PSO2 JP: Client Order Campaign -5-

CO Campaign 5

Everyone who clears the following client orders from Hans or Revelle during the campaign period will receive several items.

Campaign Period

  • April 17th through April 24th, 2013

Target Client Orders

(1) Clear Revelle's client order ブラック・スローター・II "Black Slaughter II" by defeating 12 Kartagot

  • EXP+50% (x2)
  • Rare Drop Boost+50% (x2)

(2) Clear Hans client order 天を覆いし青き王 'The Blue King Covers the Sky' by defeating Quartz Dragon 5 times.

  • Rare Drop Boost + 50% (x2)
  • Grind Risk Reduction (+1) (x4)
  • Grinder (x50)

Prize Distribution Date

  • May 8th, 2013
  • Delivered to your Special Storage


Add Friends and Play in a Party Campaign

add friends campaign

Add three friends, form a party, and clear a quest to receive several items.

Campaign Period

  • April 17th, through May 8th.

Qualifying Conditions

Players must qualify for all of the following conditions:

  • (1) Have three or more friends on your friend list.
  • (2) Form a party with two or more people and clear a quest.

Players who have added three or more friends before the campaign period will also qualify for the items.

You must form a party with two or more people, start the quest, then clear it to qualify.

If you form a party with players who are not registered as your friends, you will still qualify for this campaign. However, this does not apply to parties with only 'Friend Partners', or NPC 'Partner Characters'.

Prize Distribution

  • Three EXP+50%
  • Can be picked up at the Visiphone early June.


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