PSO2 JP: Where Darkness Gathers Part 3 (01/09/2013)

Today's update.

Field update

'Abducted and Cloned' exclusive field

  • New field has been added.


New Enemies


プレディカーダ Predicada


ディカーダ Dicada

These are just a portion of the new enemies.

New Quest

  • New emergency quest has been added.
  • 淵へと迫りしもの Approaching the Abyss \ N: 20 H: 30 VH: 40

New Emergency Code

  • New Emergency Code has been added.

New items

  • New items have been added.

Elder Pain

エルダーペイン Elder Pain (Sword)


Illegal Bomber

イリーガルボマー Illegal Bomber (Launcher)



アシダーゼ Acidase (Twin Machineguns)



グリムグリン Grim Grin (Wand)


Elder Series

エルダー・シリーズ Elder Series (Unit)


Zan Series

ザン・シリーズ Zan Series (Unit)

These are just a portion of the new items.

System update

Abducted and Cloned

  • New "Abducted and Cloned" system has been added.

My Room Shop

  • The lineup in My Room Shop has been updated.

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