PSO2 JP: Patch Update (7/22/2012)

An update is required in order to continue playing Phantasy Star Online 2. After you launch the game, press the “ファイルチェック” file check button to begin the patching process. (Or you can just Launch the game to start the patching process.)

Launcher Update

  • Version 01.02.07

Client Update

  • Ver.1.0004.2

You can confirm these version numbers at the lower left corner of the Launcher, and lower right corner of the Game Client.

7/22 Patch Notes

  • Corrected a bug where the Talis "Metalisolidum" doesn't drop.
  • Addressed the issue where NPCs can be moved in the lobby, as well as technics being used in the lobby.

7/20 Patch Notes:

  • They want you to reinstall the game if you installed it on a FAT32 formatted hard drive. However since the problem may occur again they suggested you install the game on a NTFS formatted hard drive.

Permissions Fixes

(Inquiry: Please comment below whether you were able to launch the game if you had a corrupted pso2 launcher exe file or had the windows administration problem.)

(Research: Those who have patch problems should read the comment thread and apply the fixes users have suggested and post results.)



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