PSO2 Live Broadcast #29 Recap

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 Post Livestream Updates

  • Added information to most of the slides.
  • Added videos.


Secret Phrase

Type しまたろう in chat sometime between now through March 11th to receive even more voice tickets from the ARKS Cadets.

  • These voice tickets will be distributed some time in the future.


29 EQ Poll

Emergency Quest Poll

  • Advent of the Annihilator (March 1st @ 22:00 JST)
  • +200% Rare Drop Boost / +200% EXP Boost


XH Despair

March 11th Update

  • Pitch Black Province (Extra Hard)
  • New Rare Weapons
  • 12 star item grinding relief.


Winners Design 2 side b slide

March 11th Update

  • Charming Costumes from the Item Design Winners.
  • Accessories, Mags, and Weapon Camos appear!
  • Bathrobes!?


Challenge Quest

March 11th Update

  • Meet all ARKS Members on Shared Ships.
  • Challenge Lobbies
    • Challenge Lobbies are available on each ship.
    • Your class turns into the "Challenger" class at level 1.
    • You cannot bring your items with you to the Challenge
      blocks — not even your mag.
  • All 12 Players start Challenge Quests barehanded at level 1.
  • Advance through the quest without running out of VR Energy.
  • Let's Clear the 5 Missions!



March 11th Update

  • Interval Area (Recycle Shop)
    • A rest area with a recycle shop where you can trade for weapons and equipment.
    • Trade in a number of weapons to receive better weapons.
    • Trade in a number of Grinders to receive Units.
    • Trade in a number of Disks to receive PAs or Skills.
    • Trade in a number of Grinders to receive Consumable Items.
  • Earn Challenge Miles by playing Challenge Quests.
  • Trade in Challenge Miles for 13 star weapons!
    • These weapons allow you to change the color of the blade for free at the Item Lab.
  • Tablets on the field will display your "Personal Best Record" for the Challenge Quest.


Nagisa Deluxe

March 18th Update (March 19th DX Package)

  • Nagisa appears in PSO2. You can obtain her partner card.
  • Added items to Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop
  • Create weapon camos of PSO2 Package weapons at Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop.
    • Example: *Wing Spada (Weapon Camo)
      • 10x Craftsman Seal
      • 1x Wing Spada



Sakura Lobby

Late March Update

  • Sakura Lobby (~ 4/8)
  • PSO2es 1-Year Anniversary
  • Seraphy (CV: Eri Kitamura) appears in the lobby with Client Orders.


School Daze Graffiti

Late March Update

  • School Days Graffiti (AC Scratch)
  • Retro School Uniforms and Dressing Gowns
  • Cool hero style costumes
  • School themed Room Items


Emergency Quest Magatsu

Late March Update

  • Magatsu's Emergency Quest Updated.
    • You'll be allowed to clear it four times per ship.
    • Increased Shooting and Ice Resistances applied to specific areas.
    • All Skill Tree Reset Pass distributed.
    • ★10 and ★11 Rare Drop rate increased on XH.
  • Fight in a series of battles against 3 types of Magatsu.
    • Board the A.I.S and Battle Magatsu
    • (Striking Type and Ranged Type Magatsu)
    • Magatsu Shigan and Magatsu Higan.


 Magatsu Sai

Late March Update

  • "Magatsu Sai," the golden colored Magatsu type.
  • A.I.S powered up with new abilities! (High Jumps, WB, Healing)
  • New Rare Items


Easter Update

Early April Update

  • Easter Event (~ 5/13)
  • Emergency Quest: Wild Easter 2 (~5/13)


 Zestiria Collection Scratch

Early April Update

  • Zestiria Collection AC Scratch
  • Sorey, Lailah, Rosé, Dezel Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories
  • Sorey and Dezel female costumes.
  • Weapon Camos from each character.


 Chelsea Hyuga

Early April Update

  • Hyuga and Chelsea costumes and voice tickets.



PSO2 Roadmap Spring to Summer

PSO2 Spring to Summer Roadmap


  • Challenge Quests
  • Challenge Lobby
  • Limited-time NPC "Nagisa"
  • Magatsu Update
  • Episode 3: Chapter 4
  • Tales of Zestiria


  • New Ultimate Quest
  • More PA/Technics/Skills
  • Mag Feature Update
  • Limited-time Emergency Quest
  • New Collaboration Scratch
  • Limited-time "Creator Collaboration" NPC
  • Advance Quest Update

Early Summer ~ Summer

  • Interlocking Web event
  • New Casino Game
  • Limited-time Collaboration Nyau
  • Lobby System Update
  • New Limited Quest
  • New Collab Scratch
  • Limited-time Creator Collaboration NPC
  • PSO 15th Anniversary Boss
  • PSO 15th Anniversary Team Room


~ Ultimate Quest Lillipa ~
~ Coming Late April ~
13 Stars Aren't Only For Anga


PSO2es Chips

PSO2es 1 Year Anniversary Event

  • March 25th ~ April 22nd.
  • Seraphy will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear Seraphy's Client Orders to receive Chip Fragments (Bronze / Silver / Gold)
  • Collect those Chip Fragments to receive items that are available for a limited time.
  • You can also obtain Chip Fragments in PSO2es.


Infinity Es

PSO2es March Update

  • PSpo2 Infinity and PSO2 -ON STAGE- Chips
  • EQ Improvements: Increase your score by assisting other players.


Nova 105

 Phantasy Star Nova: Version 1.05

  • Level Cap 200
  • Extra Hard difficulty
  • New Quests
  • New Skills
  • Higher Gran Arts Level Cap
  • New ★13, ★14, and ★15 weapons.
  • New Cold Sleep Crew Members
  • New Operators
  • Kisara and Rietheia as Party Members
  • Weapon Extensions
  • Character Re-Creation.
  • Available in March

Nova DLC Schedule

  • Feb 26th
    • Sunshout's Story Episode 2
    • Garnet's Story: Episode 2
  • Mar 5th
    • Memory Fragment Recovery
    • Super Rappy Time
  • Mar 12th
    • Time Attack (Fire Highgrounds)
    • Point Attack (Gigantic Spire)


 Nova Drama CD

Phantasy Star Nova Drama CD

  • Releases March 25th
  • Product Codes for EXP Boosts


 APSY Plastic Model PSO2

Kotobukiya x PSO2

  • Plastic-model Casts designed by Masaki Asai.
  • They'll appear in-game around May



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  1. Sakai apologized that ep3 will take longer than previous episodes, but promised that there will be certainly something big in summer regardless.
    Dat ultimate tho.

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