PSO2 JP: Il Megid and Meteor Fist Lends a Hand on April 9th

On April 9th, PSO2 will update with even more PAs and Technics!

New PAs and Technics

Kaizer Rise

カイザーライズ Kaiser Rise

Thrust the wired lance through the ground to unleash an attack towards the sky.


Meteor Fist

メテオフィスト Meteor Fist

Pump your arm towards the sky, and a fist-shaped meteor will rain down on the enemy. The size and number of fists that appear changes at random. Charge it up and it will be easier to see a more powerful attack.


Cosmos Breaker

コスモスブレイカー Cosmos Breaker

Fires a slow moving bullet that pursues the enemy. Results in a large explosion damaging the enemy several times. Although the bullet moves rather slowly, holding down the button will move the bullet further away.


Il Megid

イル・メギド Il Megid

Spawns an arm cloaked in darkness, hitting several enemies in succession.


Super Hard Advance Quests


This update releases Super Hard Advance Quests for Ruins, City, and Dragon Altar. New 11 star drops are available as well.


Forest and Dragons (Stage 51 ~ 60)

EQ Forest Dragons

Clear the last stage to receive even more crimson ores than before. In addition, you can acquire new 11 star items!

Exchange those Bloody Moon spellstones to acquire new BIO weapons from the [Refine Spellstone Shop]. Among them include a wired lance, gunslash, twin dagger, twin machine gun, and talis.


Cosmic School Life AC Scratch

ARKS Blazer M

アークスブレザーM ARKS Blazer M

Just in time for the school entrance ceremonies comes a new AC Scratch with costumes of school uniforms. In addition, players can commemorate Children's Day by wearing samurai warrior costumes and Lillipan suits.


ARKS Blazer F

アークスブレザーF ARKS Blazer F


School Swimwear

スクールスイムウェア School Swimwear


Warrior Costume A

新光漢大鎧: Pristine Grand Armor
(Shinko Kan O-yoroi)


Warrior Costume B

新光女恋鎧: Pristine Lovely Armor
(Shinko Jo Koi-yoroi)

Help suggest better names for the samurai armor.
Thanks: MountainLynx

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