PSO2 JP: Weapon Camouflage System and Hot Springs Team Room


Weapon Camo 1

On March 27th, 2013, players can apply "clothes" over their weapons with the new "Weapon Camouflage System." Though the weapon's physical appearance will change, its stats will remain the same. You will need "Weapon Camouflage Items" to set onto weapons of the same category.


Weapon Camo Icon

From the main menu, select "Custom" then select 武器迷彩 Weapon Camo to choose from a list of "clothes" you can apply over the weapon.



Team Room Expansion!

Hot Springs Team Room 3

The Team Room has expanded with new features. Now you can rent a Hot Springs area for your team room!


Team room BGM

By registering Music Discs at the team counter, you can spend team points to change the BGM of the Team Room.


Photon Tree

Now you can level up your photon tree even further. Let's cultivate our tree and strengthen its support effects!


Spring Romantica and Cherry Blossom Lobby

On March 27th, players can enjoy new costumes that celebrate the Taisho Roman era. New costumes include the "Roman Bakama" "Kenran Bakama" "Elegant School Uniform" and PSU's Project CUTE's Japanese Tea House Uniform. New accessories include the head towel and Flower Katyusha B.


DG Aries

DG Aries Weapon Camo

In addition, you can acquire the "DG Aries" weapon camo whose design was inspired by the Aries (Ram) astrological sign.


Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom lobby will bloom through March 27th, 2013 through April 10th, 2013.


Game Changes

10 Star Weapon Unit My shop PSO2

On March 27th, 2013, you will now be able to display 10 star weapons and units at My Shop (excluding some items.)


Recycle Shop

Trade in a 10 star weapon or unit at the Recycle Shop to receive your "10 Star Weapon Purchase Pass" or "10 Star Unit Purchase Pass." Some 10 star items are not eligible for this pass.


10 Star Pass

Depending on which pass you receive, you can purchase a 10 star weapon or unit at the My Shop. (Premium Set Required)

In addition to relaxing their appearance conditions, Parallel areas will now have a chance to show up at boss arenas.

They will establish titles based around the number of times you grind 7 star or higher weapons to +10.


+7 Grind Skip

Grind Skip

According to the video, there is a new "強化スキップ(→7)" Grind Skip item that allows you to reach the +7th grind in one swoop. It mentions how you can trade for this item at the recycle shop but it is currently unknown as to which items you'll need.


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