PSO2 JP: Content Update 7/18/12

Phantasy Star Online 2 Content Update for July 18th, 2012.


New Field

  • Subterranean Tunnels (Mines)

New Enemy

  • トランマイザー Tranmizer
  • ビッグヴァーダー Big Verder (Big Varder)
  • シグノビート Signobeat
  • ガーディナン&ガーディン Guardinan and Guardin

New Quest

  • Free Field: 地下坑道探索 Mines Exploration
  • Arks Quest: 機甲種性能調査:地下坑道 Mech Performance Investigation: Mines
  • Arks Quest: 救難信号調査 Distress Signal Investigation
  • Arks Quest: 巨大変形機甲種撃破 Defeat the Gigantic Transforming Mech

New Interrupt Events

New Client Order

SignoBraver (Gunslash)


Strauss (Assault Rifle)


Metalisolidum (Talis)


Fegali Series (Unit)

New Items

  • シグノブレイバー SignoBraver (Gunslash)
  • シュトラウス Strauss (Assault Rifle)
  • メタリソリドム Metalisolidum (Talis)
  • フェガリシリーズ Fegali Series (Unit)

Summer! Festival! Scratch

System Update

  • The following items have been removed from the AC Shop Menu (Additional Skill Tree) and (Additional Skill Tree Reset Pass). Instead they will be available directly from the  Class Change Counter menu in the lobby for Arks Cash.
  • You may now use "ボディペイント選択" Body Paint Selection from the Aesthetics Counter for free.
  • The Net Cafe counter has new items available in the shop. Some of these items include a Down Device for Mags and Oriental Room Items.
  • You may now blacklist up to 200 people. If you already blacklisted more than 200 players, they will continue to be blacklisted. However, in order to blacklist new players, you must remove the extras until you have space.
  • Increased the amount of people that can connect to a block.
  • Some Block Names have been changed.
  • Made it so that there are an equal amount of blocks on each ship.
  • The default keybindings for the following chat shortcuts will now default as blank entries."Whisper Chat" "Party Chat" "Nearby Chat" and "Team Chat" will from now on require its keyboard shortcuts to be set manually. Your existing shortcuts will remain until you press the reset button within the options menu.
  • Corrected a bug where the room items would turn automatically.
  • Corrected a bug where the screenshot function would display the message "insufficient disk space" even though there was enough space on the hard drive.
  • Corrected a bug where the game may not start without having Windows Administrator Rights.
  • Corrected a bug where under certain conditions, the attack animations would go extremely fast after an event in story quests and such.


  • Coming in the next major update. August?

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