Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan (Two Weeks Later) Status Report and Maintenance!

Hey Everyone! Today is a brief summary of Sakai's new blog post regarding the status of Phantasy Star Online 2.

It's been two weeks since the start of the official game, and even so, the servers are still not stable. He's very very sorry for the inconvenience. It appears we safely resolved the NPC moving exploits. (I guess not..) But wicked users still remain, and the staff will continue to be proactive in suspending the account of bad players and address issues that may arise from them.

Yesterday he performed his first update to the official release client and  lifted the ban on character creation on all ships. And after maintenance, we now have the same number of blocks on each ship. After looking at the current situation, they've slightly decreased the number of premium blocks. Additionally, they increased the number of people that can connect to each block by approximately 1.2 times the original number.

As for yesterdays abrupt server outage, it appears to have stemmed from the ISP itself. After contacting them, they were able to restore service in approximately 45 minutes.

It looks like several problems occurred from yesterday's update. It appears they distributed data that was underdevelopment that somehow got mixed in with the finalized version. This is addressed in the maintenance report below. They will try to prevent a problem like this from happening in the future.

Now for everyone else, there appears to be a problem with the launcher where players have reported that they can not start the game. It occurs under specific circumstances and he's sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

To address a few of these bugs, there will be a special maintenance on Friday the 20th. And sometime in the future, he's going to address those who  purchased Arks Cash content (that were affected by these maintenances) and provide some kind of compensation. We'll discuss the details about this when it is ready.

Special Maintenance

Phantasy Star Online 2 will undergo special maintenance tonight!

Maintenance Schedule:

  • July 20th @ 11:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM JST
  • July 19th @ 10:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM Eastern
  • Other Time Zones

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct the problem where after the updater patches itself, the game cannot start if it was installed on a FAT32 formatted disk.
  • To correct the bug on regarding the stats and explanation of 3 specific units.
  • To address a bug where the interrupt ranking mail is also sent to those were weren't ranked

For Maintenances and sudden server outages the PSUBlog can't report on due to time constraints and family/work/school obligations, there will be a maintenance guide later on in the PSO2 Guide list.



Today's porori image is of a new "joke" weapon that should come out in the August update.

スペース・ツナ SPACE TUNA


 MW is Coming!

She's coming and there's nothing you can do to stop her DELUXE skills.

In an interview with Dengeki Playstation, Sakai confirmed the winner of the character creation contest will appear for one month to give out client orders. If you succeed in finishing all of their client orders you'll get an item. Also some tidbits in the interview include:

  • He had to remove the in-game video recording feature due to some of the differences in each PC environment and cpu load.
  • As for Fang Banther (the forest version of the Snow Banther boss in Tundra) coming in August, he'll first show up in emergency quests so you won't have a chance to fight him very often. Once victorious, he'll also show up in normal quests as interrupt events.
  • There's also the summer Rappy who shows up only during the summer. You should try and find them because they'll drop items of a unique design.
  • When bosses with two names spawn (like Tyrant Rockbear), they will have increased HP and Attack Power. These types of bosses will beef up the stats of surrounding enemies too.
  • In each quest you've been collecting these strange green crystals that have purple icons that look like monomates. These are actually Photon Drops, and you should save them up because in the future you'll trade them for something…..
  • He'll talk more of the Vita and Smartphone version of PSO2 at TGS. He's thinking about having ships exclusively for Vita players.
  • He's also developing some kind of content that you can participate in regardless of what level you are.
  • The story is going to stop for a bit just before Vita version releases. That's not to say that it's the end of the story…


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