Goodies and More at the Phantasy Star Series Sympathy Concert!

The Phantasy Star 25th Anniversary Sympathy Concert is just two weeks away! Two concerts will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall on March 30th, 2013. The daytime session begins at noon while the evening session opens at 4:30 PM JST.

The concert will be performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra led by Masamichi Amano as conductor.

Sympathy Musical Performances include:

  • Phantasy Star Medley for Sympathy 2013
  • Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The whole new world~ (2nd place)
  • Can still see the light ~Phantasy Star Online ENDING THEME~(5th place)
  • "IDOLA" have the immortal feather & the divine blade Medley(8th place)
  •  World with me ~Phantasy Star Online EPISODE2 ENDING THEME~ (7th place)
  • Save This World ― Orchestra Version ― (13th place)
  • Save This World ― νMIX ― (6th place)
  • Living Universe (3rd place)
  • Ignite Infinity (1st place)
  • The whole new world ― Phantasy Star Online 2 OPENING THEME ―
  • Important Things
  • Go Infinity feat. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
  • Stage Medley ― PSO2 ―
  • Dark Ragne
  • Falz Arm & Dark Falz Elder Medley

This is only a partial list of the 20 something songs they plan to perform.

Everyone in attendance can receive codes for the following in-game items:

  • Guitar Case (Assault Rifle Weapon Camo)
  • Sonichi (Mag Evolution Device)
  • Grand Piano
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drum Set
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Shikidai (Conductor's Stage)
  • Myau Ornament
  • JukeBox
  • "IDOLA" have the immortal feather (Music Disc)
  • "IDOLA" have the divine blade (Music Disc)
  • Two other mystery songs
  • Phantasy Star 25th Anniversary Sticker


Phantasy Star Goodies

Sega will be selling Phantasy Star goodies near the entrance of the concert hall. Concert tickets are not required to purchase the following items:

The Phantasy Star 25th Anniversary Visual Chronicle (2400 Yen) is chock-full of costumes, characters, enemies, fields, weapons, and various illustrations from the entire Phantasy Star series.

The first half of the book contains materials from the Sega Mark III era all the way through Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. The second half of the book contains concept art images from Phantasy Star Online 2.

As a special bonus, you'll also receive item codes that includes; the Myau Ornament, five Sega consoles, and the Phantasy Star Series 25th Anniversary sticker. These item codes will expire March 31st, 2014.

You can view the entire list of SEGA goodies at the Phantasy Star Portal page.


Weapon Camos

Guitar Case Weapon Camo

Guitar Case (Assault Rifle Weapon Camo)

The March 27th update will add a new feature called Weapon Camos. Weapon Camos will change the weapon's physical appearance, sort of like equipping clothes onto your weapon. You can obtain weapon camos either through AC Scratch or as promotional items (like the Guitar Case from the Sympathy Concert.)


Bath Towels and Bath House Room Theme

Players can dress up their characters in bath towels and relax in the new Hot Springs team room. The bathtowels can be equipped by all races so even casts can wear them too.  Did you know there's actually two types of bath towels?

Bath Towel F normal

There's the normal bath towel as seen here…


Bath Towel F Wet

And there's the "Wet Bath Towel" ぬれバスタオル


Bath House

Sakai doesn't recommend loitering around in the lobby in your bath towel, but I doubt anyone is going to listen to him anyway. Right?


Chrome Dragon Emergency Quest

Chrome Dragon EQ

A new Emergency Quest titled "Grudge of the Wild Dragon" (or Reckless Dragon) will allow the Chrome Dragon to appear on PC exclusive blocks (without needing someone else to tag it.)



Players will receive 8 new voices for each character that said "かまたろう" in chat. These voices will be distributed on March 27th, 2013.  This voice pack includes 2 female voices from Atsuko Enomoto,  2 female voices from Haruko Momoi, two male and two female voices from Ichitaro Ai. I guess he has quite the range.


Maintenance Change

Next week's maintenance will occur at a different time.

  • March 19th @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • March 18th @ 10:00PM ~ 4:00 AM EST
  • PSO2 Calendar


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