PSO2es (Smartphone) Service Begins in Spring 2014!

Phantasy Star Online 2es is almost here! An open beta will start early April. Using your PC/Vita account, you can access certain shared character data across each version. 

PSO2es Specs [Android Version]

  • OS: Android 4.0.0+
  • Required Space: 300MB+
  • Internal Memory: 1GB+
  • Account: Google Play  (Sega ID required to provide interlocking features.)
  • Connection: Internet Service is Required
  • Cost: Free to Play (with Cash Items)

Sega suggests closing other applications when running PSO2es. Additional storage space is required for future updates. Since this is an online application, an internet connection is required to play.

Recommended Device List

  • SO-01E (XPERIA AX) 
  • SO-02E (Xperia Z)  
  • SO-04E (Xperia A)
  • SC-03E (GALAXY S III α)
  • SC-04E (GALAXY S4)
  • SOL22 (Xperia UL)
  • Nexus 7 (2013)




PSO2es Interlocking Features

A list of features that shares data across versions.

PSO2es Data

Your character's physical appearance, meseta, AC, FUN, and item pack data are interconnected across versions.

  • This does not apply to the storage box.
  • Weapon Camos are currently not supported in the smartphone version.
  • Some accessories are not displayed.


PSO2 es Mag Raising

PSO2 es Item Lab

You can carry over some EXP across games. In addition, you can raise your mag, and strengthen your weapons and units.

  • There's a cap on the amount of EXP that carries over based on the class level.

PSO2es AC Play

You can play AC Scratch from your smartphone!

PSO2es Premium Set

With Premium Set, you can receive alerts for Emergency Quests one hour before they're set to appear on your ship.

Sakai hinted at revealing the service launch date within the next Live Broadcast. See you soon!


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