PSO2 Station #30 Recap

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Balance Adjustments coming April 24th

SEGA has released their own balance info on April 12th for Episode 6. Info in the link below.


View Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments


April 10th Info

Don't worry, you didn't miss a stream, but today we got some information from the latest Weekly Famitsu! One of Episode 6's main concepts is to allow you to play with your favorite weapon and class. A preview of the first batch of adjustments have been provided by Famitsu. Later on, we will provide a more detailed list of adjustments on its own separate page once that information is announced.

Existing Class Adjustments & Features (This list is NOT exhaustive.)

Hunter Adjustments

  • Hunter Gear Boost / Charge Parrying / War Brave will have their max skill level set to LV. 1.
    • Their effects will be the same as the current Lv. 5.
  • Improved the turning speed of Partizan's normal attack while on the ground.
  • Added New Skill Ring : L / Another Wired Mode
    • When using WL's Holding PAs, you can attack the enemy without capturing them.

Ranger / Gunner Adjustments

  • Piercing Shell, Grenade Shell, One-Point, Diffuse Shell
    • Relaxed the timing of descent when using these PAs in the air.
  • Launcher PAs will also receive some improvements.
    • Extended the range of Cracker Bullet's shooting range.
    • There might be more adjustments for other Launcher PAs but details weren't given.

Techer Adjustments

  • Added New Skill Ring: L / Another Wand Element Change
    • By having Wand Gear, it changes the element of the wand to that of the charged technic (excluding support).
    • We weren't given details on what exactly is different from the other skill ring.

Hero Adjustments

  • For TMG PA: Final Storm, expanded its attack range and added a Guard Point in all directions when activated.
  • Made it possible to move while attacking in Talis normal attack, step attack, and after the fast moving weapon action.
  • Expanded the suction range of Talis Jet Wheel PA and made it possible for you to move after activation.

Other Additions

  • You can now set Technics to your main weapon palette, even if the weapon is a sword.
    • Ex: Sword Palette: (Normal Attack / Guard / Foie / Il Zonde / PA 1 / PA 2)
  • Trade in Hero's Crests to receive ★14 Ares and ★14 Omega Angel / Apprentice drops.
    • Blanc Absolute
    • Lug Sarola
    • Bringer's Rifle
    • Cursed Slayer Gaen
    • Reaver Garola
    • Vante Weihen
    • Yasminkov 4000FJ
    • Motav Grimoire
    • Ares Weapons


More Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments

OLD March 31st Info

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction  (Elder / Loser)
  • March 31st @ 23:00 JST (Arks Dance Concert First)
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Rate.
  • +10% Live Boost for attending the Concert


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat for prizes.
  • エピソード6は4月24日開始
    • Evo Device / Megadrive
    • EX Rare Drop +75%
  • You have until April 10th's Maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide

  • Introduces contents released with Episode 6.
  • Item Code Contains:
    • Weapon Camo: Blackbull (Assault Rifle)
    • Weapon Form Change Pass
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket
  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen


Road To Episode 6 Campaign

  • 12 Star Unit Get Campaign: Austere Series
  • Road To Episode 6 Boosts
    • PS4 1Mil Downloads Commemorative Boost
    • Specter of Destruction: Celestial Xion Series 12 Star Unit Drop Rate Up
  • SG Ticket Campaign and SG Shop Sale
  • Episode 6 Countdown Campaign
  • Bonus Key Present & Bonus Quest Boost
  • Episode 6 Grind Boost Event & Support Item Scratch (4/17 ~ 4/24)


Late April Update

  • Easter Lobby / Easter Bingo (~5/29)
  • Xie (Easter 2019)
  • Egg Rappy and the Egg Rappy Suit Mini
  • Bingo Reward: *Oval Privera
  • Weapons Badge 2019 Exchange Shop: *Phantom's Order


Late April Update

  • Emergency Quest: Wild Easter 2019
    • 2 Area Format
    • Possible drops contain special abilities for seasonal emergencies.
    • Apostolo Dragon will appear
  • Easter 2019 Weapon Collection
    • Calamity, Tridia, Vades at +30.
  • Easter 2019 Egg Collection
    • Wanda, Torim, Cery, Maron, Viola, Synchro ★14 eggs at Lv.100
  • New ★14 Weapon: RA Stinger (All Class Partizan)



Late April Update

  • Trinity Star (AC Scratch)
    • Phantom themed outfits and parts.
    • Ulc, Ludmilla, and Theodore Outfits.
    • Lobby Actions: Phantom Pose, Appear, Lean Pose


Regarding Previous Arks Mission Announcements:

  • A slight change has been made for the Arks Mission announcement from the previous stream. Please read the Klotho section of the previous post for context. This time, Klotho's meseta equivalent will instead be distributed only to [Weekly Missions].
  • You can get a maximum of 2,010,000 Meseta upon completing Weekly Missions.
  • Daily Mission reward will be EXP and Boost items.
  • Missions and Rewards will be subject to change according to the game’s situation.
    • They will notify you in advance if such changes are made.


Late May Update

  • Emergency Quest: The Final Armada
    • Contains 3 Sectors
    • Earn points in Sectors 1/2 to increase the rewards for Sector 3.


Late May Update

New Features for A.I.S Vega

  • Multi-Lock Missiles
    • Lock onto several targets and fire missiles at them.
  • Counter Shield
    • Opens a shield which consumes PP.
    • The shield will absorb the enemy's attacks.
    • Release the shield to perform a powerful counterattack.
    • The power of the counterattack is based on the number of attacks absorbed by the shield. By absorbing 7+ attacks, the counterattack will be even more powerful.
  • Auto Track
    • Automatically adjusts your altitude with the locked-on enemy.
  • Urgent Ascent / Urgent Descent
    • Speedily maneuver up and down


UI Changes

  • Added an icon when you draw the most hate.
  • Added an icon that displays how many people are in the quest.
  • A more compact status menu will be displayed when you open your menu.


Tanabata Lobby

  • Every year the Tanabata Lobby is decorated with wishes sent in from players. Everyone who submits their wishes using the PSO2es [Twitter Topic] feature, between April 3rd through April 5th, will receive prizes!
    • Hero's Crest (x77)
    • Rappy Medal (x3)

PSO2 Merchandise

PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide

  • Introduces contents released with Episode 6.
  • Item Code Contains:
    • Weapon Camo: Blackbull (Assault Rifle)
    • Weapon Form Change Pass
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket
  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen


Phantasy Star Festa 2019

  • The official Gene cosplayer will be revealed at 4/21's Fan Festa
  • Get PSO2es Stickers and Clear File by showing your PSO2es linked account to staff.



63 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #30 Recap”

  1. At first when I saw the bit about the Phantasic 3d Live concert I was all "man, japan gets all the cool stuff sometimes" then I looked up the 2018 one and found a cheaper RL version of the Cosmic Twinkle Star concert and I'm like "eh, the ingame version is WAY better"

    1. @HIKOMR: Yes, people like me don't have 2 full set yet. I have looted only ONE unit (rear) for now, still trying to have the others.
      When RNG don't like you…

    2. Ouch, i guess i'm just lucky then. I've been playing solo lately so there's no one to compare. Tho i still remember in the past when everyone got Saiki set or Deus set while i stuck missing that one piece every single time.

    3. I think I have… one rear now? So, yeah. Meanwhile RNGesus has seen fit to grace me with several Xion series weapons for – naturally – classes I don't even play…

  2. HIKOMR you'r funny.

    Some players don't have this set. Some players don't know how to play too.

    Maybe if someone someday concretely explained the drop system then in this case we would not need more boost.

    1. Simple, you beat the boss then you get a chance to get the unit. Are you implying there's a certain sequence or stuff that needs to do to get the unit to drop? This isn't Monhun or EO dood.

    2. Yes, it's "only" RNG part when you kill the boss.
      The only thing that can impact, is the RDR you have when you kill him.
      It's the same thing for weapons 13/14/15* and unit of all sets.
      Some people can do more or less 100 Persona and get only one unit (like me), as others can have two or more sets.
      But I don't care, I'm with my Austere-Nt units, and the bonus of the set is very reliable for me, and I think that's better than Lightstream units just for that. After, it's just my opinion.

    3. While deep and interesting discussions can be had about the nature and workings of computer RNG little if any of that strikes me as particularly relevant to the end-user experience of "shit not dropping", nor is there an awful lot they can do to affect it…

      Unless you mean superstitious rituals à la the classic "never grind at Dudu/Monica" in which case the door is that way.

    4. Lightstream Units aren't only desired for its attack stats, Bode is significantly weaker in terms of Defensive stats, HP and PP (And classes using PH as a sub will need a lot of PP).

  3. So the next Crests are called Hero's Crests?
    Kinda weird since it probably won't have Hero themed Weapon lineup.

    1. Hero, Brave(r) or whoever, let's see 'Valiant' the new boy slips in the place better. 🙂

    1. Yes, but on the English servers of PSU, that weapon was known as Blackbull; it's one of those cases where the writer has decided to go with the name that would be more well known to the English audience rather than a direct translation (like how they listed Fal Replica as Rika Replica in the Phantasy Star Legend AC Scratch).

    2. I can't identify the corresponding spelling of 「バルズ」 in authentic English word.

      Good to hear that since I haven't played the past series.
      With ignorance of the PS legacy, I would have offered "Black Bawls".

      Although 'bawl' and 'ball' share the same pronunciation, 'bawls' reads 「バウルズ」[boulz] (like 'fouls') from non-Anglicized Japanese' eye. *blush*

      * This is another subject, though, it resembles the case on the 「アトラ」 weapons denomination issue. I second the objection. Mythic "Atlas" is nothing related to the background. Based on some circumstantial evidence, I've got the bottom: "Atra" is proper.

    3. @Kyaa~st Internal name of the Atlas Upgrades to Atlas EX suggested their intention to connect it to greek mythology. For Ep5, it makes sense I guess. You'd have to ask the English Patch team for more info than that tho.

  4. Does anyone know what the Weapon Action for the Katana on Phantom is?
    I've watched the showcase video a few times but I can't seem to figure it out.

    1. Each Ph Weapon Type is a shift of PAs, which changes how the PA functions a little.

    1. SEGA could make all element changing shit unaffected by Zondeel, Zanverse and Megiverse, no need for new ring or more "lol we forgot about JB Bo again"

    2. Tolerably certain JB element affinity switching has quite ignored the support techs from Day One anyway. (It did take a while for Fornis pot to get updated to work with it tho, IIRC.)

    3. Maybe i played the game wrong but i never feel the need to charge for Zondeel, Zanverse and Megiverse when using JB. Moment Gale already do the work for Zondeel + Zanverse and uncarged Megiverse is enough to heal most of the time.

    4. Well, there's just no reason for JB to change element via support techs. Sega fixes that shit for wand, why not fix for JB as well? Other than that I prefer charged zondeel>normal/gust>vinto to (slow-)sucking gale. Also gale cancel point sucks so hard it's more comfortable to simply use zanverse, though not sure if it;s better for overall DPS.

  5. I really hope we will get a ring that will enable the omni-direction guard for Katana just like how Hu weapons got a ring that enable counter on top of omni-direction guard. Katana is the only melee weapon that do not have spammable panic button that enable easy perfect block without caring much about the timing. Well, there's DB and JB but both have a PA with long ass invul frame.

    1. It's more of a balance problem when all other melee classes have at least one spammable panic button. Well, there's Katcombat too that's why i want at least the guard can be omni-direction because at least that need proper timing to negate incoming attack. Also a guard that only block attacks from the front is kinda not good ever since UQ released. It's still good against most bosses but mob on UQ and higher just like to do surprise buttsex from time to time.

    2. I'd say wait for sega to (hopefully; really sega) reduce/remove cost of dodge which serve good enough as omnidirectional panic button. That's one thing most classes don't even use while others NEED it and then there's Hr which gets it for free…

  6. Made like 20 Runs Xtra Hard Limited Quest with S-Rank and got only weapons for classes I dont even play. Someone else having the same problem? 250%+125%+350%+50%+50%(Daily)+(Sometimes-100%QuestBoost)+(SometimesPartyBoost). Just no luck. This game hates me lol
    Need that damn TMG Slave +35 but dont have even one of it.

  7. Those Balance Adjustments… I hope that's not all of them.
    Ranger PAs:
    Fall speed reduced when attacking in the air.
    So instead of increasing mobility sega reduces it, great, fucking great. I understand that it might (otherwise there's no fucking reason) make standing snipe possible with those PAs but what Ra needs is more mobility and some diversity to PAs so it can fight shit like soloPurseOwner. No Ra will switch from EA to unbuffed shitty PAs that now have less mobility. It could instead be mobility that gave those shitty PAs advantage over EA, but it's lololRa, right…
    Normal Attack
    Fall speed reduced when attacking in the air during the 3rd Normal Attack
    WB slave class will totally make use of it.

    Gravity Point
    You can now turn while attacking.
    No consistency as expected – while every PA with that animation allows to move/dodge while attacking this one doesn't while it's the one that makes the most use of it.
    Also still nothing to help with BrRa weakpoint junkie withdrawal symptoms when fighting shit with not weakpoints without WB slave around.

    Meanwhile Hr got more buffs than any other class, totally needing them, right…?

    1. > Fall speed reduction being complained as Mobility reduction on Ra

      I find your way of thinking funny. If you want a quick descent just Roll.

      >Hero Buffs

      Considering that 99% of all Hero's are just Sword Heros and barely anyone uses all 3 weapons, even though the class should use them all to play optimally, I think these buffs needed to happen.

    2. You don't play Ra, right?
      Agree about Hr, it's just I wish sega made as much effort fixing other classes problems. Compared to most, Hr has very few problems.

    3. I don't but I watch other people play Ra and none uses "dropping after using PA midair" to descend. They always roll after PA and then step jump.

    4. I recommend you to watch the video before complaining, they posted a new video on PhantasystarCh. Being able to stay mid air longer is always a good thing, you're the first person i ever met that said otherwise lol. You complain about Ra not having mobility while the PA that you shit on don't need to charge, have fast animation that can be chained to dive roll at moment notice and the DPS difference isn't that far most of the time. The only time where EA is far more superior damage wise is only when the enemy can be pierced for 3 or more hit with a single shoot. The Bow buff is mainly just fixing things so it's less clunky on TPS mode, watch the video to know what is "You can now turn while attacking". And yes the buff actually needed for Hr because people only use Vapor Bullet and Brigthness End at most. Since it needs to happen anyway i don't think anything wrong with doing it now or later.

    5. @Xros
      Try using Diffuse Shell in the air and compare it to Hr TMG normal, you'll see what I mean by lack of mobility.
      Diffuse Shell is the only good PA that's getting "buffed", other than DS Ra has very few good PAs – EA and SatCan are stationary, HomingEmission0 is very good but if you want to be mobile/use it while evading stuff you'll miss shots outside long range, Paralelel0 is the only one with enough mobility to do damage and evade shit – while damage isn't great (only a bit better than most of those "buffed" PAs) but you don't lose SS while moving and speed is fast enough to dodge most stuff, which is why it's overused.
      That means that if you want medium range PA that allows some mobility/ability to dodge and does damage you only have Parallel0 to use. Thus soloPurseOwner makes you realize how lacking Ra PAs are very very fast, this kinda includes [email protected] lawnchair.

      p.s. I really hope Ra will be able to use Ph PAs as it might actually give Ra mobility it needs seeing how Ph mobility has Hero Incident2.0 potential.

      "DPS difference isn’t that far most of the time" Okay, the post can be ignored. And the usual – do you play Ra?(seems no) Have you tried/enjoyed fighting soloPurseOwner with Ra? And I don't care about other BBow fixes, they are absolutely nothing compared to how BBow is still dependent on WB/weakpoints, lack of consistency just shows about how much sega cares.
      Also maybe give a link to the video?

    6. Nvm, saw the video, it's SS enabler for air PAs for that "exciting" use-jump-ring-spam-shit Ra gameplay.

    7. You dropping sooner after a PA isn't reducing you mobility wtf. I don't need to compare it with Hero Gameplay to make that judgement, it just allows you to stay in the air and drop when you feel like it.

    8. ugh, yea, should've expected that kind of reply. Your lord and savior Hr is untouchable and no other class is allowed to be graced with mobility of Hr, even thinking about not getting stuck in the air so you get hit with some homing shit while evading ground attack is too outrageous!

    9. So, you want to be on the ground where 90% of attacks are, so you spend more time dodging or getting hit.

      Versus the air, where there are less attacks. Which means less dodging.

    10. lol of course i do play Ra (in fact i play all classes including the most hated Su), i made that dps statement because i do play Ra and it even backed by a data on swiki as well. If by solo persona you mean the UQ Masquerade then yes it's fun while obviously harder compared to classes that designed to be in the frontline to begin with. Rather than mobility it looks like you just want more i-frame to be added to Ra's PA which is not a bad thing.

    11. @Roxadoo
      I said I don't want to get stuck in the air, why is it SO hard to understand? I don't find standing(flying) on one spot attacking while relying on atra S4 crutch and automeme gameplay interesting, especially when new bosses don't stay around and constantly throw shit at you. Double jump gives more than enough time to dodge attacks that can be jumped over.

      Jack of all trades master of nothing~ Swiki says most stuff does around 1500 power per second where buffed PAs (minus DS) do around 1000 or less, without advantages of Parallel0, so…? And again, I want mobility, chaining dodge roll with Parallel0 gives enough iframes, while being the only PA with range, accuracy and mobility… and even then you have to cancel it and waste time on start-up if you want to iframe through shit, does it sound that interesting to spam one PA because other PAs suck? Tho seeing as most players moved from gurenlord to Hr to spam another one PA it should be… normal? But then Hr doesn't need buffs to move away spam one PA gameplay…
      And really, how do you find soloPurse fun when you have like 3 more or less decent PAs plus needle resisted, that's just masochism.

    12. > Not interesting

      So it has nothing to do with actual gameplay changes, and instead you just find the idea boring.

      Cool, glad to know you just tossed away your already bad argument into the trash.

    13. >jack of all trade master of nothing
      You talk like the skill ceiling for this game is high or something lol. I dunno man to me it's like you just want an easy huge damage number on your screen 24/7 and don't want to adapt your playstyle depending to situation. As for dps i was refering to EA compared to the what you called "shitty PA". You seems to dislike monotone but isn't buffing every PA to deal the same dps and having the same "mobility" is also make the combat boring? Currently the "shitty PA" is safer to spam but deals a bit lower dps and the high dps PA needs to be charged or needing specific condition to deal max damage. I think you might be lacking in "mastery" if you think solo UQ is pure maso. *shrug*

    14. You presume too much, wrong too. I totally (protip: sarcasm) enjoy non-monotone Parallel0-for-everythin-where-EA/SC-doesnt-work gameplay, no reason to buff shitty PAs that are inferior to Parallel0 in every aspect, no reason to adapt Ra to mobile gameplay, everything I need (when not paralleling around) is simply to sub Hu, get atra not-crutch and charge PAs while getting hit, that's so exciting!

    15. Right, forgot about Emission0, which makes it 4 absolutely exciting PAs for class with no counter to use, which (if you toss occasional Diffuse Shell) makes it like Hr that has 4 PAs too, which is the god of pso2 (according to number of players), except that it doesn't have playability, mobility, diversity, wb-slave-collar and 2 other weapons, but those are trivial matters!

    16. Sure whatever float your boat, man. I only assumed thing based on what i read so dunno. So a counter is fine to have on every classes while omni direction guard isn't. *shrug

    17. 1. Ra is a buff.. if u think not.. then u play it wrong..
      2. Gravity Point? i remember only using that to mob.. its not i frame i want.. but more sucking power.. then again.. it just slight buff that doesnt need to be cried of… if u want consistenty then let me tell.. their adding this iframe to banish combo.. while gravity point is not.. that is ur consistenty.. if u think of playing br.ra then forget it.. u play it wrong.. bullet bow sub is FI.HU.SU since they nerf GU sub..
      3. Hero Buff? well i agree to somepoint this is uneeded to sword pa especially rising slash which is the most op PA i ever play of in pso2.. but let see their mindset hero is an advanced class.. its intended to be a better class.. than normal class.. this mostlikely because Gu.Fi already to far outdamage hero.. and all other class pay the consequence..
      all in all i think other class need more buff.. specialy bullet bow…and i think they will include this on later patch.. same with previous hero ancident.. n we gonna pay of having even more absurb quest like random endles quest or unending solo ultimate quest… well i stoping at lv 100.. around 4 or 5 month ago if anyone had infromation of more alluring reward in more level please tell me…

  8. If you get hit in the air because you didn't fall fast enough after the PA that's because you attacked at the wrong time Lmao. And again if you want to get down super fast USE THE DODGE BUTTON. It literally makes you fall like a rock! What you arguing about only applies to TMG normal attacks, which aren't good for DPS, only meant to let you deal damage while on the move, Ra literally has the same Ability called Parallel Slider Typ0. Both of the TMG PA that are used for DPS are stationary and leave you hanging in the air long enough for you to spam them without dropping, just like RA after this buff. I'm sorry but your complaining about Ra here is the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time.

    1. You don't even play Ra and you call things you don't know about dumb? Don't you think that's what dumb is? Also read posts after that and take into account that unlike Ra who loses DPS by dodging and resetting SS, Hr actually gains it with counters while having 3 viable weapons with fuckhueg mobility vs Ra that's stuck with rifle only with almost no useful PAs that allow at least some mobility. And don't forget soloPurseOwner masochism.

    2. Just because Ra doesn't have a hero counter that doesn't mean using dodge on Ra for quick descent isn't worth it lmao.
      What have you been smoking?

    3. dude, the word "mobility" used there refers to NOT falling – some ranger PAs have a faster JA window while in the air (even 1cm in the air counts). I do not know why no one was nice enough to point this out for you.

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