PSO2 JP: Late January Tidbits

Shougai passed along some details from the latest Famitsu and Dengeki about the update coming up in late January. Instead of calling it "Courageous Leader" we'll borrow the name chosen from the PSO2Blog as it fits the theme for Valentines Day.


Valorous Vanguard Update – Late January

New Quests

走破演習:ナベリウスⅡ Marathon Practice : Naberius II

  • Time Attack Quest
  • Planet Naberius
  • Dark Ragne (Boss)
  • Fang Banther (Mid)

チョコレートの行方 Where's the Chocolate?

  • Limited Time Emergency Quest
  • Multiparty Quest
  • Planet Amduscia Caves
  • Normal: Enemy Lv 16+
  • Hard: Enemy Lv 36+
  • Very Hard: Enemy LV 46+
  • Predicahda
  • Caterdrahl (Seen at the Quest Counter)
  • ???

Limited Time Seasonal Event "Valentine"

  • Valentine's Lobby with decorations.
  • Until February 21st
  • Shii (Xie) is back!
  • Love Rappy for a limited time.
  • ^ Unknown Rare Drop

Sweet Honey Valentine Scratch

  • Pink Rappy Suit
  • More than 4 New Costumes!
  • Hilbert Series (Female Cast)
  • Volcano Backer and Volcano 'Met (blurry)
  • Crater Veil and Crater Fadel (blurry)
  • Pâtissier Apron (Naura Cake Sisters Costume)
  • Pâtissier Cap (Naura Cake Sisters Costume)

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