PSO2 JP: Valentine's Campaigns 2013

Valentin Xie

Get yourselves some free Valentine's Day presents by clearing a few client orders. Everyone who clears Shii's first client order "Looking for an idea for Valentine's" will receive Mug Cup ♀, and if you clear ALL four of her client orders you'll receive a "Valentine Gift" room item.

Campaign Period

  • January 23rd through February 6th, 2013

Campaign Presents

  • マグカップ♀ "Mug Cup ♀" x2 for clearing her first client order.
  • バレンタインギフト "Valentine Gift" x2 for clearing all four of Shii's client orders.

Campaign Distribution Date

  • February 13th, 2013


Change Your Password Campaign

Change password campaign

Everyone who changes their password during the campaign period will receive free gifts! However you must be level 10 or higher to qualify for this campaign.

Campaign Period

  • January 23rd through February 6th, 2013

Grinders tea and berry berry pie

Campaign Prizes

  • Grinder x30
  • Tea Set x1
  • Berry Berry Pie x1

Even if you change your password multiple times, you will only receive the above mentioned prizes one time. Players who have a level 10+ character in the Vita Closed Beta Test do not qualify for this campaign. (This is not to say if you linked your account you do not qualify, the campaign doesn't apply to people who only have a Vita account with a level 10+ character in the Beta Test. )

Prize Distribution Date

  • February 20th, 2013

ACScratch Campaign

If you draw 3000 AC worth of AC Scratch during the campaign period, you will receive a Rappy Suit.

Campaign Period

  • January 23rd through February 13th, 2013

You can not simply purchase the AC Scratch Ticket bundles
「ACスクラッチ券 11個」to qualify. You must actually draw a total of 3000 AC worth of AC Scratch in order to receive the Rappy Suit. 

You can follow any of these combinations below as long as the total equates to 3000 AC:

  • Draw 15 AC scratch
  • Draw 13 AC Scratch + 1 AC Scratch Gold
  • Draw 10 AC Scratch + 2 AC Scratch Gold
  • Draw 8 AC Scratch + 3 AC Scratch Gold
  • Draw 5 AC Scratch + 4 AC Scratch Gold
  • Draw 3 AC Scratch + 5 AC Scratch Gold
  • Draw 6 AC Scratch Gold

Prize Distribution Date

  • Mid-March 2013

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