Phantasy Star Online 2es (Smartphone Version Guide)

Phantasy Star Online 2es is the smartphone version of the popular online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2! Players utilize an arsenal of chips with various effects to fight against enemy forces.


Google Play Balance does not work outside of Japan. Credit and Debit cards will still work to purchase ARKS Cash.

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July 17th Update


es scratch
Yasminkov 8000C enjoys a summer vacation! She is always waaaaaaay too pretty so avoid staring at her.

Chip Description

① Boosts attack power by 110% + 10%(x) the number of Weaponoid chips equipped.
SP: Boosts attack power by 120% + 10%(x) the number of Weaponoid chips equipped. [Q-Frame]
② All normal attacks, PAs and Techs become Just Attacks.
[Effect Duration] Long

Yasminkov 8000C [Summer Vacation]
Available until July 31st

① Increase power dramatically. [F-Frame]
② Further slightly boosts the effect of ① in boss battles and Tower Quests based on the number of Wind chips equipped.
③ Extends the effect duration when this chip is activated if a Wind chip is in this chip's link slot.
④ Reduces the chip cost of Wind Photon Arts / Technics while this chip is equipped.
[Effect Duration] Long

Flow Razor
Available until August 7th

① Increases damage based on the number of light chips equipped.
Reduces CP consumption based on the number of light chips equipped.
[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Effect Duration] Long

Amnesiac Girl Matoi [TCG]
過去を失いし少女 マトイ[TCG]
Available until July 24th

① Boosts damage by 27% each time you use a PA or Tech. (Maximum boost: 135%)
② Increases lightning element value.
[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Effect Duration] Long

Dream Master
Available until August 7th
▼▼ AC version of this esScratch ▼▼

① Greatly increases ATK.
② Heavily increases power for Fire, Lightning, and Light PA/Technic chips.

[Trigger Condition] Just Attacks
[Duration] Normal

Personifier of Justice Hitsugi [Premium]
正義の具現者 ヒツギ[プレミアム]
Available until August 21st


—{PSO2es Main Guide}—


PSO2es Tidbits and Information

  • PSO2es is region-locked in the Google Play Store. Please use the .apk file linked at the top of this post to install the game.
  • Everyone starts at level 1 regardless of their PC/Vita/PS4 progress.
  • The current PSO2es level cap is Lv. 85.
  • Subclasses are not available in PSO2es.
  • Accessory Slot 2 and 3 are not available in PSO2es.
  • Some accessories will not display in PSO2es.
  • You can not log into PSO2 and PSO2es at the same time.
  • PSO2es friends list is separate from the PC/Vita/PS4 version.
  • You can obtain campaign items by pressing the item bag icon in your mailbox.
    • Rewards like Rappy Medals and OP Meds can be retrieved from your mailbox.
  • PSO2es has its own exclusive Emergency Quests.
  • PSO2es has Push Notifications to alert you of PSO2 and PSO2es Emergency Quests.
  • Those with active [Premium Sets] will receive notifications 1 hour in advance for PSO2 Emergency Quests.
  • You can purchase AC with your Google Wallet directly within PSO2es.
  • Some items in PSO2es will drop with the [Soul Receptor], [Factor Receptor] and [Extreme Receptor] special abilities. When used during affixing, it greatly boosts the success rates of soul, factor and Flict/Alter type abilities.
  • Players can receive rare drops daily through the [Quick Search] button. Check the [Quick Search] toggle in this guide for more details.

pso2es options 1

Step 1: Login Menu

Select オプション (Options) at the Login menu.

Step 2: Options Menu

Select プッシュ通知設定 (Push Notification Settings) at the Options Menu.

Step 3: Push Notification Settings

Touch [ON/OFF] to toggle the notifications.


  • Receive alerts from PSO2es Administration


  • Receive [Assistance Request] alerts for PSO2es Emergency Quests.


  • Receive alerts for Emergency Quests 15 minutes before they appear in PSO2.


  • Receive alerts for Emergency Quests 1 hour in advance for PSO2.

Shop Menu

After you reach the lobby menu, tap the [Shopping Basket] icon at the bottom of the screen. This opens a menu like in the screenshot above.

Shop Menu

  • ACチャージ Buy AC
  • ACショップ AC Shop
  • プレミアムセット使用 Premium Set


An age confirmation screen may appear during your initial ARKS Cash purchase. Input your birth year and birth month and press the bottom button to continue. This birthday check limits the amount of AC a minor can purchase within a certain time period.


Arks CashIncrements

Tap the amount you wish to purchase. A Google wallet window will pop up asking you to verify your payment information.

Players who linked their PSO2 accounts will receive [EXP 15,000] tickets for each day they log in.

[Account Based Login Bonus] Rewards

  • Day 1 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 2 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 3 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 4 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)
  • Day 5 = 2x [EXP 15,000] Tickets or (4x tickets for premium)

EXP Tickets can not be used in PSO2es. These tickets will be sent either to your Item Pack or your Mailbox if your Item Pack is full.

Collection Search

New Feature: Collection Search

Collection Search allows you to slightly fill your Collection Sheet gauges in PSO2es! You can access this in the PSO2連動 menu in PSO2es.


Collection Search Quick Rundown

  • You can use this feature for FREE once per day.
  • Using it 2 or more times a day will cost AC.
  • Collection Search usage will reset at 5am JST each day.
  • When the gauge is maxed out, you'll need to pick up the item in PSO2.


There's also a chance for your Collection Search to be [Very Successful]. When this happens, the gauge will increase at a higher rate than normal.

PSO2es Storage

PSO2es Storage(1)

Players with linked accounts will gain access to PSO2es storage by logging into PSO2es. This storage box contains 100 item slots. Since this storage is ship based, items stored within PSO2es Storage will not transfer along with you when you change Ships.

Players who fail to log into PSO2es within 30 days will not be able to place items into PSO2es Storage. You may still take items out of PSO2es Storage even if you don't log into PSO2es within 30 days.




Keep a periodic backup of your 16-digit device transfer code.
You may not be able to log into the game if you lose this code!
Check "Device Transfer" tab in the guide for more details.


Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Phantasy Star Online 2es. Throughout the game you will be assisted by Seraphy who will be teaching you the ins and outs through various tutorials. After installing the game you will be given a menu with several choices. Click on the tabs below to see an explanation of the various functions.

Startup & Configurations

First time Player

Initial Screen

  • 初めてプレイする (First Time Players)
  • ファンタシースターオンライン2をプレイしている (PSO2 Players)
  • 端末を引き継ぐ >> (Device Transfer)

If you are a first time player, press the button on the left. If you already have an account with PSO2, select the button on the right.

Device Transfers allow you to restore your character data onto another device. This will be displayed as a 16 digit code which must be copied and kept in a safe place for future reference. During PSO2's initial startup, you may enter the code here to access your previous data. This code can be retrieved from the Lobby Menu. However, if you have forgotten your 16 digit code, there is a new button to send the code to the email address registered to the SEGA ID.

Click on the [Device Transfer] tab for more information.

Customize Character

First Time Players

After selecting First Time Players, you will be sent to the character creation interface. After selecting the race, gender, and class, you will be presented with two buttons that ask whether to:

  • ゲームをはじめる (Begin the Game)
  • キャラクターをカストマイズする (Customize the Character)

If you select the bottom option, you will have to download another patch to enable the character customization feature.


PSO2 Players

After the initial startup, you can login with your SEGA ID and Password. The checkboxes below each entry will save that content for future use. Next, select a character to start the lengthy tutorial.

Do you have A SEGA ID?

If you currently do not have a SEGA ID, press the button on the left. If you do have a SEGA ID, press the button on the right.

Login 16 Digit Code

Forgot your 16 Digit Code?

If you have forgotten your 16 digit password, you can press the button on the lower right corner to send the password to the email address registered with the SEGA ID.

16 Digit Pass Forgot

Secret Password Retrieval

Press the button on the left to send the 16 digit code to the email address registered on the SEGA ID account.

Login Menu

Login Menu

  • キャラクター切り替え : Switch Characters
  • オプション: Options
  • ゲームをはじめる: Start Game

Switch Character Menu

PSO2es Switch Character


Switch Character Menu

  • PSO2es専用キャラクター: PSO2es Exclusive Character
  • PSO2連動キャラクター: PSO2 Linked Character
  • 端末認証: Device Authentication


Device Authentication

Those without a SEGA ID push the left button, and those who have one should push the right button.

For more information on Device Authentication, please click the "Device Transfers" tab.


Login Bonus Screen

Collect stamps and receive rewards when you login each day!


Traveling Companion Rewards

Whenever someone uses your character as a traveling companion, a screen will display upon logging in showing the amount of FUN you received since you last logged in.


Recovering the Transfer Code

Login 16 Digit Code

Forgot your 16 Digit Code?

If you try to login to PSO2es on another device, you will be required to enter a 16 digit code. If you have forgotten your 16 digit password, you can press the button on the lower right corner to send the password to the email address registered with the SEGA ID.


16 Digit Pass Forgot

Secret Password Retrieval

Press the button on the left to send the 16 digit code to the email address registered on the SEGA ID account.


Preserving the Transfer Code

PSO2es offers the option of letting you save your Transfer Code for future use. In order to access this, you'll need to tap the [その他 Other] button in the Main Menu. Afterwards tap the first button with the yellow gears.


Once this menu opens up, tap the button with the little cell phone icon: Device Transfer Info [端末引き継ぎ情報].


Clicking the large button automatically copies the code to the clipboard. Save this code in a location that can be accessed off of your cellphone.


Basic Maneuver

Seraphy will teach you basic combat operations throughout the tutorial. You can swipe the screen in each direction to dash out of an oncoming attack and tap on the screen to attack each enemy. You may switch targets by tapping the arrows at the left and right side of the screen.

Main Palette

You'll obtain various chips along the way, and equip them to your chip palette. We'll talk about chips in more detail in another section. However for the sake of this tutorial, you'll need to know that some chips act as healing items, and some are photon arts that may require certain weapon types.





The Main Lobby

After completing the tutorial, you’ll be transported to the main lobby. This menu will provide access to an assortment of features.


Learn About The Main Menu


Emergency Quests

eq in progress es

Emergency Quests contain rare bosses that appear for a limited period of time. You can participate in the quest by pressing the [Depart] button that appears when an Emergency Quest is available. These quests use their own form of energy called Operation Points, indicated by the OP Bar at the top of the screen.


Learn About Emergency Quests


The Chip System

PSO2es Chip System

Chips have two major categories:

  • Active Chips have a white corner, must be activated manually, and consume CP.
  • Support Chips have a black corner, activates automatically under certain conditions.

Each chip has a certain element attached. Equip the best combination of chips to dramatically increase your elemental values.


Chip Details

Chip Details

Long press on a chip to access more detailed information.

Chip Details (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

  • Cost
  • Chip Lv.
  • Element
  • Max Chip Lv.
  • HP
  • Pts until Next Level
  • CP
  • Class Bonus
  • Description
  • (Ability Lv. and Activation Rate) or (CP Consumption)

There are several different styles of chips, we'll outline each of these in the following tabs:


PSO2es Chip Library

PSO2es Chip Database

Click the button below to see descriptions of chips!

View the Chip Library





205 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2es (Smartphone Version Guide)”

  1. Is there any other way to retrieve back your ID data? For some odd reason my game seems to believe that I've changed my phone and need the ID code to reteieve the data.
    It happened after I went overseas so is it something to do with that or sim card change?

  2. So…I am level 43 force in pso2 es. Unlocked techer. I have had the same set of levels to play from since around level 30. Enemies go up to level 48 max I think- the highest quest costs 17 and you fight dark ragne. Does anyone know what is the next stage you unlock and how to unlock it? I already went back through to get max score on every level, but that didn't do anything.

  3. I had to factory reset my device… how i get the device transfer code with out logging ? My es acount was linked to the PC acount… is there any way to get it from PC version?

  4. i have tried multiple times to play this on bluestacks, but every time the screen goes black as if it was gonna start up but then just returns me to the home page. plz let me know how i can fix this…

  5. But is there any way to clear the data from the phone version? so i can for example make a diferent character

    I have tried uninstalling and deleting files but everytime i reinstall the game, it keeps showing me the same char i had

  6. So can i just purchase ac through pso2es using my american google wallet account or do i need a japanese address or something?

  7. is this game region/IP block? because everytime i open the game, press the Touch The Screen, it always show pop up in Hiragana that i don't know what it's mean (too lazy to find every word) i press okay in Hiragana on and on, but that pop up always return after connecting text showed up, i have the latest version of it, 1.3.1, please help me how to connect, i use VPN in my phone but still can't connect too

    1. I connected to the pso2es download servers without a vpn on my phone using via wi-fi (comcast)…..could this mean that they may be opening to some isps? I still cant connect to PSO2 servers still unless I have VPN.

      Gonna respond back after I get an update if I can connect on PSO2es servers or not after download is complete.

    2. yup, as I thought, I have access to pso2es servers and I dont need VPN which is crazy!

  8. is anyone still getting error code 249 ? that is the only thing it keep telling me and preventing me from logging in.and is their an more update story patch?

    1. unless opens up to your ISP, no change will happen. the traceroute of some foreign ISPs get stuck at and SEGA doesnt have to lift a finger about it since players inside Japan is fine. japan is their target audience after all.

    2. There are some instances where the players ISP is blocking the connection automatically in response to the DDoS that occurred, this is to protect their servers from any harm. If you do a tracert and see that it gets stuck at a specific location, you need them to unblock the connection, if all you see is stars, your ISP is blocking it.

    3. Not exactly true. It's just one of several issues going on. traceroutes are getting stuck at different places.

    4. Yeah, SEGA's site for PSO2 and the game servers are being routed through an archaic, horrible, server set-up by

      It's quite terrible, really.

  9. how do i find an item and send to my reg pso2 acct? do i need to do that pso2 link? i tried but nothing "happened" thx

    1. If you have your PSO2es and PSO2 accounts linked, the items will automatically appear in your character's inventory in PSO2.

  10. I'm having login issues in pso2es.
    It says i'm not using half width characters or I'm leaving a field blank.
    I know that I am using half width characters.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

  11. HI, anyone player of pso2 "ES" ?? i play without segaid and i create my character ect… but i want expend my ITEM pack (pack for weapon, unit, costume) becease it's limited at 30 and now i'm block its FULLLLLLLLLLLllll how can i do for expend it ?? thx for your help

    1. From the Main Menu, select the middle left option (Shop/ショップ), then choose the bottom option (AC Shop/ACショップ). It'll take you to a new "location" with three new options, pick the first one (AC Shop/ACショップ) which will bring up a shop listing of a bunch of items. The first two items have dual currencies for both AC and Rappy Coins (in-game reward currency), the first one is your Quest Gauge recharge, the second one is Chip Pack Expansion. One Rappy Coin extends the pack another 10 slots, up to 250, but if you're smart about your chip inventory anything above 100 is just buffer space.

  12. Hi guys!

    How does buying AC work with the iPhone version of ES? I've been trying to find out, but all I can find is how to do it with the Android version.

    Is it just charged to my JP iTunes account, and if so, would I have to link a JP iTunes giftcard to it to purchase AC?

    1. @taaron

      you don't. the android game and regular pso2 are linked, so when you buy ac in one game it shows up in the other. the ios version of es uses a special iac currency which is NOT linked.

      the currency you buy in ios is only usable on your phone, and not in regular pso2. this is why you've only seen guides for android. if you want to buy regular ac, grab your device transfer code from the settings, and then install bluestacks on your computer and setup the android version of es on your pc.

    1. that happens bc the game is region locked, you need to re downlaod the latest apk file here, or spomewhere else on the net tpo play. also the game is under maintenance atm.

  13. Hi first time time play pso2 es. Where do I save the .apk update and how long does it take to to update the game?

    1. It's appear that this app need VPN to bypass ISP now, once I kick up the SofeEther and to process is pass. Soooooo use at our own riks now maybe ?

    1. Haven't seen this error since awhile. It's a very vague error in itself; it just says:

      Server Error has occurred.
      Returning you to the title screen.
      Error Code: 110

      Do you know exactly what you were doing to get this error? And does it happen frequently?

    1. I assume you've attempted to repurchase multiple times to only come across the same error.

      Try and troubleshoot common errors. I've listed some below which may occur:

      1. As Synthsy mentioned, if you're using a connection with poor signal or unstable connectivity, find a stable connection with good signal.

      2. Reinstall and patch the game. As mentioned in point #1, make sure you have good connection signal and stability. Sometimes files can go corrupt.

      3. Try again on a different device (you may need to utilize the device code that is given to you when you sign on in the game).

  14. Hi Ricardo, Do you know if Sega recently add a region check to PSO2es? I tried using the app recently, and could not get through, even with a VPN running. Wondering if it's now a necessity to have a JP gmail account to use es nowadays…

    1. *facepalm* I totally forgot es goes down for maintenance at the same time. Gotcha, I'll try again once the servers are back up. I just hope the shunting was because the servers are down, not because of my gmail location…

    1. The english patch will say it's compatible even if it isn't. It isn't automatic, like the PC tweaker, someone has to update that by hand, manually. So in this case, yes it is normal.

  15. If I have two devices with different google IDs, am I able to log on to my Sega ID account on PSO2es on both devices as long as I've used the transfer code successfully?

    1. Wouldn't matter as you still need your device ID. When logging on from one device, you'll be prompt for device ID. You can only login to 1 device at a time, but have pso2es on multiple devices, given you have the device ID copied, which changes per maint or update.

  16. I was just wondering if I could play this. I did not ever here about it ever coming to mobile yes very sad sad indeed I know. Yet I still want to play it.
    Sooooo. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.

  17. I just recently got interested in PSO2 es, and was hoping to have it installed on my Iphone. Shame i'm only seeing a .apk file which i believe is exclusive to android only, though i remember seeing a one of several comments of people using PSO2 es with a iphone.

    Can someone please explain how to install PSO2 es onto a iphone? All the way from downloading the file (provide link if different from the one on this site), to how does one 'install' the file on a iphone (such as explaining if any necessary programs on my laptop or desktop are needed, i have iFunBox btw). In addition to any other important instructions on finishing up installing it, along with any necessary configurations i would need to run PSO2 es.

    Thanks in advance if you can answer my question promptly.

  18. Apparently theres no 'none' option for card information and i'm not that 'expertise' in the art of google-fu. -_-

  19. Would someone be willing to help me out on setting up the card information for changing the region on my iphone to jpn in order to download PSO2 es's file from the jpn app store? That or maybe be able to provide PSO2es's iphone file and any special instructions that might be necessary to install the package?

    1. Would you happen to know if the Canadian (CAD) "Google Play" gift cards work as well? I once read on the pso world forums that the gift cards don't work, and it had to be through Google Wallet. >.<

    2. Okay, thanks for the confirmation. Sucks that the US Google Play card works but the Canadian one doesn't.

    3. All other currencies of Google Play cards are not acceptable except Google Play card in ¥Yen. I've already spent some ACs using a Japanese Google account with Google Play balance in Yen, w/o needing any credit/debit card.

  20. OK guys need help with re-setting up PSO2 to playable state. So my problem is that I was playing PSO2 a few months back but when I want to play again this week I couldn't log in without a VPN. The last time I played I could without a VPN or proxy but now when I try to log in all the servers have status unknown. Can any1 help me???

    1. I don't have a credit card. Is there any other way to connect to pso2??? If I reinstall PSO2 will I be able to play without a VPN like I was playing 3 months ago???

    1. Make sure you have version 1.7.0 installed on your android or iOS device and have more than 1GB of internal storage.

  21. So, you can't just buy a premium set with google wallet anymore, now you have to buy prefixed amounts? I dont understand how to purchase ac through Es; and of course the one main thing people use es for is given such a short explanation on and isnt made clear on this page.

    1. You've always had to buy a set amount, the cost is cheaper, since no markup as you're buying directly from sega.

    2. Oh yeah, my bad; was just annoyed because the explanation could have been more thorough on this page. Does anyone even seriously play ES? There's so much loading and connecting to server that it makes for a horrible experience.

  22. ive hear of ppl using google play cards in Us. ive also heafrd of ghose that said it didnt work. it supposedly is just thru google wallet.. bc it converts the currency.(at asmall fee) if youve ever used google wallet, you can add cards (pre paid debit/credit etc) and similar to payapal,each payment option u add has its own seperate balancce and google wallet itself has a balance. u transfer funds to wallet (it charges u a fee) and then when u pay for things, choose google wallet,instead of the card that had the actual money on it in the first place. i think the trick to google play is converting your points to wallet money, and then using your google wallet* as payment option. not google play points. if you cash your card in at buying scfeen, the currency still dollars and wont work. and as far as i know google wallet is a US only thing. not sure if canada has same thing. hopefully that helps, as google wallet isnt explained weel. also keep n mind that differnt versions of androids may work differntly.. as far as iknow the current bluestacks emulator works for this method, but u need a jp google account. you need jp google period i believe. even for credit cards thru Es

    1. I bought my friend a google play card online and it worked jist fine. He uses a US account however. IDK if you could register a google account in US legally or not lol. .w.;

  23. It took a while but i finally managed to get a japanese itunes account and download the PSO2es on my 'IPHONE', can someone explain how to use the pso2es Tweaker on a iphone? Since its a .apk i cannot seem to figure out how to run it on my phone. -_-

    1. Why don't you just get blustacks (and android emulator) for your pc?
      Download pso2es and run the apk via blustacks..
      Then you can use a google account to add AC that way…
      Took me all of 30 mins to get it running.

    2. The method of doing so, I assume, would require jailbreaking. Since the android version's patch modifies the files directly.

      Because of all apps that the appstore provides, all go through apple's code checking, and may not like what the tweaker can do. So an app that unofficially modifies another app is a huge no-no.

      As for jailbreaking, not everyone will be onboard with it.

  24. Can anyone help me ? I Have a problem with PSO2es. I think someone needs to contact Sega to tell them that i found a bug..

    I played on a Android phone (PC App), i had backed up my 16 didgits code and ID but when i try re-enter them it wont let me because the ID only allows me to enter 15 characters..

    View the Screen that i did : ->

    Someone who speak Japanese and is from Japan needs to contact them because i can't and tell them this issue.. !!!

    1. Sorry but seriously..
      I'm not stupid and i told you..
      15 is allowed and my ID is 16 digit..
      and no, my ID is 16 digit without space so.. I can't miss it

      I tried on 2 different phone and i have the same issue it only allows 15 digit but my ID is 16.

    2. It looks like in the device transfer menu you selected that you do not have a Sega ID. Because of this, it asked for your PSO2es player ID and not your Sega ID. The guide had been updated to address this specific problem by adding a new section to the [Startup] tab that says "Do you have A SEGA ID?". In addition, the guide will now explain how to retrieve a lost 16 digit password.

    3. I re stetted my phone to factory reset and then I followed the Tutorial and i choosed the folllowing.

      New Character -> Have a character – > Phone Transfer

      I Choose'd Have a character instead of phone transfer section… and the it asked me for my ID and Password, then it asked me to enter my OTP Password, then it asked me for my 16 digits code and i entered it and the pop-up with my 2 characters on PSO2 showed up and now everything works fine !!

      Thanks a lot guys to have taken the time answers my questions..

    1. There is a few VPN that you can use..
      If it's a iphone ou android you can get free cheap VPN on

      if not there is
      BearVPN or something or hotspot sheild apps..

    1. Oh, okay. I was wondering why I couldn't use it on my Matoi (New Year) chip. I'll try to get a screen as soon as possible, then.

    2. Also, do you happen to know what the HUnewarl chip does? It says its ability is Boosted Chaser, but I don't know what it's supposed to do. I've been hanging onto one and I'm wondering if it's a good investment.

  25. I wonder why my game always load with 1/4 during EQ and stuck there forever. Reboot it again and still the same until OP reach 0 but doing Quest other than EQ it loads very fast with no problem arise…………….

  26. Hm, I forgot to ask if that creating an "Exclusive ES-Character" will take a slot free or require pay. Does this require me to pay if I decided to make a exclusive character for that version while I have others for the PC & Vita versions already?

    1. Creating an "es Exclusive Character" just means that character will only be available on PSO2es and not linked to your PC version whatsoever. That means it's free.

    1. 入力された値が不正です。

      The value entered is invalid.
      Error Code: 135

  27. Help me please… i have this samsung android 4.2+ version.. i used Pso2es tweaker..and i already installed the latest game patch and it says game is up to date and also the english version is Up to date with all the Green fonts, the only problem is the Compatibility, it says patch is not compatible with the Red fonts.. so everytime i hit PLay game, all the texts are Japanese.. please help me.. im from Philippines.

  28. Hm. I can't seem to open the Tweaker .apk from the Arks-Layer site. You guys wouldn't know if this is some kind of Bluestacks issue or similar, or do I just serially fail @ Android?

  29. The PSO2es tweaker now has an option that will download/update the JP PSO2es game from within. So you no longer need to download/update the PSO2es JP version manually.

  30. can regular quests be played solo? if so how ,b/c keeps making me add a partner

    are there chips that can only be obtained through arks cash and are never attainable after a quest complete ?

    1. You are technically playing solo when you take a partner with you, it just gives you an extra chip and action to use, plus you get FUN points that you can use to get more chips from the FUN scratch.
      Most rare chips are only available from the AC/Rappy Medal scratch.

    2. Well, sorta yes, sorta no. They aren't live players, but representations of other people who play the game. The Partner Chip is whatever chip they have in their first slot. Also, the actual Partner doesn't really do anything unless you activate their assist, so unless you do, they're practically not there at all. It's largely a free sixth chip, since Partner attack is pretty crap anyways…

  31. ok the tweaker asked me if i wanted to install a pre patch and when i started to download it the english large files for the story had a virus and cant fix it can you guys help out?

  32. Anyone here knows the effect of the Rigshrayda chip? The active is an AOE I think, but it shows an icon if you equip it during the EQ…
    Any idea?

    1. thank you!, I guess it´s a good idea to equip it as main chip during EQ time, to help others (or the bonus time chip…but its harder to get x.x)

  33. why i can't log in ?? when i want to play i got message maybe something like cannot connect when i press yes i get another same massage and when i press no i get back at home screen

    1. You need version 3. Tweaker is falling behind as it still has 2.10. Gotta wait for tweaker to update.

  34. i'm having some trouble trying to install the english patch on bluestacks
    when i click update patch in the tweaker, it finishes the download and starts installing, then i get "An Error happened while executing the current action1"
    and then nothing happens.
    am i missing something here?

  35. Thought of giving PSO2es a try finally since I'm getting a smartphone.
    My question is how much does the whole game require space overall in it's current state(all updated and stuff)? If need to can the app be installed into a separate memory card to save some space in the phone?

    1. You can set it to your SDcard, and it is recommended you do if you decide to do the extra 3 hour long 3.8GB data download that gives it vita textures. Base game is around 40-45MB. There's also an English patch you can use for it.

  36. (long time lurker/first time poster)
    howdy (tips hat), i need help regarding pso2es…

    everytime i try to access MyShop to search/buy anything with my meseta,
    it connects me to the menu: adv search/smpl search/history/reset, but then the game freezes.

    nothing will take me out or grant access to any of the options if tapped.
    im now locked in this menu having to reset the game.
    every option modifies the color if tapped, but all are non-responsive as to further/withdraw myself.
    since im not premium, the whole point of the shop for me is to search/buy items and im at a loss.
    is anyone else experiencing this?
    is this a known glitch?
    thank you for any help.

  37. Hi guys, I'm looking for some follower friends for pso2es. Would anyone like to add me? IGN is r32inc with MAX Momiji Hime as leader. Thanks!

  38. How can i get PSO2es in my android? i was from the Philippines , pls. can you say to me how i want to play it too

    1. #PSOes Android Reset ID Device
      so server game will think you log with new device while You login your old phone's

      1. Download and instal Titanium Backup or apk that's can manage id android device

      2. Run App Titanium Backup
      3. Go to Main Menu and scroll down
      4. choose the option "Manage Android ID" and create new and reboot
      5. then delete xml file on "/data/data/com.sega.pha…../shared_pref/" if you don't wanna download data again
      6. if step 5 fail then just reinstal pso2es apk
      7. run pso2es apk and you can choose whatever like first time play pso2es

      **Non Rooted
      do same, change your id device and reinstal game

      *** iOS
      jailbreak your phone

      #Sorry for bad english

  39. help, i've created a character without using the custom option, howbcan i delete this one and start over, already tried to uninstall the app and delete my saves but nothin changed…

  40. When are you supposed to get loot from specific rankings? I worked my ass off in the last one and haven't gotten any mails…

  41. PSO2es Seraphy loading quotes hacked/tampered via the tweaker?

    Been seeing Seraphy loading quotes such as the tweakers github link page asking for "help" along with others like "Your character looks like $#&%" and "Your waifu is $#&%".
    Theres more and I've begun screenshotting them.
    Ideological rantings it seems or selfserving disparagement/mockery, you be the judge.
    Has the tweaker for PSO2es gone pernicious/untrustworthy/toxic?
    If so people need to know the tweakers translated files have been tampered/alterred and should probably not be trusted.
    One step towards ruining the game for others is one step too many.
    This is the first Im seeing of quotes that maintain a standardized derogatory remark for every quest played.
    Theres been a "figurines equate to depravity" quote ive seen for a while now, but this is a whole new level.
    As is, I now dont trust the tweaker and am sending people away or from donating any money for support to the tweaker en masse until i hear otherwise.
    I dont turn a blind-eye to undermining for the sake of the complacent in real life either.

    Curious as to what if anything is to be done.
    Parellel sentiment…
    Will this site take a page out of the tweaker perniciousness?

    Oh and I self-censored the quotes. They appear unfiltered in game.
    A real shame and low for what seemed an otherwise altruistic endevour.
    (screenshotted/web archived)

    1. If you don't like anything on PSO2es translations then the github is open and you're able to submit pull requests yourself. If you can't take jokes then you should stay away from the internet. I for one find most of them funny. I can also see that only one person is doing the translations. I'm guessing he's fed up doing it alone, i know I would be. So I'd like to say thank you to that one person,and I'd like to apologise since I've been unable to help even though you've asked for it… Please continue to put a bit of fun into your work and ignore Mr anti-fun above. Just don't go too overboard 🙂

    2. pretty sure calling a stranger with bad words count as overboard and already deviates from the original intention which is offering translation.

      if the translator does fed up doing it alone then the translator shouldn't unwind like that, not everyone grew up in a place or family who thinks calling a stranger with such things funny

      "If you can’t take jokes then you should stay away from the internet." pretty sure not every part of internet are like that and no matter how "anti-fun" linus's comment is, its passable as critics, so the "ignore Mr anti-fun above" part only helping the translator turning even more rude because someone support such things, because your "overboard", the translator "overboard" and the others "overboard" aren't same

    3. it could work if the person in question able to translate properly, i just saying what linus said shouldn't be ignored by the translator, since currently the translator are the only one who could help those who cannot understand a thing on es, it might be only loading screen for now but no one knows what will the translator rewrite next.

    4. Synthsy is the translator, for what it's worth. However, I'm not really sure why people are getting so worked up about the translation.

    5. I find most of them funny, and the examples you've provided are pretty harmless. If you don't like swearing, then I can see why you might be bothered by them though. But that's just not something I even considered.

      I think it's totally fine for someone doing great work to have a bit of fun, especially when they're doing it for free.

      Just in case you're not familiar with the kind of internet culture being parodied here, in all the examples you listed the lines are being used ironically.

    6. your mom jokes sound like something worthy of integrating into abridged version of Pso2. They could start escorting western player right from the installation wizard, just so he could feel himself at home every moment.

  42. My pso2ES worked on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone, but since the game update, it won't run at all, what gives? I heard a rumor about the pso2es upgrade to something new in software or something like that. What phone support this new mode that pso2ES is using now?

  43. Vert Buzz Campaign
    December 1st ~ December 11th (Maint)

    Theres a typo here, its December 1st ~ January 11th (Maint)

  44. Worth noting that completing the story in ES can get you a creator's emblem(or whatever it was) for a Zieg camo. Pretty nice reward for slogging through.

  45. I really hope someday SEGA add more functions on like gathering, support partner leveling or crafting

    1. Several of the daily free collects you can do in es already let you obtain gathering materials.

      Would be nice to have a support partner function though.

    2. I'd personally like to see an evolution of the food/ cooking system. make it more interactive and creative and possible to create our own dishes.

  46. I did the error of adding AC funds for my pso2es character instead of my pso2 character.

    Is it possible to transfer that money from pso2es character to the pso2 character?

    If yes then could you guide me through all the steps?

    If not, what options do I have now that I lost my money?

    1. Assuming it's the same account, ac is shared. You don't need to do anything. If they're separate accounts, there's nothing you can do unless you were hoping to use it on ac scratches, in which case if both accounts are premium you can do it on the account with ac and trade it to the account you wanted.

  47. Does this game have ip block? Always asked me if i wanted to retry to reconnect or else it'll take me to the title screen, I'm playing on my phone.

    1. a mi me dio problemas pero se debia a que tenia el pso2 abierto e intentaba entrar al pso2es pero por la ip no me dio problemas y vivo en españa

  48. help me. this is my first time install. after i do trial quest it not finish it error 101.. stack at trial quest upgrade rappy. i try mane time still same problem

  49. Is there an IP block for SEA in PSOes? getting the same error as what Kyo said. (connection errors despite it downloading some patch files)

    1. You need VPN to play from SEA.
      – Ingame patching (the one after login) need VPN to download
      – Complete Data download (to reduce loading times) only requires VPN for starting download connection. VPN can be terminated after it starts to download.

    1. I keep getting a PSO2es linking message and it wont let me log in. Is that what you are dealing with?

  50. I keep getting a PSO2es character linking message when I try to log in. This happened after the 03-25-2020 patch. Anyone else having this issue? (my characters are all linked so i cant tell what the problem is.)

  51. Hello everybody.
    I have the following problem.
    An error regarding the PSO2es link is displayed on the PSO2JP-PC.

    The solution should be.
    Unlink your PSO2es character from your PSO2 account.

    But how does it work? Desperately looking for the solution.

    1. If you're using the pso2 proxy on Tweaker, turn it off. If you don't think you are using it, you can always try double checking that you don't have it on accidentally.

  52. Hello guys, good day.
    I'm having a problem where I can't get my device code recovery e-mail sent to my SEGA ID linked e-mail.
    What I was trying to do is "Forgot device ID", and re-log into my old PSO2es account, which already linked to my SEGA ID.
    But I've used the forgot device ID and no e-mail came to my e-mail.
    I need the ID to top-up AC. Any kind of help/response would be greatly appreciated

  53. hello guys,a good day to you.
    i am facing trouble with login to my pso2 account on pc. keeps saying that the pso2es characters aren't linked to the account and thus aren't playable.i linked the account to pso2es then tried login to the PC version but it keeps showing me the same message and wouldnt let me access my account.

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