PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (12/21/2016)

Chase ESCA Falz Mother across the moon's surface in a new update!

December 21st Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 12/21/2016 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 12/20/2016 @ 8:55 PM ~ 3:30 AM EST

PSO2es will receive an Emergency Quest Ranking Event after this maintenance.

December 21st Patch

  • Launcher: Version 04.00.02
  • Client: ver. 4.0601.3
  • Patch Size: 33 MB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 52 MB (Vita)

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Famitsu CUP Rewards

Web Panel Rewards (1)

  • 1000 FUN Ticket (x1)
  • +100% Tribooster (x1)
  • Free Salon Pass (x1)
  • Color Change Pass (x1)
  • Grind Skip (→5) (x3)
  • Grind Success (100%) (x3)
  • +50% Great Grind Success Rate (x1)
  • 200 SG Ticket (x1)

Web Panel Rewards (2)

  • Head Riding Luther (x1) (Accessory)
  • Head Riding Matoi (x1) (Accessory)
  • VD「一位の責務 」  (x1) (Music Disc)
  • Profound Darkness Doll (x1) (Room Item)

You have until January 25th to claim the prizes.

New Pet

  • レドラン Redran (or Redoran)

New Emergency Quest

  • 月駆ける幻創の母 Racing the Phantom Mother

※ The quest requires a main and sub class level of 75 on Extra Hard.
※ The quest can only be cleared once per ship. 

We'll update the name in the calendar to reflect the English Patch's selection.

Partial New Item Listing

New Boss

エスカファルス・マザー(ESCA Falz Mother)

New Collection File

  • 幻創の母コレクション Phantom Mother Collection
  • Available until April 19th, 2017

New Client Orders

  • Added new Client Orders

New Rarity

  • ★14 Rarity Added for Weapons

Treasure Shop

  • Added items to the Treasure Shop

Event Chronicle

  • Added Vivienne and Emilia scenes to the Event Chronicle

AC Scratch (PSUBlog Only)

  • We're shortening the names of some Persona 5 outfits so that they fit within PSO2's character limits. However, they'll still technically overflow with the color variations added.


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • ARKS Leagues are typically 3 hours long. Check the event itself for details on its duration.


New Registration Campaign #37

Newcomers to PSO2 can receive a pack of beginner items by registering a new Sega ID and playing the game within the campaign period!

Campaign Period

  • December 21st – January 25th


  • 3000 EXP Ticket (x5)
  • Evo. Device / Red Puyo
  • Rear / Fresh Aura
  • Half Doll

PSO2 accounts created prior to the start of this campaign do not qualify for the prizes. The campaign specifically targets new registrations for PSO2, not PSO2es.

Prize Pickup Expiration

  • Available instantly but expires March 1st, 2017


Communication Campaign #3

Let's clear Team Orders with fellow members to receive prizes like Star Gems and Lambda Grinders.

Campaign Period

  • December 21st ~ January 11th

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Play in a team in which there were two or more members who cleared a Team Order during the campaign period.

  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • Lambda Grinder (x3)

(2) Play in a team in which there were four or more members who cleared a Team Order during the campaign period.

  • 40 SG Ticket (x2)
  • Lambda Grinders (x3)
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)

Your affiliated team at the end of the campaign period qualifies for the prize. Transferring to another ship will change that eligibility to the new team you’ve joined after the transfer.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Early February



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