PSO2 Live Broadcast #16 Recap

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Collab
(Late March)

Recent Post Updates

  • Changed Alice name to Alis [2/6 10:00AM]
  • Added PSO2es Information [2/6 10:00AM]
  • Sega Lucky Kuji [2/4 11:00AM]
  • PSO2 Ep.2 Deluxe Package  [2/4 11:57AM]
  • Advance Quest Section [2/4 7:45PM]


White Day Event

White Day Event

White Day Event

  • Arriving in March
  • Lovey Rappy
  • A Boisterous White Day 2

New PATechnic

New Photon Arts and Technics

New PA/Technics (Early March)

  • イル・フォイエ: Il Foie
  • イル・ゾンデ: Il Zonde
  • シフトピリオド: Shift Period (Twin Machine Gun)
  • レーゲンシュラーク: Regenschlag (Gunslash)
  • ファセットフォリア: Facet Folia (Twin Daggers)


New Team Room

New Team Room

Team Room Update (Early March)

  • Symbol Art Monitors
  • Nightscape Team Room
  • Switch Team Leaders

Oriental Style Expo Scratch

Oriental Style Expo AC Scratch

Scratch Contents  (Early March)

  • Fundoshis, Bathtowels, Lovey Rappy Suit
  • PSPo2 Infinity Costumes

Super Hard Advance Quest

Super Hard Advance Quests

Super Hard Advance Quests (Early March)

  • Forest, Caves, Desert (Super Hard)
  • New 11 star weapons.
  • New Advance Capsules d, e, f

Extrene Qyest 51 60

Extreme Quest Extended

Extreme Quest

  • Tundra and Mechs: Stage 51 ~ 60
  • New 11 stars (Refined Spellstones)

Balance Changes March

March System and Balance Changes

  • 11 star Weapon Exchange Pass
  • (AC) Two new extra storage slots
  • Level 46+ EXP Relief!
  • Item Grinding Success Rates will see some improvements!
  • Extra Slot Affixing Success Penalties Relaxed
  • Access Storage from the Item Lab
  • Drop Rates from red containers improved
  • Extreme Passes from EXCube Shop
  • More Craft Titles
  • Added more crafting related items to Recycle Shop
  • Add a message to your Online Status
  • Give a name to the skill trees.
  • Added some rare drops to enemies that show up early in the game.


Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

Type ばれんたろう in chat sometime between now through February 12th's maintenance to receive:

  • Hina Doll (Room Item)
  • Hime Hairpin (Accessory)
  • Eboshi (Accessory)
  • Liliparium (Minimum) x9

These will be distributed at a later time.


Deluxe Package details

PSO2 Deluxe Package (March 20th, 2014)

  • Contains costumes, weapons, and mags designed by Mamoru Nagano.
  • Mamoru Nagano character designs will appear as in-game characters.
  • Alis, voiced by Maria Kawamura, will hand out client orders.
  • Marina, Kain, and Lina will appear on the field.

 ARKS General Election Mid Results

ARKS General Election Mid-Results

The General Election isn't over quite yet, but here are the current results.

  • Males: 1st Klotho, 2nd Gettemhart, 3rd Huey
  • Females: 1st Io, 2nd Lisa, 3rd Quna


 Seven Eleven Collab

Seven Eleven Collaboration

Seven Eleven Collab Details

  • Available: March 5th, 2014 ~ April 23rd, 2014.
  • Seven Eleven Oracle Store will appear in the lobby selling Seven Eleven Room Items. (Fun Shop)
  • If you play Sega Lucky Kuji (must be physically in Japan), you may win a prize with item codes for the Seven Eleven Uniforms. We'll talk about this in more detail when the Seven Eleven post gets bumped to the top.



Phantasy Star Online 2 es

PSO2 es Information

  • After installation you may start the game as a first time player or use your pre-existing character.
  • Character creation is streamlined for the smartphone version but you may customize their height, size, hairstyle, and choose an accessory. However, whether you created a new character, or used a pre-existing one, only accessory slot 1 is available.
  • You can zoom in on the color palette when choosing a color for hairstyles and such.
  • Your character's appearance, items, meseta, and FUN are shared across versions. (You'll start from level 1)
  • You can play AC Scratch and PSO2es exclusive Rare Chip and Fun Chip scratch.
  • You can strengthen your weapons and units.
  • You can feed items to your mag.
  • Emergency Quest announcements are also available. (Dev team wants to make Premium users receive announcements an hour in advance.)
  • You won't be able to log into PSO2 and PSO2es at the same time.

The background image used in the Scratch menu looks eerily similar to Casino Voloyal. Hmm..


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