PSO2 Station #30 Recap

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Balance Adjustments coming April 24th

SEGA has released their own balance info on April 12th for Episode 6. Info in the link below.


View Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments


April 10th Info

Don't worry, you didn't miss a stream, but today we got some information from the latest Weekly Famitsu! One of Episode 6's main concepts is to allow you to play with your favorite weapon and class. A preview of the first batch of adjustments have been provided by Famitsu. Later on, we will provide a more detailed list of adjustments on its own separate page once that information is announced.

Existing Class Adjustments & Features (This list is NOT exhaustive.)

Hunter Adjustments

  • Hunter Gear Boost / Charge Parrying / War Brave will have their max skill level set to LV. 1.
    • Their effects will be the same as the current Lv. 5.
  • Improved the turning speed of Partizan's normal attack while on the ground.
  • Added New Skill Ring : L / Another Wired Mode
    • When using WL's Holding PAs, you can attack the enemy without capturing them.

Ranger / Gunner Adjustments

  • Piercing Shell, Grenade Shell, One-Point, Diffuse Shell
    • Relaxed the timing of descent when using these PAs in the air.
  • Launcher PAs will also receive some improvements.
    • Extended the range of Cracker Bullet's shooting range.
    • There might be more adjustments for other Launcher PAs but details weren't given.

Techer Adjustments

  • Added New Skill Ring: L / Another Wand Element Change
    • By having Wand Gear, it changes the element of the wand to that of the charged technic (excluding support).
    • We weren't given details on what exactly is different from the other skill ring.

Hero Adjustments

  • For TMG PA: Final Storm, expanded its attack range and added a Guard Point in all directions when activated.
  • Made it possible to move while attacking in Talis normal attack, step attack, and after the fast moving weapon action.
  • Expanded the suction range of Talis Jet Wheel PA and made it possible for you to move after activation.

Other Additions

  • You can now set Technics to your main weapon palette, even if the weapon is a sword.
    • Ex: Sword Palette: (Normal Attack / Guard / Foie / Il Zonde / PA 1 / PA 2)
  • Trade in Hero's Crests to receive ★14 Ares and ★14 Omega Angel / Apprentice drops.
    • Blanc Absolute
    • Lug Sarola
    • Bringer's Rifle
    • Cursed Slayer Gaen
    • Reaver Garola
    • Vante Weihen
    • Yasminkov 4000FJ
    • Motav Grimoire
    • Ares Weapons


More Episode 6 - Balance Adjustments

OLD March 31st Info

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction  (Elder / Loser)
  • March 31st @ 23:00 JST (Arks Dance Concert First)
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Rate.
  • +10% Live Boost for attending the Concert


Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat for prizes.
  • エピソード6は4月24日開始
    • Evo Device / Megadrive
    • EX Rare Drop +75%
  • You have until April 10th's Maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide

  • Introduces contents released with Episode 6.
  • Item Code Contains:
    • Weapon Camo: Blackbull (Assault Rifle)
    • Weapon Form Change Pass
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket
  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen


Road To Episode 6 Campaign

  • 12 Star Unit Get Campaign: Austere Series
  • Road To Episode 6 Boosts
    • PS4 1Mil Downloads Commemorative Boost
    • Specter of Destruction: Celestial Xion Series 12 Star Unit Drop Rate Up
  • SG Ticket Campaign and SG Shop Sale
  • Episode 6 Countdown Campaign
  • Bonus Key Present & Bonus Quest Boost
  • Episode 6 Grind Boost Event & Support Item Scratch (4/17 ~ 4/24)


Late April Update

  • Easter Lobby / Easter Bingo (~5/29)
  • Xie (Easter 2019)
  • Egg Rappy and the Egg Rappy Suit Mini
  • Bingo Reward: *Oval Privera
  • Weapons Badge 2019 Exchange Shop: *Phantom's Order


Late April Update

  • Emergency Quest: Wild Easter 2019
    • 2 Area Format
    • Possible drops contain special abilities for seasonal emergencies.
    • Apostolo Dragon will appear
  • Easter 2019 Weapon Collection
    • Calamity, Tridia, Vades at +30.
  • Easter 2019 Egg Collection
    • Wanda, Torim, Cery, Maron, Viola, Synchro ★14 eggs at Lv.100
  • New ★14 Weapon: RA Stinger (All Class Partizan)



Late April Update

  • Trinity Star (AC Scratch)
    • Phantom themed outfits and parts.
    • Ulc, Ludmilla, and Theodore Outfits.
    • Lobby Actions: Phantom Pose, Appear, Lean Pose


Regarding Previous Arks Mission Announcements:

  • A slight change has been made for the Arks Mission announcement from the previous stream. Please read the Klotho section of the previous post for context. This time, Klotho's meseta equivalent will instead be distributed only to [Weekly Missions].
  • You can get a maximum of 2,010,000 Meseta upon completing Weekly Missions.
  • Daily Mission reward will be EXP and Boost items.
  • Missions and Rewards will be subject to change according to the game’s situation.
    • They will notify you in advance if such changes are made.


Late May Update

  • Emergency Quest: The Final Armada
    • Contains 3 Sectors
    • Earn points in Sectors 1/2 to increase the rewards for Sector 3.


Late May Update

New Features for A.I.S Vega

  • Multi-Lock Missiles
    • Lock onto several targets and fire missiles at them.
  • Counter Shield
    • Opens a shield which consumes PP.
    • The shield will absorb the enemy's attacks.
    • Release the shield to perform a powerful counterattack.
    • The power of the counterattack is based on the number of attacks absorbed by the shield. By absorbing 7+ attacks, the counterattack will be even more powerful.
  • Auto Track
    • Automatically adjusts your altitude with the locked-on enemy.
  • Urgent Ascent / Urgent Descent
    • Speedily maneuver up and down


UI Changes

  • Added an icon when you draw the most hate.
  • Added an icon that displays how many people are in the quest.
  • A more compact status menu will be displayed when you open your menu.


Tanabata Lobby

  • Every year the Tanabata Lobby is decorated with wishes sent in from players. Everyone who submits their wishes using the PSO2es [Twitter Topic] feature, between April 3rd through April 5th, will receive prizes!
    • Hero's Crest (x77)
    • Rappy Medal (x3)

PSO2 Merchandise

PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide

  • Introduces contents released with Episode 6.
  • Item Code Contains:
    • Weapon Camo: Blackbull (Assault Rifle)
    • Weapon Form Change Pass
    • 1 Million EXP Ticket
  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen


Phantasy Star Festa 2019

  • The official Gene cosplayer will be revealed at 4/21's Fan Festa
  • Get PSO2es Stickers and Clear File by showing your PSO2es linked account to staff.



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