PSO2 JP: Maintenance And Patch (4/17/2013)

This maintenance plans to fix Fury Stance and Guard Stance, everything else is up in the air at this point.

Game Versions

Patch Size

  • PC:  28MB
  • Vita: 21MB

 Maintenance Notes

  • New Registration and Level Up campaign items have been delivered.
  • AC Buying Campaign 4/Client Order Campaign 3 items have been delivered
  • As compensation for the Zonde nerf, if you logged in between January 23rd through April 10th, you will receive 1 EXCube per character.
  • R-ATK damage modifiers for Fury Stance have been nerfed. You will receive 1 全スキルツリー初期化パス All Skill Tree Reset Pass per character.
  • Buffed the S-DEF modifiers and adjusted the damage percentage reduction for Guard Stance
  • Corrected the bug where the character's stats appear with the wrong values if you did not perform a file check from the launcher. This bug fix also pertains to characters who were stuck in the loading screen associated with this particular bug.
  • Corrected a bug where the Extend Assist skill effects stop working.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions, Goron Zoran would not perform any actions.
  • Fixed a bug where Hatsune Miku's hairstyle would continue to shake if you performed one of the bed lobby actions.
  • Corrected a bug with the Communication History page where it would not update even if you received new comments and good jobs.


Future Support List

The Extend Assist skill effects stop working.

The Extend Assist skill gets overwritten when other players (or mag trigger actions) cast shifta or deband. We plan to address this bug in the future.

The Launcher is not working properly.

After the Launcher update on 4/12, players have reported a bug where an error message pops up during the File Check operation. We recommend rebooting your PC and launching the game as administrator.

I'm unable to clear the Time Attack Quest "Marathon Practice: Lillipa" even after I defeat the Tranmizer enemy.

As a result of our investigation, we have found this bug shows up if you do not defeat a certain enemy during the quest. We plan to address this problem, but in the meantime, when you are in Area 1 B-3, you should try to defeat all enemies within the vicinity before moving on.


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