PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (3/04/2015)

March 4th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

Maintenance Contents

  • Server Equipment Maintenance

March 4th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 03.00.01
  • Client: ver. 3.0401.3
  • Patch Size: 33 MB (PC) / 29 MB (Vita)

Campaign Rewards

  • Create A Character and Level Up Campaign #8
  • ARKS Museum: Episode Contest Winners

Magatsu Emergency Quest Changes

The following changes will take place in a future update occurring late March.

  • The first phase of the Magatsu EQ will be updated under a new name, titled "Manifestation of the Calamity."
  • The contents of this quest will not change and will remain basically the same.
  • This new Magatsu EQ will become pre-scheduled only.
  • As a result, [Advent of the Annihilator] will end its run — no longer occurring in the future.

This update arriving in late March will add a second phase to Magatsu. You must now clear the first phase to participate in the second phase.

1st Phase Magatsu Adjustments

  • The 1st phase quest can be completed up to 4 times per ship. After the fourth time, you will no longer be able to accept the quest on the same ship even if you use a different character.
  • Magatsu will have increased shooting resistance in certain areas.
  • Magatsu will have increased ice resistance.
  • Magatsu will have decreased HP on Extra Hard
  • Magatsu will have boosted 10 and 11 star drop rates on XH

Due to the above changes, an All Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.


Emergency Quest Schedule

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


PSO2 x PSO2es Linking Campaign 8

PSO2 x PSO2es Linking Campaign 8

Earn prizes by linking your PSO2 and PSO2es accounts together for the first time!

Campaign Period

  • March 4th ~ 18th

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Play PSO2es during the campaign period to receive these items in PSO2:

  • +100% Tribooster (x5)
  • Free Salon Pass

(2) Play PSO2 during the campaign period and level up to receive these items in PSO2es:

  • Rappy Medal (x30)

Accounts linked prior to the campaign are not eligible for the prizes.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Mid-April



38 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (3/04/2015)”

  1. Good job segaC! What's next? Only 1 td run allowed? Might as well add capsules or passes for each eq and people who don't have em can't run em! >.<

    1. Magatsu EQ drops way more excubes compared to TD, and at a far margin. Normally I get around 20-30 10s for TD (all three, usually three rounds except two for Despair) but Magatsu gives over 60 10s on SH which is silly because I can easily trade them to spheres and make a ton of money out of them.

  2. >server equipment maintenance
    it's a shame they're probably not upgrading the servers to resolve their lag problems like they should. I wonder if they've even halfway worked on recoding the free partner system so we can have it back.

    >eight tons of shit to make people do magatsu less
    >player abilities nerfed to make it harder
    >a week of tempbanning people for being able to win fast even without the thing they decided was "a bug" because it became inconvenient for the level of "big deal" they wanted magatsu to be
    >they're further making him a problem for rangers, gunners, and bow bravers because ????????
    >but they're lowering his HP
    I am seriously amazed at how ridiculous sega is being about this guy. neither elder nor loser got HALF this much "omg we can't have them WINNING a lot!" scramble going on. he doesn't even drop anything all that special, and his pyroxene items are a joke because of the sheer effort required to make them. they're NEVER going to give him the kind of drop rates to justify XH even as they keep complaining that people aren't playing XH. they're NEVER going to give him the kind of EXP payout he'd need to justify XH, even as they complain we're not doing XH enough.
    I don't think they know what they want out of this guy. especially that last point; they're going to make him die faster (as long as it's not a room full of r-atk characters)… even though they want you to not fight him so much as to be hard locking per-ship how many times you can fight him AND making it scheduled only (which screws over anyone who can't rework their life to suit the EQ schedule, and I don't mean "herpaderp gaijins!" either)… the logic seriously leaves me.

    and even the current arks ship competition is looking like them screaming and crying "OMG YOU GUYS! PLAY XH! PLEASE!" with how much better the point/star values are for XH versus everything else.

    I'm no stranger to sega having no idea how to make top difficulties worthwhile to players. but the degree to which they're spazzing over the playerbase not going for it in spite of all the things against it, and taking it out on the players instead of trying to make it actually worthwhile, is a new one.

    and does anyone think it's funny that they're claiming to be doing this over worries about balance given magatsu's lackluster loot pool, and the fact that the extent of their trying to stop anga farming (which is the real balance threat given anga is the source of -ALL- the strongest weapons in the game) was to make you have to kill a few more mooks to get the full drops and lock you out of the map after clearing so you lose anything you couldn't carry/store? meanwhile anga remains the most common boss in UQ:naberius. seriously, nine out of ten times I bother going in there I portal in right in front of an anga fight. the stuff I want out of UQ doesn't even drop from anga; all he is is a gigantic waste of booster time to me. oh, and an obnoxious questpoint inflator like persona back in the original version of the 'border break' EQ.

    whoever's been making these idiot choices, be it suganuma, sakai, or someone else, needs to be smacked upside the head, because it's going to end up hurting the game, and sega's business as a whole can't really afford any more self-destructive moves.

    1. As for Magatsu. i'm pretty sure that the "certain areas" with the most resistance will probably be the knees and the main face, as any decently geared bow Br/Ra can take a knee out with a WB, Chase+Banish+Penetrate—>Final Nemesis. Allowing the other R-atk players to easily wreck face within the first few seconds.

      Shame they're doing this though. At first they were picking on Gunner solely, but it seems now that any sort of R-atk is subject to the dev teams nerfing judgement. Its as if they thought that XH was going to be so much more difficult than SH that R-atk could no longer be used to quickly defeat bosses, and started freaking out when it still does.

    2. the thing that's kinda silly about them trying to make ranged not demolish magatsu is that ranged's entire niche is anti-boss combat. they seem to have forgotten that they made those classes in such a way that the main thing to use them for is killing bosses fast; what else in the game warrants the use of weakbullet, or all those weakpoint damage modifiers? regular mobs only warrant half of it for ranged classes, ranger and gunner in particular, because (barring the period where s-roll JAB was broken to hell) their damage is garbage if you aren't going for headshots. now, I understand making them "finesse" classes, but in the long run it's still fairly apparent they're built around bosses rather than mobs.

      suganuma's team seems to have missed all the design memos left by those who came before them; and they certainly have the exact wrong mindset about fixing things.

    3. Its a first phase of a boss that is as significant as apos drios in terms of a challenge, 12star welfares are coming with the final phase. Of course nothing of this matters, as we indulge into schizoid hysteria about how we don't need the boss and its drops, but at the same time we're angry as we HAVE TO farm it 2 times per minute on several ships at once, but at the same time we're angry its getting nerfed, and at the same time we're angry its getting buffed, because we have absolutely zero idea of what we actually want.

      Take your pills before your organs gave in. One more year of nerfing ice resistance on secondary bosses, and someone from psow will jump off the bridge with a note "YOU DID THIS TO ME SEGA".

    4. the 11* "wellfare" items off magatsu (phase 1) are somewhat of a joke considering the rate he drops stones at and how many you need…. maybe for those people who can manage 8+ runs it's no joke, but for folks who don't have an active team and have to work with randoms 90% of the time, even four runs can be tricksey to fit in, looting time included. do remember not everyone rents the extra storage boxes; with all the crap like pyroxenes and capsules and crafting materials I regularly end up running out of storage space rapidly, and can't really make that much space back when I burn a shop pass – I know I'm not the only one with a space crunch, given the player Q&A specifically brought up the matter of how much of an issue it's becoming for free players to manage storage.

      and as you make this "no more a challenge than apos dorios" remark you DO realize they're desperately trying to make him seem like a bigger deal than the birdpopes, right?

    5. Bigger deal? Not really, just the current deal. The idea of these major bosses or major events (TD) coincide with story reasons. Elder threat handled in Ep1. Loser threat handled in Ep2. Current threat in Ep 3 is Magatsu. TD is consistent cause the bases are keeping Apprentice from finding the Falz body on Lilipa.

    6. are we looking at the same chain of events here? if they didn't intend magatsu phase 1 to be a bigger deal than apos, I highly doubt they'd be going through this much trouble trying to hamstring the playerbase's efforts to beat him consistently. the fuss about chain+banish/volg, which they didn't care about when it was flattening elder/loser… and then with magatsu it's a "serious bug" worth banning people over even if they're not using it. this series of changes to make sure people get no more than four trips per ship…

      and you think they're not trying to make it a bigger fuss than the birdpopes. are you serious here?

    7. XH Magatsu now easily drops about more than 10 stones , more with 100-250 rdr. I got a hundred from 4 random runs total, two runs per emergency. To know that you would need to play the game or at least follow the news, but there is a chance that you intentionally ignored that part, so you dramatic monologue with a collective image of evil corporation would look more dramatic.
      11stars are not better or worse than other falz stone welfares, its the same category actually. But if you present a high equipment standards and at the same time act like poor fellow that has to 2dip with pubs, it just makes the insanity atmosphere more dense.
      And storage shouldn't be a problem with extra 200 OTP slots :^)

      Magatsu was a big deal last year as a new encounter. But in the trailer video showing a final stage there was a message "I haven't got serious yet" addressed to Magatsu. You simply blow him away from the city in this quest.
      Surely 12 star welfares will be of the same quality as the rest, and you will find another unforgivable flaw to complain about, but if you don't want it to look extremely silly, at least ensure that its not a subject of personal bias, doesn't contradict facts or common sense.

    8. if he's actually dropping more than eight in a run now, it's a new thing on me; I will concede that EQ timings and leveling non-capped classes have kept me from attempting XH runs in the past week or so.

      buuuuut meanwhile, you're sitting there being hyperdramatic trying to make me into some kind of moron with your ad-hominem nonsense, trying to be some manner of internet tuffguy I suppose. perhaps if you weren't trying to do that you'd have something more worth reading in your posts…?

      also… >using OTP
      I'm not some inept fool who can't guard a password and would need a third party to hold onto the keys to my account and send temp passwords. I don't feel that people that inept should be being encouraged to be so, thus even if secureOTP hadn't already proved itself glitchy and quite happy to bug out and lock people out of their accounts without mistyping a temporary password, I wouldn't be using it.

      neverminding the part where you think everyone has the money for a smartphone. some of us DO actually have bills and rent to pay, you know.

  3. do you mean 4 times per ship per round? if yes then nothing change on XH.

    from my point of view, it's like SEGA trying to say F Y to players who just standing still and spam *too easy to use* ranged PA/Tec. wait. . will this affect Photon Cannon too?
    but not that bad for Bullet Bow though. BB still has Kamikaze Arrow which is stronger than Last Nemesis and spammable. e.g. Chase>Banish>charged Kamikazex2. also, +0 Nebula Wind price on ship 8 is now at 4m++(BB with S Atk stat for Kamikaze).

    1. >kamikaze arrow >stronger than Last Nemesis
      ahahaha where do people come up with this? maybe if you spam it it can keep up with a single LN shot… and it's damage is calculated as a striking attack, so no ranged attack modifiers apply to it anyway. no headshots, no weak hit advance, no standing snipe, no moving snipe, etc…
      it's strong, but it's not on that level.

    2. Kamikaze Arrow benefits from Standing Snipe if you charge it (personally tested).

      It's also situationally better if you don't have time to use Last Nemesis because that takes forever to fire and is easily interrupted. When soloing you would never want to pick LN over KA unless you're fighting a very very stationary boss.

      They're not tiers apart like you imply though.

    3. they're certainly not on the same level, no matter how you want to argue it. and yeah, when solo obviously you wouldn't want to attempt to use LN on anything fast. that's… kinda basic logic, since it's a slow startup move. and regardless of interruptability typically bow spec players are made of tissuepaper and would die to one good hit from anything of note, anyway.

    4. Jp swiki and JP players confirmed that KA has headshot buff. also my charged KA(one use) does noticeably higher dmg than LN , both Headshot, tested with Br+Hu and Br+Ra.(KA full charge does over x2 dmg of non charge but many people release the attack half way doing only ~66% dmg)

      I'm still doubting on NebulaWind's S-Atk and how KA is calculated though(some people say it use R-Atk but the result becomes S-dmg). my current bow is a 1050Meseta crafted bow(epic damage swing), it got me 890K WB Kamikaze Banish at non-Cri.&non-headshot (1500 R-Atk).

      I use both of them, depending on the situation. LN has almost 100% hit rate(may not hit the locked area but it'll hit something) on locked moving-target and KA sometimes gets wall bug(suddenly stop without any dmg when hit the target). and I use bow in party only 😛

    5. Kamikaze Arrow is a two-hit attack in which the initial, weaker hit is a ranged attack, but the second, stronger hit is striking. Last Nemesis is better than Kamikaze Arrow as a Ra/Br (which is better than Br/Ra) because it benefits from more multipliers that Kamikaze Arrow cannot, like Sharpshooter (20%), the potential on Nasuyoteri (another 20%, gotta craft this), the full benefit of Weak Hit Advance (only the weaker half of Kamikaze Arrow gets this), etc.

      Kamikaze Arrow does 90% of its damage on the initial, striking hit, and 60% on the ranged part (this is relative to the power notation, and only when fully charged). Last Nemesis does 100% of its power notation as ranged damage. Both PAs use R-ATK exclusively, the main difference with striking and ranged here is that the striking part absolutely does not headshot and only has striking modifiers to benefit from. Bows with S-ATK cannot use that S-ATK outside of Photon Blasts that calculate off of a player's S-ATK. It's just fluff.

      Ra/Br Last Nemesis is the best boss killer available to bows. Whether that will remain the case or not for Magatsu after it gets ranged resistance upped is something that will have to be seen, but right now, Kamikaze Arrow doesn't compete.

    6. Oops, made an error. The 90% is supposed to be the ranged part, the 60% is the striking part. So WHA and other ranged only modifiers apply to the stronger half, but it still loses a lot of what LN can do.

    7. wow I feel like a cheater now. my KA does much more dmg than LN even while using Ra/Bu the total damage in Br/Hu is about x1.7 – x2 of LN, even top other player's LN. instant Hate generator.
      don't know how much stat they had but some players reach 4M KA Banish *before* the rebalance PA buff.

  4. Hmm, I think the areas where shooting resistance will be increased would be on the top set of heads/faces. I dunno if ppl noticed since not many shoot the top faces (unlike the major DPS parts we usually attack all the time) but I've noticed I can pretty much rip through the extra heads/masks on top using the machine gun turrets and break them easily rather than flying there with my Bo and kicking them. Other than that, I don't really know since that "Increased resistance to xx certain places." is quite a vague explanation.

    Regarding the 11* drop boost on XH, I think it's a welcome but minute improvement seeing as I mostly get useless copies of 10* stuff, 9*s and a lot of stones on XH yet not a single 11* and those rare *ahem* 12*s despite 3-4 runs with all the boosts I can choke myself on.

  5. I'm glad I stopped bothering with Magatsu after they nerfed his VH drops. If a boss needs this much work done to make players do XH over any other difficulty then that boss is a failure.

    Sega here is the simple answer as to why people aren't bothering to go all out with Magatsu . . . It's drops are frickin terrible and the work needed to go about killing it makes those drops even worse. Want a good idea of how bad it is not even the is bothering to put up what Magatsu drops exclusively in XH.

    1. There's a pretty good reason for that, actually: as far as I know, there never were any XH exclusive drops for Magatsu, at least not before they messed with the rates for VH and so on. I'm fairly certain anything he drops on SH also drops on XH, just with higher rates–but apparently not high enough to offset the people still spamming SH.

    2. Then that makes Magatsu XH even more pointless. No difference in drops compared to SH along with exp being totally worthless if you are doing XH as you should be maxed already.

      I'll stick with my previous statement til Sega proves otherwise which will be never. Magatsu is a failure.

    3. If you go to and read the magatsu adjustemnts, you'll see the main reasn for things. lowerign hp bc they are raising resistance. making better high quality drops, and lowering number of lower qukity(like 10*) bc it id greatly affecting economy. that 40_ excubes every magastu really did a number on the FUN scratch items. and to lesser extenet, grind success and ability, since you can just make them with cubes, which are free and plentiful. Im hoping these chnges are dratsic in terms of the 12* appearnce rates. Im quite sick of a 30 minutes (soon to be oone hour) eq… for lttlle to nohting . aso elder flaz.. please update elder flaz drops on Xh omg lol. we need mroe rare drops there. its time to change that eq too..why doesnt sega change THAT one lol

    4. my first XH elder eq gave me one 12*, and 7-9 11*'s , so i guess it's fine even if i got lucky, the only thing they need to do on elder is adjust 10*'s drop rate, because i still had none in 3k hours of play, none, not even single one

    5. insane luck. I've had a single 12* drop since XH became a thing and maybe 10 11*s total. you must not underestimate the ability of the Random Number God to be a dick to some people.

    6. You serious? I've yet to get some sort of 12* from him, and gotten like 4 11*s. Meanwhile, my friend comes back after a hiatus and gets a Psycho Wand on his first ever XH run. *sobs tears of blood*

    7. Failure? Magatsu makes me money with the fountain of excubes he provides and even with randoms I can get in at least 3 runs and average about 28+ cubes.

    8. Ikr exchange 6cubes to 250% rare boost>use it on magatsu> clear the quest 3-4 round and get 50+ more excubes>go trade for more 250% boost lol

    9. 28 really wow I would be impressed if I didn't about 100-150 excubes before they nerfed VH drops. Excube farming yup that totally doesn't make him a failure as a boss when all he is good for is an item that I would think most people have a full stack of already.

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