PSO2 Vita Beta Test Status [JP Beta Over]


Please refresh post for any late breaking updates.

Closed Beta is now over!

A majority of the menu system is copied directly from the PC version. You may use this outdated menu guide to navigate through the game with the added benefit of being able to touch the screen.


PC Client for Vita Beta

Players who were accepted to the Vita Beta Test may also download an exclusive PC client. In order to use this PC client, you must first login to your SEGA ID from your PlayStation Vita which will link your ID with the SEN/PSN account.

Click this link to download the PC client. When you reach the page, click on the picture with the downloader.exe icon to initiate the download.


Beta Ver. Restrictions

Classes and Levels

  • Hunter, Ranger, Force up to level 30
  • You can not choose subclasses
  • You can not acquire EXCubes at the level cap.


  • Forest, Caves, and Urban quests are available.
  • Normal and Hard difficulty available. (You must clear a client order to unlock Hard difficulty.)
  • They are planning to do some Emergency Quests and Ranking.


  • There are no Badge Exchange and Net Counter shops.


  • You may raise the mag to level 50


  • You can progress through the first Matter Board only.

Arks Cash

  • Though you'll be getting up to 60,000 AC, purchasing additional AC is not available in the CBT.
  • The expansion to the Premium Set that was added recently to the PC version is not available in the CBT. (This includes features like holding more client orders, or boosted drink effects, or more FUN points.)
  • A special version of the AC Scratch is used exclusively in the CBT.

Game Balance

  • Since special adjustments were made for this CBT, some areas are balanced differently from the Windows PC version (Lvl Up/Team Functions).
  • The number of items needed to achieve some client orders have been adjusted.
  • Potential Abilities (Latent Abilities) system is not available.
  • You can grind, raise attributes, and add abilities at the Item Lab.


  • You can not transfer to other ships in the CBT.
  • You can not use the Friend Invite System
  • You can not use Item Codes
  • Toro and Kuro are not available.

Game Data

  • Your save data and AC will be deleted after the Closed Beta Test.
  • The SEGA ID and SEN account linked at the start of the Closed Beta Test will be reset after the test is over.


FAQ and Information


  • Error 649: Currently in Maintenance/Offline
  • Error 674: A problem occurred with processing your login. This error occurs when you type "full-width" text when signing on with your SEGA ID and Password.  Fullwidth characters have long spaces between them. You should type your login information in half-width text.
  • Tap the Chat button to bring up shortcuts.
  • Long tap the chat button to bring up chat window.



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