PSO2 JP: Emergency Quest Campaign #1 2013

EQ Campaign

During the campaign period, everyone who clears the "Subdue Fang Banther" or "Approaching the Abyss (Falz Hunar)" emergency quests will receive 99 grinders.

Campaign Period

  • January 9th through January 16th @ 11:00 JST

Emergency Quest Advance Notice

If you want to get a head start, these Emergency quests will appear on all ships on the following dates and time.

Falz Hunar EQ -Advance Notice-

Fang Banther EQ -Advance Notice-

Campaign Qualifications

  • You must complete Fang Banther or Falz Hunar's emergency quest at least once on any difficulty.

Item Distribution Date

  • January 23rd during Maintenance.

The items will be shipped to your special storage box where you normally receive campaign prizes, not your regular storage box.


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