PSO2 JP: Patch (10/17/2012)

Phantasy Star Online 2 requires an update in order to continue playing the game. When you open the launcher, the game will automatically update both the game and launcher if necessary.

Launcher is currently:

  • Version 01.03.04

Client Update:

Patch Size

  • 15 MB

Patch Notes

  • Corrected a bug where on some PC specs the volume was lower than normal.
  • Price cut on items sold in Item Shop or Shop terminals
  • Price cut on drinks sold from the Medical Center and medical terminals.
  • Reduce the amount of meseta needed to grind items
  • 10.10: Added JA to Stylish Roll for Twin Machine Guns
  • 10.10 During a Stylish Roll, made it so that you can control the camera.
  • 10.10 Changed parts of the attack timing for the Twin Machine Gun PA Dead Approach

(If you are installing the game for the first time, you will have to download an update which requires 2.4GBs of free space.)


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