PSO2 JP: Get Camos of Legendary Weapons with WEAPONS Badges 2016

~ February 10th, 2016 ~


Valentine Event

Valentine's day is coming up, and PSO2 is celebrating with a pink heart-filled lobby. Open up all the gift boxes spread around the Valentine Lobby and see what happens!


Euclita Chocolate 2016

The seasonal [Where's the Chocolate? 2016] Emergency Quest is back again. Heat things up in the Volcanic Caves and help out all the lovely ARKS ladies, now including Euclita! Also, be on the lookout for a special Diabo, as he will drop equipment with the [Mutation II] special ability.


Love Sincere

Defeat Love Rappies for a chance to receive the [Love Sincere] launcher.


PS Festa 2016 Online Event

To commemorate the Phantasy Star Festa 2016, Sega will release a new limited quest! [Incarnations of Darkness] sends players to the Floating Facility to battle all types of enemies and bosses, including Dio Hunar and Gal Gryphon. As you gain points during the quest, the chance for rare Emergency Trials to occur rises. You may even spot NPCs like Nagisa, Rico, or Flowen along the way.


Weapons Badge 2016

As an added bonus, you can earn 2016 Weapon Badges by playing the Limited Quest.


Phantasy Star Festa 2016 Banner Small

A new WEB panel event will also launch during this period, tasking players with defeating specific bosses to rack up points. The total points earned will be updated regularly on the event's official site. Rewards will be earned if enough points are accumulated to clear the objective.

PSO2es players can earn some points too by playing specific quests.


PS Festa 2016 Bingo & Exchange Shop

Angely Heart

We're finally getting our first PS Festa 2016 Bingo card, complete with rewards such as gold weapon badges and the [*Angely Heart ] rod weapon camo.


Thrust Heavy Heart

Xie will return to the lobby, sporting a Festa t-shirt and Rico's accessories. Joining her is PSPo2i's Nagisa, with new client orders available from both. Among the rewards is a [*Thrust Heavy Heart ] weapon camo for wired lances.


Aside from her orders, Xie also offers the chance to acquire some weapon camos from previous Phantasy Star games through her Festa 2016 Exchange Shop. First you'll need Gold Weapon Badges 2016, which can be obtained from the previously mentioned limited quest.

In addition, last year's weapon badges can be traded in for the new ones.


Street Style Snap (AC Scratch)

フロンティアガイド・シリーズ ● (Frontier Guide Series)
フロンティアガイド・シリーズ ● Frontier Guide Series

More layered costumes are on the way with a selection of highly versatile Tokyo style casual wear. The new uniforms donned by the ARKS ship staff will also appear in the scratch. Try mixing together both styles for a unique look!


Wool Coat Set
ウールコート[Ou] ● Wool Coat [Ou]
ショートパンツ[Ba] ● Shorts [Ba]
レース1影 [In] ● Lace 1 Shadow [In]
    ボアジャケット[Ou] (Boa Jacket [Ou])     デニムスカート[Ba] (Denim Skirt [Ba])     レース1[In] (Lace 1 [In])
ボアジャケット[Ou] ● Boa Jacket [Ou]
デニムスカート[Ba] ● Denim Skirt [Ba]
レース1[In] ● Lace 1 [In]
モッズコート[Ou] (Mod Coat [Ou])     ラフジーンズ[Ba] (Rough Jeans [Ba])     タンクトップ1[In] (Tank Top 1 [In])
モッズコート[Ou] ● Mod Coat [Ou]
ラフジーンズ[Ba] ● Rough Jeans [Ba]
タンクトップ1[In] ● Tank Top 1 [In]
Frontier Lead Series
フロンティアリード・シリーズ ● Frontier Lead Series
Frontier Xiera
フロンティアインカム ● Frontier Intercom
フロンテイアツインテール ● Frontier Twin Tail
フロンティアグラス ● Frontier Glasses


Emergency Quest Schedule Changes

Just a heads up, SEGA changed a portion of the Emergency Quest Schedule due to a bug with Annihilator's Apparition. The following quests will be held in its place on the following dates.

Schedule Changes

  • 1/30 @ 13:00 「Annihilator's Apparition」 → 「Mining Base Demise」
  • 2/01 @ 14:00 「Annihilator's Apparition」 → 「Mining Base Demise」



11 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Get Camos of Legendary Weapons with WEAPONS Badges 2016”

    1. Possibly some sort of bug arose from trying to add candies/eggs to Magatsu's drop pool. The values for them to drop must've been off, that or something completely else as a result of the update.

  1. Has sega mentioned what will happen with the 2015 badges weapons/items considering they wont be obtainaible anymore?

  2. Dual Bird.

    Oh my goodness Dual Bird.


    Ugh all these things are gorgeous and I feel like a nerdy kid all over again.

  3. Honestly, no rifles in orbit nor scar series… Wtf is sega trying to do…
    Are they also gonna leave rifles out in the 2016 shop? Ohoho…

    1. Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows there's no such thing as rifles. Now pick up your DB set like everyone else.

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