PSO2 JP: Valentine's Update!

On January 23rd, our next update "Valorous Vanguard" heads to PSO2 with a new scratch, class level 55, and Valentine's lobby! But what's this?

Advanced Quests in February!?

Advance Quests are coming in early to mid February. We don't have much information about them other than they are intended for high level players. However, the update coming January 23rd will release class level 55. There will be no additional skills for that level but you won't have to clear a client order in order to reach it.


Valentine's Event!

Love Rappy

From January 23rd to February 20th, 2013, the Arks Lobby will be transformed into a Valentine's Lobby featuring pink hearts and teddy bears! During this time, you can hunt for the rare "Love Rappy" who will drop an exclusive item.


Valentine's Xie

Yes, Shii (Xie) is back handing out special client orders for a limited time!

Also from January 23rd through February 20th, the Naura Cake Sisters will appear in a new Emergency Quest titled "チョコレート の行方 / Where's the Chocolate / The Chocolate's Whereabouts." Within this quest, the Cake Sisters will sell their decadent Valentine's Day chocolate.


Valentine Quest

In this quest, various female NPCs, one by one, will ask for assistance.


 Marathon Practice Naberius II

Naberius Marathon II

Marathon Practice: Naberius II has players racing across the entire planet facing a multitude of enemies along the way. Eventually the party will split up, and depending on the chosen route, you may even have to face the Fang Banther.


Sweet Honey Valentine Scratch

Naura Apron

パティシエプロン Pâtissier Apron
パティシエキャップ Pâtissier Cap

On January 23rd, a new scratch titled "Sweet Honey Valentine" will release the Cake Sisters' costume, "Pâtissier Apron," along with a new "Pink Ribbon" accessory. An assortment of volcano-themed costumes and parts will also be available during this update.


Crater Costume

クラテルファドル Crater Fadl
クラテルヴェール Crater Veil


Volcano Costume

ヴォルカノパッカー Volcano Packer
ヴォルカノメット Volcano Helmet

Sympathy 2013 Concert

Sympathy 2013

The Sympathy 2013 concert takes place on March 30th, 2013 in Japan. Everyone who purchases a ticket and attends the concert will receive a pamphlet that contains codes for music themed room items, a guitar, four BGM discs and a sticker. Only those in attendance can receive the item codes.

Guitar Case

ギターケース Guitar Case (Assault Rifle)



進化デバイス/ソニチ Mag Device/Sonichi

Four Music Discs

  • "IDOLA" have the immortal feather
  • "IDOLA" have the divine blade
  • Two other songs.


  • Phantasy Star 25th Anniversary Logo

PSO2 Vita Beta Report

As of today, we had two beta tests, one on the 15th, and another on the 17th. The beta didn't suffer from any major problems and was for the most part stable. Despite 3G connections having some lag, there weren't any major problems along that way either. 

Compared to previous beta tests, the Vita Beta test went along smoothly. Because of this, they will examine whether they will add more players to the test starting next week. If it continues to be stable during the weekend, they'll even consider extending the playtime for the Beta Test.

After examining posts around twitter (and forums) Sakai wants to address the following points:

  • PSVita ver is free to play and download just like the PC version. There is a retail special package version which you can optionally purchase. If you buy that version, you'll get item codes to further enhance your experience (Clothes/Mag/Music/etc). Plus you get the added benefit of only having to download updates rather than the entire game itself.
  • PSO2 is an online only game. To prevent cheating and allow characters to play across PC and Vita versions, your save data is stored online. Though you're not able to do this in the Vita Closed Beta Test, in the Official Release version, there's going to be an offline character creator. There's also another offline feature which you've probably saw posted here the other day. It's a distinctive feature of the PlayStation Vita.
  • PS Vita version and PC version can use the same characters. Though you have to start from scratch in the Closed Beta Test, in the Official Version, you can play with your PC characters on the PSVita by linking your pre-existing SEGA ID with your SEN ID.
  • PC and Vita players can play together. After the release of the Vita version, there will be PC Exclusive Blocks and PC+Vita blocks. PC players playing on these blocks will see some slight alterations. Some fields will be slightly smaller, there will be fewer enemies appearing at the same time, PSE Bursts last longer, and two emergency trials at the same time. Depending on the situation, they MAY decide to add PS Vita exclusive blocks.
  • The Closed Beta Test game data and AC are reset after the test is over. However, if you raise your character to level 10, you'll receive some gifts after the test is over. (A Riser /Nacht, Photon Sphere, FUN 500 Ticket)
  • If you want to chat, you have to long press the chat icon at the lower right corner of the screen.

Vita Controls

操作設定 Control Settings Screen

If you want your controls to be similar to the PC Gamepad, follow this tip. In the options screen, the first entry "操作設定" lets you change your control type.

通常視点操作 Normal POV 

Below this entry you'll see タイプ1 Type 1 and タイプ2 Type 2. By default Type 1 has similar controls to the Portable Series. Type 2 is more in line with the PC Gamepad. Type 2 could come in handy for those who are annoyed with dodge rolling and picking up items.

You can enter TPS style by pressing the right arrow key, and again to disable it. You can press the left key to activate/deactivate autorun.

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