PSO2 JP: Rescheduling of Updates Impacted by Novel Coronavirus

The Japanese development team has released a follow-up report regarding the scheduling of updates that were intended for May, June, and beyond.


FUN Scratch Release (Updated May 16th)

It has come to Sega's attention that certain [Daily Missions] require the FUN Scratch in order to receive rewards. Since the current suspension will have a major impact, they are planning to re-release the FUN Scratch during May. Details about this will be posted in the future.

Sega plans to re-release the FUN Scratch sometime in May due to Arks Missions

The following FUN Scratch release will be temporarily suspended:

  • May 13th ~ June 10th

They apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

There's also a secret phrase campaign, you can read more details in the previous post.


May and June's [8th Anniversary] Update

The 8th Anniversary update is scheduled to release sequentially starting June 10th. Details of this update will be revealed in the next PSO2 Station!+ which is now scheduled for May 19th!


Updates for June and Beyond

These updates will be released about a month later than they were originally supposed to. The details and scheduling of these updates will be shown in future PSO2 Station!+ broadcasts.


Zero Grind Cost Campaign

This campaign will now be held around July, 2020.


PS Vita Service Ending Date

PSO2's PlayStation Vita service will now end on September 16th, 2020. The [Multi-platform Campaign] and [Point Back Campaigns] will be adjusted in response. The schedule will be announced in the future.




PSO2 Station!+ Rescheduling

The next PSO2 Station! Plus will now air May 19th @ 20:30 JST. To mitigate the spread of the virus, some presenters will be broadcasting remotely along with pre-recorded content.

PSO2 Station!+ Livestream

  • Watch it LIVE on Youtube!
  • May 19th @ 20:30 JST

PSO2 Station!+ Contents

  • Emergency Quest Boost Poll
  • Merchandise and Anime related info.
  • Details for the now June update.

13 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Rescheduling of Updates Impacted by Novel Coronavirus”

  1. "Due to the corona virus, let's suspend the one shop that costs no money, the only one where you can get free shop tickets, all the other ones that do need to be paid are fine though"

    Oh noes. I can see the virus would affect this one particular feature of the game that costs no money to do.

  2. waiting 6 days till refresh for Ability transfert pass exchange and bye pso2 . coming back when there is something to do.

    Rip FUN scratch.

  3. Hah, you cannot too rely Visiphone, if without FUN Scratch and 3 Days Shop ticket. You too lazy do Daily Quest and Yerkes's Quest, never can get many Meseta.

    PS: I still can get meseta everyday, I handwork doing Daily Quest and Yerkes's Quest lol

    1. No free shop ticket = Less People selling = Everything will be extra expensive.

      There will be a point where doing daily missions and COs will not be enough.

    2. Freemium players can't sell at all so the market can skyrocket their prices.

    3. You need extra characters more than 3 all leveled past 50 to make this feasible in my opinion it takes weeks of farming those to get enough meseta to buy most stuff with only 3 characters i feel especially bad for those who have female characters cause literally everything is overpriced

  4. Hey, how do you convince SEGA to bring out an update to show you what music disc you have already registered?

    1. Considering that they are registered per-ship, rather than per-character, I don't think you can, as it sounds like unnecessary hurdle to code. Not to mention they can be registered to team room as well.

    1. Most likely not, given that the JP version is still years ahead, and many players aren't even sure if the NA one will survive.

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