doom Break II, and Grace Stamina (115 All ATK, 115HP, 11PP). My rear is very lucky on upslot and it has an extra Arks Fever. This is a relatively cheap affix with potent effects and I rather use this than spending meseta on Mana Reverie/Ether Factor/Astral Soul because fashion and sexy LAs :V

    14. @Kana
      "they just want more balanced between the classes and more options to play the normal classes Which is now" Which is not now. "One of Episode 6’s main concepts is to allow you to play with your favorite weapon and class." with "those" balance notes looks very ironic as it's an outright lie.
      Classes with little problems get more attention and fixes than those that are almost completely unviable in certain situations. For me this is the reason to hate Hr, not as a class, but as a phenomenon where sega babysits a single class for a whole episode (including giving it all the best shit that others wanted for years, plus making content based solely on this class) without giving a shit about other "non-advanced" classes.

      And now we have wow Ph, I wonder what will happen…

    15. Well yeah about those i'm not Disagreed with any of those, In fact I'm interested to see your opinions
      For Elder Pain Omega it just up the person i suggest Like Why would i bother use Elder Pain Omega?
      Well I never get to touch Elder Pain Omega Before and i love its Design You know what I mean?
      And I'm not Suck or bad at dodging but still I can't keeps dodging forever not dying just get hit so i am kind of a bit panic at the moment and Elder Pain omega would suits me for destroy my own brain cells and just telling myself (Just Keep doing damage) For now i use Light stream Sword It's cool and powerful right?
      Well If i have to choose for which would i using for the most part I choose Light Stream BUT i am not a Core gamer who Love challenges and Keeps better at the game
      I love this game not just for fighting and challenging i love the game itself since the First PSO game
      It had somehing that love about it and i don't even know what is it
      Well i'm not telling you to stop Hating Hero, It just that.. people always said Hero is easy but most of them they didn't really get in to its Core just looking someone doing Cheap thing then they just assume all hero would be like that It just pissed me off and really those numbers are mine Point of View alone
      i just like the Hero for not letting me down i don't know why either lol
      When you like some thing you gonna love it later or you like something but then you hating it later
      It's just up to your point of view,
      Myself as Hero main.
      Hero easy and not required Skilled to play?
      No i'm disagreed with that Just because it's looks easy for the most part doesn't mean it didn't need skilled, HERO Does Easy to play than any other Classes Yes i agreed about that

      Really if you think Sega Babysitting One class for the Whole Episode 5 The yes,
      Episode 5 is about introducing New Advance Class or Hero class and Story that related to the Hero class
      And NOT just Hunter, Gunner or Force
      Same things Goes for Ep.4 For Summoner it just not Affect the Game balance so it's not a big deal for you right? cause Summoner is not as strong as other classes The pet also has it's limit and Takt cannot be affixes
      I'm not Just Hero main but also Summoner as well
      Yes Ep.4 story mode has nothing to do with Sumonner really i know that
      Just saying for example Braver i can't remember which Episode
      And Ep.6 concept has nothing to do about what i'm i saying
      More option to play does indeed an option When i'm saying "Which is now Lv.85"
      Cuz the impression on the Normal Classes are Better and It's Indeed an Option for The All Classes
      Well if you put it like that That's Not the Reason to Hate Hero
      It's just an Excuse for you to complain about the Current situations
      What the hell are you Hoping from SEGA right now?
      Just tell me If that's the Reason for you to Hate on Hero Some the Classes got many adjustment for the Balanced while hero is still Hero and OTher Classes are also got adjust so non of the other Classes would be Left behind Really What hell are you Hoping from now?

    16. Omg For a Neet like me got to talk with many people all of a sudden
      This is fun
      By the way Thanks to all of you who reply my comment
      I'm not like Accurately for everything, My point is to share what My point of view as a person who had experienced enough not much but just enough i guess lol Those percent meant nothing but just what i an assume from my Point of view Don't mind me about that feel free to judge me if i'm wrong about anything i don't really mind that at all
      (i'm just a Neet Loser anyway…)

    17. That's the fun thing about being neet in the internets, lol.

      Anyway, ep4 was fun, even with Su(icide bomber) introduced almost all classes were playable and bosses were fun.
      Start of ep5 actually broke a lot of things, including class balance and mechanics, changed combat dynamics and introduced a class that could-do-it-all (and tailored content to it to spite everyone else). Some of those were fixed via crutches that haven't touch in-depth class mechanics and thus those problems are still here.

      So, you're kinda right and wrong as it was Hr fault that shit got broken, but not entirely as it seemed sega wanted to move in that direction. What I hope for is for "One of Episode 6’s main concepts is to allow you to play with your favorite weapon and class" to not stop at that joke of a Balance Adjustments. Unlike ep5 where sega spent a lot of time fixing their Hr fuckup, this time they have(had?) more than enough time to work on both ep6 and class mechanics/balance.

    18. TLDR : sure hero is "easy" to deal damage with but the point of hero wasn't to deal damage rather more to be able to combat multiple enemies~

      Most of the heroes I see just sport one/two weapon(s) and use One to three PAs. Very rarely seeing any of them using a talis.

  8. … alright after the weirdo with a pet fetish and the hyperactive girl with a hero complex we get … an edge lord chuuni. Wonder what we get next.

    1. Well you know You Gotta have Big point For i to discuss about this lol
      Summoner Trained Pets to fight then He Gotta love animals That's make sense for me

      But yeah Hyperactive girl you say If you Watch Boku no hero Academia well…. She has the same thing Like Deku for Love and respect the Hero and Wanna Be like a Hero

      Phantom Class, Well basically High level Chuunibyou for me

    1. I wish they change how Dear Master work, i.e. outright killing your pet instead of taking damage that can be mitigated. If critical rate is high, Su Ph will be outright stronger than SuFi. It can be even stronger than SuBo if the PP management is better since SuBo is reliant on Deband.

    2. i guess no… pet multiplier only 135% +15% full PP its 150 at most..
      while u can get around the same value with FI 150% all damage multiplier (without pp afix) +15% if u know what u are doing.. with +200 S-atk pasive…and another +200 with pp slayer by chance…
      maybe the only think phantom good beside Fi is they can damage from all side so its better on taking mob..
      I think BO or BR will benefit more since they have mag synergy..
      as for Hu.. i guess its a subtitude for Hu.Su u know using zonde+novastrike is quite trilling..then again if u looking for max damage FI still better

    3. Just a friendly reminder, common Su "meta" discussions does not take account for the class' critical rate. Yes, SuFi is powerful, even without its -line skills, but it also have lowest base damage, due to lower critical rate. While other classes have little need to maximize critical rate, pets' damage swing is so high that critical rate becomes an important issue. Damage-wise that is.

      Atm, only SuBo can push to 100% critical without outside influence. If SuPh can push near that amount and have less cumbersome PP gain, it can be an alternative to SuFi, which in itself has a poor PP management like SuBr.

    4. As someone who doesn't have pets in multiple elements but wants better PP management Ph sub sounds like a good choice to me.

    1. Isn't it the other way around? 3 button is definitely more flexible and easier to play in for melee classes.

    2. 2-button is a horribly inflexible, clunky and user-hostile PoS that essentially obliges you to dedicate multiple situationally specific palettes to the same weapon, what are you talking about. Ditching it for the vastly more versatile and ergonomic then-new 3-button system was the single best decision of my entire PSO2 career (if such it may be called).

  9. It seems like it was made for stubborn keyboard users (this game was designed with a gamepad) but I cant see how its not a tryhard setting

    1. ???
      3 Button Mode works beautifully on a gamepad.
      I'd know because that's what I played the last 2 years.

    2. Not really. I was too lazy to remember which button need to be emptied so i don't use joy2key on my alt account but it still work better than 2 button. Not having to switch around different weapon pallete just to cope with the situation or when i want to spam specific PA is great. I'm pretty sure switching around weapon pallete just to spam one PA is more try-hard than just pressing a button to swap between front and back pallete.

    3. The baby duck syndrome is stronk in this one. Bonus points for gratuitous arrogance.

  10. This discussion actually got me curious.
    How exactly 3-button mode works and how it is different from standard one?

    1. 3-button allows you to set PAs to one of 6 slots and use them at any time (though one of those slots is usually reserved for Normal attack, and if you don't have a dedicated Weapon Action button, that could use another slot), as opposed to the "combos" you are forced into with 2-button.

    2. Is there a way to bypass modifier key, so I could bind 6 PAs straight up?
      I hate using modifier keys.

    3. If you're fine with using third party tools and having 6 different button to press then technically you can.

    4. Well, we are getting the option to set PAs to the subpalette with Ep.6, so I imagine that it would be possible to remap your controller in a way that takes advantage of that.

    5. I use the Steam Controller to use L4 and R4 access my Subpallette with Face buttons and Shortwords. Yes they're technically more modifiers but it immensely sped up Gameplay for me on classes that need multiple subpallettes, Rings or have certain techs always available.

  11. I don't play Hu but theoretically Ph will be a great sub for Partizan Huntard – you can get crit to 100% and you get 5% crit damage which will mean that for volg combos you get the same damage multiplier as with TAJA+Brave Stance, but with ability to cast techs and (unknown) gear bonus.
    And then you start stacking crit damage SAFs for free double bonus on volg…

    1. The Gear bonus isn't unknown. It's 50% at level 5 and Bouncer might have a nice new subclass as well. Specifically when it comes to Jet Boots. Step Roll Advance probably increases Dodge I-frames by the full 0.2s so you won't have to level Step Advance on the mainclass side of things either since a 0.25s Step is super good. I can see Te and Su working with Ph subclass as well, Not sure about Fi and Br although the added Gear accumulation might speed those up a little and give an edge over Hu subclass (Br especially since you can't JA a Counter, same reason why Gu/Hu died). Even though I believe losing the Hu survivability skills on Fi won't be worth switching to Ph. I don't think Ra/Ph and Gu/Ph gonna work at all.

    1. If you think 3 button is as complex as figthing game input then i worry about your brain capacity. I guess that's to be expected with how silly all of your arguments is.

  12. I guess you forgot the part where I gotta make keyboard feel like it's an arcade stick set up because I gotta try hard with 3 button.

  13. You know, 3-button play would likely be more attractive to more people, if "play using this third party app" didn't seem to be a requirement to go along with it, judging by what everyone is saying.

    1. 3rd party apps like Joy2Key aren't needed for 3-button to be used comfortably, they just give you more options overall to complement 3-button. For example, before I started using Joy2Key, my 3-Button set up was this:
      A: Jump/Accept
      B: Interact/Cancel
      X: PA1
      Y: PA2
      RB: PA3
      LB: Front/Back PA Shift (I have it on Click, rather than Hold)
      RT: Dodge/Step
      LT: Weapon Action (before we had the option for a dedicated WA button, it was Subpalette Use)
      R3 (Click in Right Thumbstick): Lock On
      L3 (Click in Left Thumbstick): TPS switch
      Start: Menu
      Back: Subpalette Use (before we had the option for a dedicated WA button, it was Quick Menu)
      D-Up/D-Down: Weapon Scroll
      D-Left/D-Right: Subpalette Scroll

      This was perfectly comfortable for me on an XBox One, and the only real change now is that Joy2Key allows me to set it where I don't need to scroll through my Weapon Palette (though in full disclosure, I also have a $10 chatpad that let's me use the Subpalette directly), so I was able to reassign some minor things like Quick Menu, Lock On, and Mini-Map.

    2. I used joy2key even when it's still 2 button and also used it on all my other games. It's a fact that a gamepad severely lacks button compared to keyboard+mouse. The reason i kept recommending third party tools like joy2key is so the people that still using 2 button mode can adapt more flexibly to 3 button mode while reducing the need to retrain their muscle memory a bit. For example i set the new action3 button to Circle button (or B on xbox) which is also interact/accept (my old 2 button mapping). But looting with that set up is awkward so i also set my L1 to do the interact/accept too on top of being used as a Front/Back pallete swap. Also at minimum you only need to sacrifice one button previously used in 2 button mode for the new action3 button because Weapon Action can be set into weapon pallete.

  14. Read the adjustment of PA and reviewing all of Ph thingy.

    Shit, how much more u will racist T-ATK user SEGA?

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