PSO2 JP: The Voice Actress for Kuna is…?

PSO2 Voice Actors

So remember a while back we mentioned three new character voices were coming to PSO2? Haruko Momoi, Ichitaro Ai, and Atsuko Enomoto, the three personalities from the "PSO2 Broadcast" will be recording their voices today. Also in the next PSO2 Broadcast, expect to see some stuff from the development team's room.

This week Sakai added more players to participate in the Vita Beta test. As a result, he saw on the 23rd that Ship 1 was starting to get congested. Anyways, the final hours of the Vita Closed Beta Test has begun, and will continue on for 32 consecutive hours into Saturday. It's going to be a tight race to reach level 20, so you should take this time to use the Emergency Quests to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Once the Closed Beta is over, the next step is to make preparations to launch the Vita version. They don't have plans to do an Open Beta Test, since when the game is launched, everyone (Vita and PC) will play on the same servers. They have already started making adjustments towards the final version based on user feedback and bug reports. Of course, not all issues can be corrected in time, so they'll address them later at the official site.

A questionnaire is now available for players to write their thoughts and impressions on the Vita Beta Test. This questionnaire is available for a limited time, but your feedback can help the development team improve the final version of the game.


  • Available: January 25th through February 1st @ 15:00 JST

As for PC players, our Valorous Vanguard update was implemented January 23rd, 2013. It appears some bugs have affected the way certain weapons/PAs work, this will be corrected in the future.

Though it was recently added to the official update notes, hard difficulty quests are now available from level 20, and very hard quests can be accepted from level 40. For everyone awaiting those Dudu grinder changes, this is still planned to be released after an upcoming maintenance. In a future update, there's also going to be some balance adjustments made for leveling up to match that of the Vita version. 


As for today's Porori, it's Kuna who is voiced by Eri Kitamura.
She voices Saya in Blood+ and Juri in SSF4

Extra stuff:

  • Samurai and Dragons is having a live Nico Nico broadcast on January 27th @ 18:00 JST. If you watch it, maybe you'll see some new PSO2 information.
  • The Illustration Festival received around 180 entries. Expect to see some of them around the lobby someday.


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