PSO2 JP: ARKS Museum [My Room]

My Room Screenshot Contest

Example of a Screenshot Entry

It's time for another screenshot contest, this time the Arks Museum wants players to submit a screenshot of their room. Entries that are chosen to appear in the "Arks Museum [My Room] Report" will receive a gold Thank You trophy.

If you logged into the game between December 5th, 2012 through January 23rd, 2013, you'll receive a free My Room 3 Day Pass. Use this pass to enter the contest if you wish.

Arks Museum [My Room]

  • Customize your room and take screenshots.

Screenshot Entries

  • February 6th through February 27th, 2013 @ 17:00 JST

Gold Trophy

Gold Trophy

Museum Prize

  • A Gold Thank You Trophy (Room Item)

Arks Museum [My Room] Report

  • Late March, 2013

Screenshot Criteria:

  • It must be a screenshot of your room.
  • Only the room owner can appear in the screenshot, nobody else.
  • You must submit the screenshot with the "No Interface (Show Chat)" setting.
  • You can take the screenshot in the room itself or the balcony.
  • You can not use Symbol Art in your screenshot.

Possible things to include in your screenshot:

  • Chat Bubbles
  • Chat Manga Symbols
  • Cut-in Chat
  • Lobby Actions

Screenshot Submission:

  • One screenshot with your Player ID name above your character.
  • One screenshot intended for the contest.
  • 1MB JPG
  • So in total, you will be submitting two screenshots.
  • Submit your screenshot here.

Screenshot Tips

  • Use the [+] [-] keys to zoom in/out your character.
  • Turn the "Blur" setting Off for clear shots of your character.
  • In settings, use the "Show Interface" screenshot option to take pictures with your Player ID name. When you are taking your main screenshot, use the "No Interface (Show Chat)" screenshot setting.

The screenshot must be taken by the room owner, exclusive, and can not be shown to the public.  You are allowed to compress the screenshot to meet within the 1MB file limit, but you are not allowed to crop or edit the photo in any other way.


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