PSO2 JP: Level 70 Easter Festival!



Easter Event

Eg Paska

エグパスカ Egg Paska

Easter shall arrive in PSO2 from April 23rd through May 21st. Players can acquire new Easter themed item drops like the rod weapon camo [*Eoslente], or the egg shaped launcher [Egg Paska].


Wild Easter

[Wild Easter] is a new Emergency Quest available for a limited time. Huey and Xie want the Easter festival to be a success, however, they'll need your assistance in repelling the Darker threat. The super hard version of the quest not only has level 70 enemies, but may also spawn a certain Emergency Trial.


Mr Boin

Mr. Bowan, a super-dimensional enemy, can also appear in this Emergency Quest. Though his HP is high, if you manage to defeat him, you'll earn the [+300% Rare Drop Boost] effect for 5 minutes.


Class Level 70 + New Skills and Photon Arts!

Element Conversion

On April 23rd, the cap will be raised to level 70, pushing the subclass EXP cap to level 50! Expect to see new skills in every class!

Hunter [Fury Gear Boost]

  • Applies when Hunters are the main class.
  • During Fury Stance, it increases the amount the gear rises for Sword, Wired Lance, and Partisan gear.

Fighter [Critical Strike]

  • Applies when Fighters are the main class.
  • Increases both critical hit chances and critical hit damage.

Ranger [Sharp Shooter]

  • Applies when Rangers are the main class.
  • Damage increases when an attack hits an enemy far away.

Gunner [High Time]

  • Applies when Gunners are the main class.
  • During [Showtime], attack power rises when the player hasn't taken any damage.

Force [Element Conversion]

  • Applies when Force is the main class.
  • When casting a tech with an element that matches its weapon, bonus damage is given based on the weapon's elemental value.

Techer [Long Time Assist]

  • Applies when Techer is the main class.
  • Greatly extends the duration of Shifta and Deband. When used together with [Extend Assist], one cast can reach a maximum of 180 seconds.

Braver [Counter Edge]

  • Triggered by a Katana Counter.
  • During a Katana Counter, it produces a more powerful frontward slash with the ability to penetrate enemies.

Braver [Rapid Shoot Advance]

  • Reduces [Rapid Shoot] recast time.
  • Increases PP recovery through normal attacks during [Rapid Shoot]

Braver skills were the only two that made no mention of requiring a main class.

 Volg Raptor

ヴォルグラプター Volg Raptor

Pierces the enemy with a spear of light, it tallies the damage, then explodes. Charge it up for increased power.


Million Storm

ミリオンストーム Million Storm

When the button is held down, it fires numerous rounds of arrows until PP is exhausted. Though you are immobilized, you can choose to aim it at a different direction.


Il Zan

イル・ザン Il Zan

Launches a penetrating tornado that travels down a straight line. Enemies caught near the storm are sucked in and brought down.

 Kazan Nadeshiko

カザンナデシコ Kazan Nadeshiko

From calm and controlled movements, you let down a mighty blow!


 Mag System Updates

Mag Changing Pass

So far you needed to use an evolution device each time you wanted to change the appearance of your mag. But with this new feature, you can obtain a [Mag Changing Pass] from the Recycle Shop that lets you choose from a list of evolution devices used after the April 23rd update. Though your current mags are automatically included in the list, mag devices used prior to April 23rd will not appear among the list of choices.


Mag Feeder

Now you can give your mag 7~9★ items, with a confirmation window displayed prior to feeding them. Food Devices are also beefed up, strong enough to make a Lv 100+ mag gain a level.

 Crafting System Updates

Lv 40 Craft

On April 23rd, the crafting system will add new recipes and extend the level cap to 40.  Equipment Extensions will see high extend level recipes, and 11★ crafting recipes will make their debut.


Tech Recipe 2

[Technic Recipe 2] will be different from [Recipe 1], with increased merit values and new special effects.

Il-technics will also make their appearance with such recipes like; expanded range for Il Foie, or increased projectile speed for Il Grants.


Daily Craft

Craft items for your favorite NPCs! Daily Crafts enable you to craft for a variety of NPCs whose request changes each day. You'll get to see new NPCs like Jasper, who requests equipment extensions, and Whittier, who'd like some technics customized. But did you know, that on a certain day, a mysterious new NPC might pop in? Make sure to stop by each day and check to see which NPCs appear.


Craft Ex Maker

So far you've seen the "Builder" series, so let's take a moment to introduce something else. [Craft Ex Maker] and [Craft Tech Maker] are a new line of crafting support items. They have the ability to increase the chances of "Great Success" for their respective crafts.


Episode 2: Chapter 5

Mother Ship

It has all come down to this, what mysteries will be unraveled in this new story quest. The quest takes place on a sacred new field known as the "Mother Ship," where even the ARKS are generally prohibited from entering.

Falz Angel

Inside the story you'll encounter Falz Angel, who has the ability to summon Darkers who self destruct after serving their time.


More Advance and Extreme Quests!

The wait is finally over, three new advance quests are coming on April 23rd! Coast, Quarry, and Seabed join the ranks with Very Hard and Super Hard difficulties. Similarly to other advance quests, the Super Hard versions will drop new 11★ items!


Extreme Quest Ruins

[Ruins and Oceanids: Stage 51 ~ 60] will not only have Seabed enemies, but will also have panels that simulate the underwater effect. Be on guard, as this effect puts enemies into a ferocious state.

After you're done, pick up some Phantom Nights, and head to the Refine Spellstone shop to receive some new Bio weapons. 


Phantastic Camera Angles

Digi Ichi 2

From the quick menu comes a new option that lets you adjust the camera's angle and position. Put your photography skills to the test by selecting up to three camera angles within the ARKS Lobby and quests.


OTP Storage

One-time Password account holders have access to an exclusive storage box that can hold up to 200 items.


Name Changer

Chara Name PSO2jp

Accidentally typed in your password as a Player ID? Well fear not, now you can change it for a hefty fee. Character names can be changed once every 30 days. After the initial change, you must wait 30 days before it's possible to change it again. Player ID names can only be changed once, so choose wisely!


 Deformed Faces

Super Deformed PSO2

Be the cutest character on the block when you apply the new super deformed face type.


New Cut-In Chat

New Cutins

Have more fun mingling in the lobby with the new "Winking" facial expression cut-in.


Matter Board Makeover!

Matter Board 3

The Matter Board's design went through a complete makeover. The icons will now display the goal of each orb.


Sub-Palette Upgrade

Subpallette set

Booster and Food items can be set on the sub-palette.


Damage Colors

Ranger Damage

Striking Damage / Ranged Damage / Tech Damage

A new setting in options will let the HP bar show three different colors based on the damage type.


 New Chat Commands

New chat commands lets you change your main palette, sub-palette, weapon camo, costumes, and parts.


Crafting Convenience

Now you can check out your craft license, recipes, and achievements from the My Room and Craft Console terminal.


 Other Adjustments 

Ranger Class Adjustments

  • Adjusted the speed of the ranger's firing stance for normal attacks and some PAs.
  • Reduced the amount of time the character stops moving after Dive Rolls.
  • Made improvements to the Assault Rifle's bullet spread during movement with normal attacks.
  • Made improvements to One Point's bullet spread.
  • Improved some Assault Rifle and Launcher PA power and reduced their PP consumption.


Techer Class Adjustments

Adjusted the skill points for learning the following Techer skills:

  • Territory Burst
  • Wind Mastery 2
  • Light Mastery 2
  • Dark Mastery 2
  • Wand Lovers

With this change, an all skill tree reset item will be distributed.


Photon Arts Adjustments

Buffed the strength of the following PAs at Lv. 16:

  • Over End
  • Slide End
  • Tornado Dance


Photon Blast Adjustments

  • Increased power based on the Mag's level.
  • Each photon blast category will have improved performance through their power, range, hit number, and homing abilities.


[?Special Weapon] Adjustments

  • Special Weapons can receive up to a +5 grind during appraisals.
  • High ranking and new exclusive special abilities may even appear.

These changes will apply to [?Special Weapons] acquired after the update.


Ranking Adjustments

The following adjustments will be made to Weekly Ranking and Interrupt Ranking.

  • Expanded which ranks on the leader board are applicable to receive a reward.
  • Improved the contents of the ranking rewards.


AC Scratch Radical Laboratory

Eloise Alcuria

イロイスアルキュリア Iloise Alcuria†



セミナリオントール Seminar Riontol†


Hamano Ikusa

ハマノイクサ Hamano Ikusa



ピオニア・シリーズ Peonia Series†



グラニーダ・シリーズ Granida Series†

[†The names for some costumes have yet to be confirmed.]



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