PSO2 JP: Special Maintenance and Compensation (7/19/2013)

Phantasy Star Online 2 will undergo special maintenance on July 19th, 2013.


  • July 19th @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • July 18th @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT (Converted)

Maintenance Contents

  • To resolve an issue with certain rare enemies not spawning on the beach field.

Compensation Details

Compensation for the rare enemy bug

  • Two Triboost+100%
  • Pickup Time Expires : July 24th

Compensation for the 7/17 Login Issues

  • One Triboost+50% distributed to all players
  • Pickup Time Expires : July 24th

Compensation for the 7/17 Login issues (OTP Account Holders)

  • Triboost+100%
  • Extreme Pass
  • Excube (x2)
  • Rare Drop Boost +250%
  • 1 Day Premium Set
  • These items will be distributed at a later date.
  • This compensation applies to anyone with a OTP enabled account prior to 7/17's maintenance.

 July 17th's Patch Notes

Extreme Quests

  • The Payment Method screen will show up after you close the payment confirmation window.
  • You can return to the stage selection screen from the payment confirmation window
  • The payment confirmation message has changed
  • The EQ Time limit has been extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • The game will inform you of the reward item's name once you cleared the final stage.
  • The Extreme Terminal will allow you to confirm the stage orders you've cleared.
  • The Extreme Quest tutorial will state that you will receive 1 pass per account every 22 hours.
  • Added voice clips when you start and clear an extreme quest.
  • Pudding will countdown the hours remaining to receive your next Extreme Pass


  • Added a Story Summary
  • Added an option to scout players for your team


  • The team status window has been split up to display public and private information
  • The visiphone will display teams that are currently recruiting members.
  • Added a setting that that allows teams to show that they are recruiting new members.
  • A new setting lets you type a message for team members to see when they sign on.

My Room

  • Furniture placement cost has increased to 150
  • You can now have two My Room Layouts (My Room A) and (My Room B)
  • Added an option that removes all the my room furniture at once.
  • You can now remove room furniture even while it's accessed by another player.
  • Using a reform ticket in large-sized rooms will keep the furniture in place.
  • All players receive a free mini-room

Net Cafe Shop

  • Cafe Points can be traded in for an Extreme Pass

AC Shop

New AC Shop Entries

  • 獲得経験値+150%(3個) EXP+150% (x3)
  • 獲得経験値+150%(10個)EXP+150% (x10)

Removed AC Shop Entries

  • Cosmo Atomizer (x5)
  • EXP+100% (x10)

EXCube Shop

  • Added items to the excube shop

Latent Abilities

  • Added Latent Abilities to some pre-existing weapons.

Other Changes

  • Added a new background to the game launcher
  • It will now save the text you entered in the chat box, you can scroll through your textbox history by pressing Ctrl+UP or Ctrl+Down
  • Added a login history at the start menu
  • Type nw after a command to remove the cut-in chat window. For example type: /ci2 1 nw
  • You can extend the number of seconds a cut-in chat animation plays by typing s and the number of seconds.  For example type: /ci2 1 nw s60
  • Closing the chatbox in mid sentence will restore the previously entered text.
  • The story quest has been split to indicate [EP1] and [EP2]
  • The damage counter can display up to 6 digits.
  • Parallel Area teleporters can now be seen on the radar map.
  • Rare items on the radar map will stand out more.
  • While a skill is in effect, the timers will show up in blue text.
  • When a skill wears off, it will blink for 10 seconds.
  • You can view accessories in a tabbed interface.
  • You can save/load character data in the Esté Counter
  • Added more information to the nearby players window
  • There will be a comma for every 3 digits when depositing meseta in the storage box, or displaying items in My Shop
  • The blacklist sub-category in the friends list will close by default.
  • The status window will display the amount of experience needed to level up a subclass.
  • A "solo play" tickbox was added in the playstyle section of the Party Settings window.
  • You can now write a brief message when sending a friend request or team scout.
  • When a rare item drops, a message will display over the screen.
  • The volume for the rare drop sound effect will remain consistent and is no longer affected by distance.
  • A hint will display if you are incapacitated during a boss battle.
  • A message will display indicating the number of items available in the Special Storage Box
  •  "sd" will no longer censor in chat.
  • Selecting a chat command at the good job counter will replace existing commands of the same type.
  • Changed the graphic of the Glim Monoliths you cannot purify in a story quest.
  • A new "Class Drop" system was added. Increased the drop rates if a boss has a rare item that can drop for your main class.
  • Some enemies will now drop rare Katanas and Bullet Bows
  • Made enemies easier to spawn during a PSE Burst Chance
  • The gun turret will no longer automatically change directions even if an enemy approaches it.
  • The camera will no longer change directions when accessing the gun turret.
  • The AC Symbol for "My Room" was removed from the Quick Menu and Block Changer
  • Voice and accessories tickets that do not match your character's gender can be used by the Support Partner, since you and the support partner share the same data.
  • The ドン room item can now hold up to 100,000 meseta.
  • The "Esté Pass" explanation notes now state that you can use it o edit a support partner.
  • Monica, the Item Lab assistant, will now replace Dudu on even block numbers.
  • Updated the credits screen.
  • Added new tips and useful information to the loading screen
  • With the addition of the free partner system, you will now receive 10 FUN points when clearing a quest with a Friend partner.
  • When several emergency quests occur on a planet, the announcement voice overs will mention the planet's name.
  • Some field music transitioning rules have been changed.
  • You can now view a friend partner's ARKS Card from the Partner terminal in the Camp Ship.
  • You can now view a friend request's ARKS Card.
  • The EXP Penalty kicks in 11 levels away instead of 5.

Quest Adjustments

  • Enemy spawning in the Amduscia Time Attack Quest has been adjusted since it was easy for the Dragonkin to be defeated by the Darkers near the beginning of the quest.
  • Relaxed the time limit of a certain switch in the Lillipa time attack quest. 
  • Made the map sizes narrower for the first three forest Arks Quests
  • Adjusted enemy spawning for the Arks Search: Tundra, Rare Mineral Excavation, Subdue Caterdran, and Subdue Caterdransa Arks Quests.
  • The Nab Rappy Capture quest will no longer fail if the Rappies escape.
  • Improved the rewards for some Emergency Trails
  • Adjusted the conditions that changes the weather on each field.
  • Adjusted the tutorial in Chapter Zero's story quest.

Enemy Adjustments

  • R-ATK damage to the Gilnas/Gilnatch's head has increased.
  • Crabarda will receive the following changes; it will spend less time guarding, have increased damage to the weakpoint area, and will be much easier to damage all around.
  • Corrected the Vol Dragon's behavior so that it's possible to interrupt it from continuously spawning pillars of flames when it changes from its later forms.
  • Made it easier to hit the weak points on Spardan A and Spargun
  • Adjusted the Digg's reaction when hit.
  • The Tranmizer/Tranzexia scratch attack collision range has been adjusted.

Other Changes

  • Some client orders can be reaccepted in 22 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Adjusted some client orders
  • Relaxed the conditions needed to unlock Klotho's client orders
  • Increased the rewards for some client orders
  • Relaxed the equipping conditions for some units
  • Increased the number of team orders available each week to 4
  • Relaxed the achievement conditions for the main route through the matter board.
  • Buffed the medical drink sub-effects for "Weak Point Damage Rate Up"



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