Seven Eleven Sets Up Shop in Phantasy Star Online 2

Starting February 3rd, players can purchase a 2000 ARKS Cash prepaid card at any of the 16,000 Seven Eleven locations across Japan. As an added bonus, they'll also receive an item code worth 711 FUN points!

711 FUN Shop

Seven Eleven will be setting up their own in-game FUN Shop from March 5th through April 23rd. This "Seven Eleven Oracle Store" will allow players to acquire Seven Eleven signboards, coffee counters, cash registers, and more!

711 Room Items

SEGA Lucky Kuji Prizes

SEGA Lucky Kuji will be available in participating Seven Eleven shops across Japan. In order to play SEGA Lucky Kuji, the player sticks their hand inside a mystery box to pull out a raffle ticket. The letter written on the raffle ticket determines their prize.  In other words, you could think of SEGA Lucky Kuji as a real-life AC scratch.

Along with these prizes are item codes for uniforms, FUN tickets, music discs, half dolls, and triboosters.

 Seven Eleven Uni

 セブン-イレブン制服F Seven Eleven Uniform F
セブン-イレブン制服M Sevem Eleven Uniform M

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