PSO2 Station! Plus #6 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below using the in-game chat to receive several prizes
  • おうち時間はPSO2で
  • You have until May 27th's Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Prizes include a [Rappy Bib] and one [PusoNi Comic Memory 3]


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Wild Easter 2020
  • May 19th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +300% Rare Drop Rate and EXP
  • +25% Live Boost (RDR & EXP) by attending concert.


Spend AC, Get Items Campaign

  • Uh oh! The Sonic Suit is no longer an NA exclusive.
  • The Campaign runs from June 10th ~ June 24th.
  • Spend 2000+ AC for Sonic Hair 1 and 2
  • Spend 5000+ AC for Sonic Suit M and F
  • Spend 10,000+ AC for EX Tri Boost +150% and Sonic / Tails Lobby Action


Early June Update

  • Sonic Lobby and Sonic Nyau (~6/24)


Early June Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side A (AC Scratch)
  • Item Design Contest #7 Winner Outfits


Early June Update

  • Item Design Contest Accessories, Hairstyles, Camos.


Early June Update

  • Item Design Contest Winners
  • Knuckles Lobby Action
  • Terminal Operation 3 Lobby Action


Early June Update

  • New Bullet Bow PA: Cerulean Ballista
    • Stock Consumed: 1
    • A powerful attack for both single and area targets.
  • New Pet: Glass
    • Its style has double meaning of its grassy looks and the glasses it wears.
    • Advanced Pet for Redran
    • The fast charging Glass Burst is useful against bosses.


Early June Update

  • Successor Class Adjustments

Hero Twin Machine Gun Adjustments

  • Brand New Star
    • Relaxed Distance Decay, and Improved Power
  • Final Storm
    • Buffed Power, Adjusted Power Distribution
  • Second of Edge
    • Buffed Power
  • Moment of Trick
    • Relaxed Distance Decay.
    • Added Movement and Evasion when activated.
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Hero Time Finish
    • Expanded Attack Area
  • TMG Step Attack
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Hero Counter
    • Buffed Power
  • TMG Attack PP Save
    • Consumption 80% → 60%


Phantom Katana Adjustments

  • Step Attack
  • Schmetterling (Normal)
  • Rose Schwert (Normal)

Quick Cut Activation Timing Relaxed


Etoile Dual Blade Adjustments

  • Gear Accumulation Amount: 1.2x
  • Normal Attack
    • PP Recovery Amount: 1.5x
    • Added Mobility
  • Radiant Sting
    • Reduced PP Consumption
    • Improved mobility when not locked on
  • Particle Flow
    • Reduced PP Consumption and Reduced Power
    • Power Distribution Adjusted
    • Hitstop relaxed
  • Light Wave
    • Improved Mobility
    • Extended Distance
    • Expanded Attack Range
    • (Edge Receives No Changes)
  • Parry
    • Extended Invincibility upon activation


Early June Update

  • Increased Zoom on Preview Windows
  • Added a setting to the Launcher if you want the gamepad to work when the window is not active.
  • Changed Story Quest Difficulty selection to say Casual / Hardcore
  • Team Point Week Cap is now 50,000
  • EP6 Lisa's Partner Card
  • Added ★13 upgrades to Austere Units
  • Added potentials to Austere-NT and Atlas Ex series.
  • Added Special Ability Factors to ★13 Units


Early June Update

  • Added Tokyo [Rainbow] Bonus Quest
  • The EXP and Rewards are even more wonderful!
  • You can acquire the Ability Transplant Pass and Sage Crests


Early June Update

  • Omega Falz Luther gets Ultra Hard
  • Both Triggers will also receive Ultra Hard
  • The Atlas Unit series will drop


Early June Update

  • Puso Ni Comic Collaboration
  • Dolce, Zekt, and Nekonomiya will appear in the lobby.
  • Clear the Client Orders and receive Partner Cards
  • Other characters from the comic are at Franca's Cafe
  • You can also get their partner cards
  • Various Characters will appear in E-Trials

Series of Campaigns From June 10th

  • Login Campaign: Boost Items, 1mil EXP tickets, and Ability Transplant Pass
  • Item Campaign: Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • Emergency Quest Rush: +100% EXP and Rare Drop to certain EQs.
  • Level Up Boost Event: +150% EXP and Rare Drop for Level Up Quests
  • Twitter Screenshot Contest for Real-Life presents.


Early June Update

  • The Photoners' evil clutches have reached Omega
  • There's no time for celebrations with reacquainting with Margareta
  • Added Chapter 5 Main Missions and Limited Missions.



Late June Update

  • Winners Design 7 Side B (AC Scratch)
  • Outfits designed by players.


Late June Update

  • Accessories, Hairstyles, Camos, and lobby actions designed by players.
  • Teacup Lobby Action. Gunslash Pose Lobby Action


Late June Update

  • In the Driving Rain comes to Corrupted Naberius.
  • Ultralized Enemies and Luminmechs will appear.
  • Acquire SSA capsules of [Anthesis Cultivation] and [Raising Pursuit]
  • Equipment with [Soul Catalyst] will also drop.


Late June Update

  • Driving Rain 2020 Limited Arks Missions
  • Mission Reward: Evo Device / Kaerun
  • Quest Drop: Quelle Vesper (Bow)
  • Special Collection:
    • Glass Egg
    • Quelle Vesper


Puso Ni Comic Events

  • Midsummer! SG Support Item Selection Scratch (July 1st ~ July 29th)
    • Add Ability (Divine Transfer), Add Ability (Mark Transfer), etc.
    • Scratch Bonus: Ability Success Rate +60%, Ability Transplant Pass
  • Grind Campaign (July 1st ~ July 15th)
    • Grind Boost and Zero Grind Cost Campaign
    • +5% Item Grind Success and +5% Special Ability Success
    • NT EXP +15%
    • NT Great Success +25%


PSO2 8th Anniversary Event: ARKS CONNECT MEMORIES

  • Real Life Merchandise Contest
  • Art Contest with EP6 as the theme
  • Interlocking Web Panel Event. (Acquire 8th Anniversary Badges)
  • Character Contest with [Summer] and [Romantic | Classic] style outfits.
  • 8th Anniversary Raffle
  • Individual Point and Ship Point Ranking Events


May 27th ~ June 10th Campaigns

  • Free Field Super Boost
    • +300% EXP, +250% RDR, +100% Fever Rate for ALL free fields
  • Get Sage Crest Campaign
    • Clear objectives to get Sage Crests
    • If you clear ALL the objectives, you get a total of 1000 Sage Crests
  • Create a ★15 Weapon Campaign
    • Acquire materials to create a 15 weapon such as [Rare-grain Erebos Stone] etc.
  • Clear Highly Difficult Quests Campaign
    • Get an Ability Transplant Pass if you S-Rank Clear certain quests.
  • Arks League
    • Get presents such as Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] and Star Gems based on the ranking.

We'll talk about these campaigns in detail during May 27th's maintenance.


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Episode 2

  • Release Date May 21st, 2020!


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • New Protagonist introduced for Episode 2
  • Players will be able to choose the name, element, and appearance.


IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga

  • Both new and old players can start with Episode 2!
  • Completing EP2's first chapter will enable you to play Episode 1.



  • Introducing the new heroine for Episode 2!
  • Giselle mainly focuses on kicking maneuvers under her [Striker] class.



  • Stella once again enters the battlefield
  • Stella utilizes the updated [Arch Aries] IDOLA.



  • Rockingham, the prince of Canceed, and commander of the nation's army.
  • Holder of the Zodiart [Cancer]



  • Lindsey, the lieutenant commander of the Canceed army.
  • Has fervent hatred towards Giselle and seeks to end her life.
  • Holder of the [Capricorn] Zodiart



  • Farley, the first lieutenant of the Canceed army who serves as Lindsey's adjutant.
  • Wields a launcher under the new [Soldier] class.



  • Serves as a bodyguard at the aide of Rockingham.



  • All character's will be set with a [Type] which raises certain stats.
  • Type List: Attack / Defense / Speed / Weak Damage / S.E. Resistance / Critical
  • For example: Giselle is a Defense Type. When she switches to Law, she'll be a [Critical] type with increased Critical Rate. If she switches to Chaos, she'll be a [Weak Damage Up] type which boosts the weak power.



  • Battle sprites are now in 3D, utilizing smoother animations!



  • Descent (of a god) [Descent Quests]
  • Features Dark Falz subspecies: Theater Delusion and Theater Remnant


More Details Here


New Puso Ni Comic Chips

  • Makino (6/10)
  • Dolce (6/10)
  • Nekonomiya (6/24)
  • Zekt (6/24)


New Weaponoid Chips/TCG Chip

  • Ignis [Bridal] (7/1)
  • Alceras (6/10)
  • One Who Knows The Past, Maria [TCG] (6/10)
  • Hitogata (6/10)


New Side Stories

  • Rose Server: "A 'Unique' Duty" (6/10)
  • Ignis [Bridal]: "To The Battlefield Of A Lifetime!?"


PSO2es Event Information (6/10 – 6/24)

  • New young Akhtar and Khorshid chips
  • Nathleen and Falzahd chips
  • Obtain new 14* weapons exclusive to PSO2es in the Nightmare Tower
  • "Aculd Gulz" (Wired Lance) and "Aculd Lugia" (Launcher)


PSO2es Campaign Information (5/13 – 6/10)

  • 6 New Campaigns to celebrate PSO2es' 6th anniversary
  • Arkuma Chip login bonus (5/13 – 6/10) Earn a 13* Arkuma Chip for logging in for 15 days!
  • Side Story, Season 3 Story play campaign. All side and season 3 story quests will only cost 1 action point to access.
  • Tower Quest Clear Campaign (Late May)
  • es Order Campaign (Late May)
  • Emergency Quest Campaign (Early June)
  • x2 EXP Boost Campaign (Early June)

PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Each store will deliver bonus merchandise along with the Deluxe Package.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Delays

  • Vol 7 Release Date is Now: August 19th
  • Vol 8 Release Date is Now: September 16th
  • Vol 9 Release Date is Now: October 21st


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-ray DVD Vol 7

  • Release Date: August 19th
  • First Limited Edition: 7,500 Yen (BR) / 6,500 Yen (DVD)
  • Normal Edition: 5,500 Yen (BR) / 4,500 Yen (DVD)
  • Episodes 16m 17, 18
  • Also contains Item Codes


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-ray DVD Vol 7

  • Item Codes Include
    • Innocent Zero [Ba[
    • Innocent Zero Collar
    • 2nd Gen KK Extensions
    • Innocent Loop Tail GV
    • Void Recorder [Ou] and [Ba]
    • Luther Tattoo
    • EP Oracle 4 [Lobby Action]
    • EP Oracle Mat F and G
    • EP Oracle 7 Poster
    • Episode 0 Memory x7


A.I.S Vega Plastic Model

  • A.I.S Vega Plastic Model Announced
  • Sales and Release Date To Be Announced
  • Size: 1/72 Scale
  • Seller: Kotobukiya

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